Northrock XC6 Review 2022 ?

The rugged mountainous terrains require an adequately built, well-fitted, and excellently maintained mountain bike. You may have come across the Northrock XC6 mountain bike and wonder if it’s worth considering; find the answer in this Northrock XC6 review.

It sports an attractive minimalistic silver and black frame with XC6 written on the top bar in white. The brand name Northrock runs across the sprocket to the handlebars.

You get a comfortable seat with a Giant-made shock absorber. Moreover, Northrock XC6 comes in 18 inches and 19.5 inches aluminum frames.

Visit Costco or your local bicycle shop if you are interested in this MTB. However, come with me as we dig into what you should know about Northrock XC6, including its strengths and shortcomings.

Northrock XC6 Features

Northrock XC6 Review- An Overview Of Northrock XC6

Before going any further, let’s take a look at distinguishing aspects of Northrock XC6.

This MTB promises an aluminum frame for durability and stiffness and reliable, high-performing Tektro disc brakes.

You also get excellent Shimano parts like the drivetrain, shifters, and cranks.

As for the frame, you get a lifetime warranty and a year for the parts if you are the bicycle’s original owner.

Northrock XC6 Mountain Bike Specifications

Bike PartType
Frame size18 and 19.5 inches
Frame type Aluminum 6061
BrakesTektro disc
Wheel size26 inches
Drivetrain24 speeds Shimano Acera
SpokesStainless Steel
ShiftersShimano Altus
Front SuspensionSR Suntour XCT
SaddleShock absorbing WTB with high-set padding
Is Northrock XC6 A Good Bike

A Detailed Look AT Northrock XC6 Features

Northrock XC6 comes packed with some impressive features that work together to make this MTB a quality build. They are:

1. Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Aluminum 6061 is a popular frame material for many bicycle manufacturers because it is robust, responsive, and light. Northrock XC6’s aluminum frame makes it durable and stiff, making the bike capable when riding in rugged terrains.

Aluminum is also forgiving, which makes Northrock XC6 suitable for freeride mountain biking. It will do well off-road.

2. Tektro Disc Brakes

Tektro disc brakes offer good braking modulation and power. You get excellent stopping power with these brakes and allow you to control braking force efficiently.

Due to these brakes, you can ride confidently, knowing your Northrock XC6 won’t have a hard time stopping when you need it to; hence navigating the trail gets more manageable.

3. SR Suntour XCT Front Suspension

A suspension system is helpful, especially in off-road cycling, as it makes you more comfortable on bumpy trails. SR Suntour XCT front suspension will cushion you when riding Northrock XC6.

This suspension has 80mm travel to help you navigate unpredictable terrains well. It’s a short-travel suspension, so it offers an all-around riding performance, emphasizing cycling uphill and on smooth trails.

4. Comfortable Seat

A shock-absorbing Seat offers an easy way to ride comfortably as they help lower the impact of effects on your bike’s rear-wheel, thus minimizing vibrations. In addition, Northrock XC6’s Seat gives you high-set padding, which translates to optimum comfort.

5. Shimano Acera Drivetrain

A bike’s drivetrain comprises all the parts that pull or push your bicycle along. They include cogs (cassette), pedals, the chain, chainrings, derailleur, and crank.

Northrock XC6’s drivetrain is a Shimano Acera with 24 speeds, letting you tackle various terrains effortlessly because you get many gears at your disposal. For this reason, you can use specific gears for different scenarios.

The Shimano Acera drivetrain is paired with a durable and high-performing Shimano crank.

Northrock XC6 Specifications

6. Shimano Altus Shifters

Shifters typically control the gearing mechanisms and help you choose the gear ratio you want. The right-hand shifter usually controls the bike’s rear derailleur in most bicycles, while the left-hand shifter guides the front derailleur.

Northrock XC6’s shifters are proven and true Shimano Altus, which are integrated with brake levers for reliability and performance.

7. WTB 26×2.1 Moto Raptor Tires

This is a proven do-anything, go-anywhere cross-country tire that adapts to different terrain and riding styles and has excellent soil-cleaning capabilities.

It offers year-round, reliable performance while braking, climbing, and cornering. These tires are specifically made for mountain biking, making them ideal for Northrock XC6.

They have knobby treads, 2.1 tire width, and 26-inch wheels. The tires are also paired with lightweight, rustproof alloy rims with 14 grams stainless steel spokes.

Pros And Cons Of Northrock XC6 Mountain Bike


  • Durable and lightweight aluminum frame
  • The front suspension, robust frame, powerful disc brakes, and reliable knobby treaded tires make this bike versatile. Therefore, you can ride your Northrock XC6 on different terrains
  • It is comfortable thanks to the shock-absorbing Seatpost and the front suspension that absorbs bumps and vibrations along the trail
  • This bike has a clear coat, rustproof finish for a durable, long-lasting luster
  • Northrock XC6 will stop whenever you want it to due to its dependable brakes
  • The Shimano crank is durable and offers high-quality performance for an enjoyable ride
  • You can tackle diverse terrains because of the Shimano Acera 24 speeds drivetrain that lets you pick gears appropriately
  • It has a lightweight KMC chain for superior durability and strength.
  • It has two frame sizes, 19.5 inches, and 18 inches, making it suitable for 5’11” to 6’2” and 5’7” to 5’11” riders, respectively
  • The frame has a lifetime warranty and a year for other parts for the original owner
  • Nice geometry


  • The paint tends to come off easily
  • It could be assembled wrong

Who Should Buy Northrock XC6?

Northrock XC6 is built for cyclists looking for an affordable, well-built mountain bike to explore rugged terrains or go on your favorite trail for a laid-back ride. This MTB fits women and men from heights of 5 ft 7 in to 6 ft 2 in.

However, you must remember this is a Costco bicycle and won’t keep up with bikes that cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, do not overexert it.

Casual bicyclists are better suited for this bike than more experienced, serious cyclists.

Alternatively, you could go for Mongoose Mountain-Bicycles Mongoose Status Mountain Bike (View on Amazon) with 26-inch wheels, a reliable, strong aluminum frame with hydroformed tubing, and 21 speeds shifters for a smoother gear change.

In addition, it has rear and front V-brakes to facilitate quick stops and durable, light-alloy rims paired with 26 x 2.125-Inch tires.

How Much Is A Northrock XC6


1. How Much Is A Northrock XC6?

Northrock XC6 goes for $299.99 at Costco. Alternatively, you could check bike shops within your area, online platforms like ebay and amazon, or even get a second–hand.

2. Who Builds Northrock?

Giant builds Northrock bicycles which are then sold at Costco.


From this Northrock XC6 review, it is clear that this is a quality hardtail that can give you excellent service if you maintain it well. It can handle trails well, making it a solid choice if you want a budget-friendly MTB for casual, leisure mountain biking.

Versatile, durable, and comfortable. These are some of the perks you’ll get from Northrock XC6, and for that price, this bike truly offers value for your money.

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