Different Types Of Road Bikes For Tall Guys.?

Skinny tires, lightweight frames, 700c wheels, and drop bars define standard road bicycles. But when it comes to road bikes for tall guys, you’ve to mention a massive frame.

Overall, nothing beats a road bike on-road. Whether it’s competitive racing, touring, commuting, or fitness cycling, a road bike can do it all.

While the mountain bike is the king of the trails, the road bike reigns supreme on the streets. So, this two-wheel is worth getting for fun cycling or competitive on-road adventure.

I understand that picking a good road bike is not easy. It’s even much more difficult when you are 6 feet.

So, how about I help you out? I’ll share a buying guide that looks at the road bike sizing and types.

But before that, let me explain what a road bike is like and what you can use it for.

road bike for tall man

In a rush? Then check out my top recommended tall road bikes in the hotlist below.

Best Road Bikes For Tall Guys (Summary)

1. Tommaso Imola Endurance: Best Endurance Road Bike

2. Schwinn Sporterra Gravel Bike: Best Gravel Road Bike

3. Trek 520 Touring Bike: Best Touring Road Bike

4. Hiland Road Bike 700c: Best Commuter Road Bike

5. Giant TCX Advanced Pro 2: Best Cyclocross Road Bike

6. Schwinn Volare 1500 Bike: Best Dual-Sport Road Bike

7. 6KU Aluminum Track Bike: Best Track Road Bike

What’s A Road Bike Like and What Is It For?

Road bikes are distinguishable by their sleeker looks. They come with slimmer wheels, skinner tires, and drop bars.

They also have a smaller or narrower seat and come with a lightweight frame. Everything about their design makes them perfect for fast riding on-road.

Their drop bars allow you to lean forward when cycling. We call it an aerodynamic posture, which comes with two advantages.

One, it reduces wind drag to allow you to maintain your cycling momentum and speed. Two, it offers you extra leverage when pedaling to enable you to pedal harder and faster.

Overall, road bikes are best for these uses:

  • Road racing
  • On-road commuting
  • Fitness cycling
  • Recreational cycling

We’ll talk about the specific road types and their uses later in this post to help you know what to buy.

Buying Guide for the Best Road Bike For Tall Person

Now, let me help you find your ideal road bicycle.

Here are the buying considerations:

a) Correct Frame Size

This is where you have to pay more attention when you are 6 feet plus. Ideally, you should consider the frame size and ensure it matches your height.

Below is a table guide you can use to match your height with the right road bike frame size.

Rider’s Height Frame Size Frame Name
4’10”-5’0”47-48cmExtra-Extra-Small (XXS)
5’0”-5’3”49-50cmExtra Small (XS)
5’3”-5’6”51-53cmSmall (S)
5’6-5’9”54-55cmMedium (M)
5’9”-6’0”56-58cmLarge (L)
6’0”-6’3”58-60cmExtra Large (XL)
6’3”-6’6”60-63cmExtra-Extra Large (XXL)

b) Frame Material

Road bike frames are generally lighter, and that’s because they mostly feature aluminum or carbon.

Yes, there are a few steel and titanium options, but they are more prevalent on custom road bikes.

Overall, both carbon fiber and aluminum are lighter. Carbon fiber is, however, costlier because of its vibration-dampening properties. So, it’s best for riding on bumpy roads.

c) Brake Type

It boils down to either disc brakes or rim brakes regarding a road bike’s brake.

Disc brakes have incredible stopping power and efficiency. So, they suit serious cyclists more. They are, however, costlier and heavier, and that’s where rim brakes come in.

Though they are not as powerful as disc brakes, rim brakes are cheaper and lightweight.

d) Gearing

You’ve to pick between a single-geared road bike, what we know as a track bike (discussed later), or a multi-geared.

Single-geared bikes are restricted to flatter roads, especially urban roads, while multi-geared options can take on longer and hillier stretches.

e) Quality Wheels and Tires

A road bike’s wheels feature spokes, rims, and a hub. These components should be high-quality for you to have better cycling performance.

Don’t forget the tires, however, as they also have to be high-quality. Consider quality larger and slimmer tires for the smoothest rolling experience.

Road Bikes For Tall Guys

Types of Road Bikes For Tall Guys

Now, let’s talk about the different types of road bikes and what they are best for:

1. Racing/Race Road Bikes for Tall Riders

(Best for on-road racing and speed thrills)

Racing bikes come in the most lightweight design and enjoy a lower front to encourage fast riding.

These bikes are all about speed, and you can tell that from their aerodynamic geometry and frame, but more importantly, their gearing is top-notch.

They come multi-geared to allow you to shift and accelerate seamlessly.

Overall, manufacturers tend to lead towards speed more than biking comfort. So, they are not the best for longer rides, steeper terrains, or touring.

Instead, they are best for on-road racing and short-distance adrenaline-rushing adventures.

Recommendation: SAVADECK Carbon 700c Racing Bike (Rider’s Height – 5’9″-6’0″)

2. Endurance/Sportive Road Bikes For Tall People

(Best for long rides and hills)

Endurance road bikes pick up from where race bikes fall short. Like race bikes, they are lighter and aerodynamic.

But unlike road bikes, endurance bikes are more comfortable to allow you to ride long distances. Their geometry is less stiff and optimized to handle harsher terrains.

Even better, they feature disc brakes that are reliable and powerful in all weather.

These bikes are also multi-geared to allow you to shift and speed up seamlessly.

But unlike race road bikes, endurance bikes are not the best for road racing or adventure thrills.

Recommendation: Tommaso Imola Endurance Road Bike (Rider’s Height – 6’2″-6’5″)

road bikes for tall guys

3. Gravel Road Bikes for Tall Riders

(Best for off-road ventures and all-terrain casual riding)

Most people confuse gravel road bikes with mountain bikes because of their rugged nature.

Usually, you can ride gravel road bikes almost everywhere, making them the best road bike for off-ride ventures.

Unlike most road bikes, gravel road bikes lean towards comfort more than speed. That explains why they can take aggressive terrains like gravel roads, cycling trails, sands, and rocks.

Don’t expect them, however, to go as fast as mountain bikes. Nevertheless, you can expect them to conquer most of an MTB’s world.

Recommendation: Schwinn Sporterra Adventure Gravel Bike (Rider’s Height – 5’4″-6’2″)

4. Touring Road Bikes for Tall Cyclists

(Best for long-distance rides where you have to carry huge loads)

Though endurance road bikes can take on long rides, they don’t have the build to haul heavy loads, and that’s where touring bikes come in.

These road bikes feature cargo baskets, more robust frames, and sometimes pannier attachments to allow you to carry a few heavy items when riding out of town.

Their frame geometry is longer than usual to offer you more room for pedaling. Plus, they feature stronger wheels with a high-spoke count.

These road bikes also come multi-geared for efficient shifting. Their only downside is that they are not the best for speed racing.

Recommendation: Trek 520 Touring Bike (Rider’s Height – 6’2″-6’5″)

road bike for tall person

5. Commuter Road Bike For Tall Man

(Best for everyday commuting)

Here comes the real workhorse on paved roads. These road bikes combine comfort, speed, and durability to allow you to ride them regularly to school or work.

They are neither lightweight nor weightier, but they are such a joy to ride.

Unlike most road bikes, commuter road bikes relish an upright geometry that offers you more comfort while allowing you to fix your eyes on incoming traffic.

Their wheels are just as solid and long-serving as the frame, and they mostly feature disc brakes for crisp stopping.

Though these bikes are best for everyday commuting, they are not the best for thrills.

Recommendation: Hiland Road Bike 700c Commuter Bicycle (Rider’s Height – 6’0″-6’3″)

6. Triathlon/Time Trial (TT) Road Bikes for Tall Riders

(Best for fast riding against the wind)

Have you ever heard of cheating the wind? That’s what you do with a time trail bike.

These bikes come packed with so many aerodynamic features that allow you to ride against the wind comfortably.

Such features include hidden brake cables, steeper head tubes, aero seat post, and down-curving handlebars.

Their geometry puts you in a much further-forward low-lying position, which necessitates you to ride faster against the wind.

These bikes come geared for seamless shifting. They are, however, not the best for long rides as you bend a lot.

Recommendation: Schwinn Fastback Al Claris Adult Road Bike (Rider’s height – 5’11”-6’1″)

which bike is good for tall person

7. Aero Road Bikes for Tall Person

(Best for riding against the wind)

Aero road bikes are all aerodynamic advantages. Some of the features that make them aerodynamic include skinner tires, internal cables, and drop-bars.

Since the cables run internally, they don’t contribute to any wind drag. They are, however, not the fastest road bikes on the market.

Essentially, that’s owing to their slightly heavier frames. Their frames are a little weightier than those of race bikes.

While their aerodynamic nature is their advantage, it’s also their weakness. It forces you to lean forward, which means you’ll strain your back if you ride long-distance.

Recommendation: IMUST Carbon 700c Aero Road Bike (Rider’s Height -6’0″-6’3″)

8. Cyclocross Road Bikes for Tall Guys

(Best for Cyclocross racing, touring, bike packing, and commuting)

Cyclocross road bikes are designed for short off-road courses, where you go through obstacles and intermittently carry the bike.

Because of the nature of the event, these bikes are pretty lightweight and rugged in build.

Their wheels can take on paved and unpaved and even allow you to ride them on steeper gradients. Remarkably, their tires are knobbier, and they come with stronger disc brakes to suit off-road riding.

Besides Cyclocross racing, you can also use these road bikes for touring, bike packing, and commuting.

Recommendation: Giant TCX Advanced Pro 2 (Rider’s Height – 6’0-6’3″)

road bikes for tall people

9. Dual-Sport Bikes for Tall People

(Best for all-terrain commuting)

Dual-sport bikes are a particular type of hybrid bike, which allows you to ride faster on paved roads than traditional hybrid bikes.

So, expect them to share most features. They, however, have a more aggressive geometry to allow you to ride speedier.

Instead of featuring a broader, padded saddle like traditional hybrid bikes, dual-sport bikes have a smaller option.

They also allow you to ride a little aerodynamic, unlike regular hybrid bikes. So, the seat and the frame enable you to go faster.

The best part is that they come multi-geared to allow you to shift and accelerate efficiently.

Recommendation: Schwinn Volare 1500 Hybrid Sport Bike (Rider’s Height – 64-74 inches)

10. Fixed-Gear/Track Bikes for Tall Riders

(Best for urban commuting and track racing)

Track bikes come with a single fixed-gear, thus their name. So, they have no freehub, which means you can neither coast (roll freely without pedaling) nor pedal backward.

However, their simple drivetrain makes them the best for urban commuting and track racing as they are dependent on your pedaling power.

Some people also ride them for fitness purposes, which is understandable, given that they are all about pedaling.

The bikes are generally easy to maintain, thanks to their fixed-gear drivetrain.

Recommendation: 6KU Aluminum Fixed-Gear Urban Track Bike (Rider’s Height – 5’11”-6’4″)

what is the best road bike for tall riders

Other Road Bikes Worth Noting

They include:

  • Fitness/recreational road bikes – As their name suggests, these road bikes are for workout reasons and fun cycling.
  • Electric road bikes – Electric road bikes come with an electric motor that offers you the necessary pedaling assistance.
  • Fat-bar road bikes – These road bikes resemble mountain bikes. They have an upright geometry and flat bars like MTBs but enjoy a comfier seat and simple gearing.

Closing Thought

With so many road bikes for tall guys available on the market, choosing the right one can be a tall order. But with the right guide, the process is seamless.

So, why don’t you use it to find your most suitable on-road machine? It’s that straightforward, tall guy!