Shimano Claris Vs Tiagra Groupsets Compared: Which Is Better?

A bike’s groupset, a collection of mechanical parts like the derailleur, brakes, and gears, is essential when buying a bicycle. The two most popular groupsets are Claris and Tiagra. But how do Shimano Claris vs Tiagra compare?

Though Shimano Claris is cheaper and beginner-friendly, it occupies the lowest end of the Shimano hierarchy. Conversely, Shimano Tiagra offers you better braking power and shifting and is lighter, making it the superior choice.   

But as you’ll learn, there are several amazing things that Shimano Claris promise. So, for entry-level cyclists on a budget, Shimano Claris is worthy of consideration.

But before you can make a choice, let me break down the things that set these two groupsets apart.

Shimano Claris vs Tiagra

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Side-By-Side Comparison Of The Shimano Claris Vs Tiagra

Before discussing the differences between Claris and Tiagra, let me highlight where the two lie on the Shimano groupset hierarchy.

Shimano Claris occupies the lowest level of the hierarchy, thus the most low-end. Shimano Tiagra, in contrast, is closer to the mid-range section, hence slightly high-end.

To help you understand what I mean, below is a table that summarizes everything:

RankShimano Groupset
1 (Most high-end)Shimano Dura-Ace
2Shimano Ultegra
3Shimano 105
4Shimano Tiagra
5Shimano Sora
6 (Most low-end)Shimano Claris

Now, here’s how the two Shimano groupsets compare:

Shimano Tiagra Vs Shimano Claris Component Comparison

a) Brakes

Tiagra’s brake and gear cables are hidden under the bar tape to give the bike a sleeker look.

The other difference is in the brake type.

Both Claris and Tiagra offer you rim brakes, which are pretty reliable in braking. However, Tiagra offers you hydraulic disc brakes in addition to rim brakes, while you only enjoy rim brakes on Claris.

For that reason alone, Tiagra is more high-end. Their rim brakes have more stopping power to work in all conditions. Even better, the availability of disc brakes means you can fit bigger tires.

Overall, Tiagra enjoys more braking power.

Verdict – While Claris only offers rim brakes, Tiagra offers both rim brakes and disc brakes. Plus, Claris promise more braking power.

b) Gears

Interestingly, Shimano Tiagra is available in 10 speeds, while Claris comes in an 8-speed setting but offers you multiple configurations.

With the Claris 8 sprockets, you will likely experience bigger gear jumps than the Tiagra 10 sprockets.

While the cassettes are made of the same material quality, Tiagra is more refined, and the best part is that both options are paired with dual, triple, and compact chainsets.

Furthermore, Tiagra experiences slightly smaller jumps when shifting and so the shifting feels smoother. Because of its 10-speed spacing, anyone using Tiagra for competitive racing doesn’t need to switch to higher gears.

However, you need higher gears to race with a Claris, and even so, it’s not the best for competitive racing.

Verdict – Claris suffers bigger gear jumps, making the shifting a little rougher.

is Shimano Claris better than Tiagra

c) Shifters

The shifters are Tiagra’s selling point. They allow you to change the gears smoothly without any jerking. Both options are available in compact and triple designs, which are amazing and have an easy gear adjustment process, making them beginner-friendly.

Tiagra, however, has the additional advantage of a more comfortable dual control lever. As a result, it lets you shift and even brake without taking your hands off the bike handlebar.

Claris runs on the old thumb shifter design with a simple dual control that allows you to take your hands off the handlebar when shifting.

Verdict – Both shifters offer you dual, triple, and compact shifter designs. Tiagra, however, feels more comfortable when shifting for having a more advanced shifter.

d) Front Derailleur

Unfortunately, the Claris front derailleur doesn’t allow you to shift smoothly and precisely. Overall, it’s easier to shift from the bigger chainring to the smallest with Claris.

It’s, however, more challenging going the other way (from the smallest chainring to the biggest). You need more effort to do it, and that can be less reassuring.

That’s because the front derailleur’s pull arm is shorter and therefore doesn’t offer you more leverage for shifting the cage. As a result, you need stronger shifters and stronger hands to shift.

In contrast, Tiagra enjoys much longer pull arms that offer you more leverage and allows you to shift smoothly.

Verdict – A Claris front derailleur requires more effort to shift than a Tiagra front derailleur.

e) Rear Derailleur

Both groupsets have impressive rear derailleurs. You get to shift more precisely and sharply when moving into more complex gears while carrying heavy loads.

As a result, their rear derailleur is fantastic uphill and when sprinting. So, overall, nothing splits the two on this basis.

Verdict – The rear shifting of both groupsets is impressive. They are reliable, and therefore there is nothing to separate them.

Claris Vs Tiagra Weight

There is a slight difference in weight between Shimano Claris and Shimano Tiagra. Shimano Tiagra enjoys a much lighter weight, which makes it more comfortable for shifting and racing.

Tiagra has a lighter and more refined cassette and derailleur, which makes the groupset lighter.

Verdict – Shimano Tiagra is the lighter option.

Claris vs Tiagra weight

Target User

Shimano Tiagra generally suits entry-level cyclists who prefer a flawless gear change, free from jerking. That includes all kinds of beginner road cyclists.

Claris is also an entry-level groupset but generally suits sports enthusiasts and regular commuters who are comfortable riding at high speed.

Verdict – Shimano Tiagra is better for beginner road cyclists, while Claris is better for sports enthusiasts and regular commuters.


Shimano Tiagra occupies a higher level on the hierarchy and features slightly higher-end components, and is, as a result, costlier than Claris. Overall, Claris groupsets are the cheapest.

Verdict – Shimano Tiagra is costlier than Shimano Claris.

Shimano Claris vs Shimano Tiagra Pros and Cons

  • Shimano Claris Groupset


  • Rear shifting is reliable
  • Intuitive dual control shifters
  • Decent gear range
  • Cheaper than others
  • It comes as a complete set


  • Bigger gear jumps, thus a less smooth shifting experience
  • Brake pads feel spongy
  • Shimano Tiagra Groupset


  • No need for high gears when racing competitively
  • Gear shifting is smoother
  • More braking power than Claris
  • A high-end look
  • Wider shifter range


  • Limited to 10-speed
  • Slightly costlier
Shimano Tiagra groupset

Is Shimano Claris Better Than Tiagra?

Shimano Claris occupies the lowest level on the Shimano groupset hierarchy. That means it doesn’t offer as much quality a Tiagra or the others.

Its advantage, however, over Tiagra is its simplicity. It comes with simple shifters that are beginner-friendly.

The other advantage is its lower price tag, which makes it more affordable than Tiagra. But based on performance, Tiagra is superior.

Is Tiagra Better Than Claris?

By looking at the Shimano groupset hierarchy, Shimano Tiagra is higher end. Its higher price means you can expect more quality.

Its 11-speed system experiences smaller gear jumps than a Claris 8-speed system. As a result, Tiagra feels smoother.

Sadly, it’s only limited to 10 speeds and costs more. But based on performance, Shimano Tiagra is a better choice over Shimano Claris.


1. Is Shimano Tiagra Any Good?

Shimano Tiagra enjoys an 11-speed transmission, which suffers smaller gear jumps, thus smoother. With Tiagra, you don’t have to switch to a higher gear when racing.

Moreover, it offers you a wider shifter range and a high-end look. So, yes, Shimano Tiagra is a good groupset.

2. Is Shimano Claris Any Good?

Shimano Claris may be low-end in the Shimano hierarchy, but it’s decent enough in performance.

Claris is cheaper than other Shimano groupset and enjoys simple design, making its shifting and gearing easier. And as a result, it’s beginner-friendly.

3. Is Shimano Claris Good Enough for Racing?

Shimano Claris offers you a decent 8-speed transmission system which is fine for casual racing. So, if you are an entry-level cyclist looking to ride fast, a Shimano Claris will be good enough. But if you want a lighter and easier to shift groupset, consider upgrading to Shimano 105 at the very least.

4. Can I Race With Tiagra?

Shimano Tiagra offers you more speed which makes it more than a casual racing option. The groupset is lighter and offers you a wide gear range, which performs decently.

5. Is Tiagra Good Enough?

Tiagra is good enough for entry-level cycling as the groupset is generally lightweight, easier to shit, and enjoys more braking power. Simply put, it’s good enough for casual racing but not pro racing. You need a more high-end groupset for pro racing.

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Closing Thought On Shimano Claris Vs Tiagra:

Generally, both Shimano Claris and Tiagra are decent entry-level choices. However, Shimano Tiagra offers you a slightly more high-end experience, making it a better option for regular commuters and enthusiasts.

But when you take a huge budget hit, go for Shimano Claris as it makes sense, especially when buying for fun racing.