Best Mountain Bikes for Tall Guys Revealed ?

Tall guys typically have an advantage in basketball and volleyball but not mountain biking. That’s because there aren’t many mountain bikes for tall guys, and it’s saddening.

It frustrates that most MTBs are for people under 6 feet. Their frames are smaller for a 6 feet plus figure, making them less comfortable.

Others lack in component quality, and yet they cost an arm and a leg.

But does that mean that you should give up mountain biking? The answer is NO, and that’s where I come in.

mountain bikes for tall guys

I’ll share tips that I’ve used to shop for a couple of mountain bikes without breaking my bank account.

In a rush? Below is a summary of the best MTBs for tall people available on amazon

7 Best Mountain Bikes for Tall Guys

1) 2021 Gravity FSX 1.0: Best XC Mountain Bike for Tall Guys

2) Huffy Hardtail Trail Bike: Best Trail Bike for Tall Guys

3) ICANIAN P9 Enduro Bike: Best Enduro MTB for Tall Guys

4) Sender CFR FMD: Best Downhill MTB for Tall Guys

5) ANCHEER Electric Bike: Best Electric Bike for Tall Guys

6) Mongoose Dolomite: Best Fat Tire Bike for Tall Guys

7) Columba Folding Bike: Best Folding Bike for Tall Guys

Buying Guide for the Best Mountain Bike for Big and Tall Guys

Being tall means getting a larger bike, but that’s not the only consideration. It has to be comfortable to ride and should match your cycling needs.

That brings us to these fundamentals:

1. Frame Size

The frame size determines if a given MTB will fit you. Usually, MTBs come in an array of frame sizes that you must consider.

Don’t forget to look at the inseam length as it’s equally important.

Using the inseam measurements alongside your height enables you to get the most fitting bike frame size.

Below is a table that focuses on the two:

Rider’s Height Inseam (inches)Bike Frame Size (inches)Frame Size Name
6’4” Plus29-34”23-24”XX-Large

2. Bike Suspension (or No Suspension)

Mountain bikes come with a suspension to dampen off-road vibrations. So, essentially, a suspension system smoothens out your off-road ride.

Note that not all mountain bikes come with suspension. Moreover, those that do either have it on the front or both wheels.

So, that brings us to these three best mountain bikes for tall guys.

a) Rigid Mountain Bikes

Rigid MTBs don’t have suspension, thus lighter than MTBs with suspension. Though they are not as popular as suspension bikes, those who ride them like their responsiveness.

They are also efficient when you want to maintain the cycling momentum, and they have lower maintenance.

Rigid MTBs, however, don’t feel comfortable on bumpy terrains apart from fat tire MTBs (discussed later).

b) Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Hardtail MTBs come with a front suspension that makes them lighter than their full-suspension siblings.

These bikes are best for taking on smoother trails and more prominent hills with less rocky patches.

Unlike full-suspension MTBS, they aren’t the best for rocky and unpredictable outdoors.

Generally, Hardtail mountain bikes are cheaper and suit entry-level bikers more.

c) Full-Suspension Mountain Bikes

Full-suspension MTBs come with suspension on both wheels. As a result, they are also known as dual-suspension MTBs.

The dual suspension makes them heavy and expensive, but it’s worth it.

Generally, these MTBs can take on the rockiest and most unpredictable terrains, making them best for advanced and professional mountain bikers.

3. Other Buying Considerations

Also, consider the following in your preferred mountain bike for tall person:

  • Crank Length – Standard bikes usually come with a 170mm crank. That’s okay if you are not planning to bike for long hours. But if you strain to bend your knees, consider anything that’s up 200mm.
  • Handlebar – Avoid a low handlebar as it’ll strain your shoulders and back. Instead, get for an option that’s above the seat height and should preferably be adjustable.
  • Frame Material – Consider more robust frame materials like steel and aluminum. They’ll hold your weight and are likely to serve you longer.
  • Wheel Size – Consider larger wheels to match your height and offer you more leverage when going uphill. In that case, opt for wheels that are at least 26-inch.
  • Quality Brakes – Although some MTBs feature linear-pull brakes because of their affordability, nothing beats disc brakes. They are more reliable in all seasons and terrains.
  • Quality Gears and Drivetrain – You want a mountain bike that can conquer all trails and hills. That’s possible with a quality drivetrain with multi-gears.

Types of Mountain Bikes for Tall Riders

The market offers different types of MTBs that serve different cycling needs.

Here are four primary divisions:

1. Cross Country (XC) Mountain Bikes for Tall Guys

Cross Country MTBs come with the shortest travel suspension of about 70-100mm. So, these bikes are generally lighter, and that makes them speedier.

Because of the smaller suspension range, the MTBs are best for city roads and not-so-rough (intermediate) bike trails.

Their small suspension system smoothens out minor bumps.

These MTBs generally have a steeper geometry, characterized by a head tube steeper than 69 degrees.

The bikes come with Hardtail, dual-suspension, and rigid options.

One such bike is the 2021 Gravity FSX 1.0 Mountain Bike.

This newer mountain bike for tall heavy man by Gravity comes in sizes 15-21 inches. Its 21-inch version generally suits riders who are 5’6”-6’0” tall.

The cross-country bike comes in a solid but super-lightweight aluminum frame and features reliable dual disc brakes.

What Is The Best Mountain Bike For A Big Guy

Other impressive features include:

  • Adjustable dual suspension
  • Easy to use Shimano shifters
  • 24-speed drivetrain
  • Quick-release wheels
  • Double-wall rims

2. Trail Mountain Bikes for Tall Men

Trail MTBs are what most cyclists think of when they hear of a mountain bike. These MTBs offer you a more extended travel range than XC MTBs, about 100-140mm.

As a result, they can take on slightly more bumpy and rougher terrains.

If you look closely, these bikes look like cross country MTBs, but with a much slacker geometry. Their headtube is about 67 degrees steeper, thus less steep than XC MTBs.

One excellent trail bike is the Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike.

This mountain bike for tall guys comes with 24-inch, 26-inch, and 27.5-inch wheels and various frame sizes.

Its 26-inch option (with a 20-inch frame) suits riders who are 5’10”-6’1” tall.

Some of its outstanding features include:

  • 21-speed all-Shimano drivetrain
  • Padded ATB saddle
  • Front suspension
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Linear-pull v-brakes
  • 26-inch knobby tires

3. All-Mountain/Enduro Mountain Bikes for Tall Person

Enduro MTBs are a more advanced MTB type that comes with longer travel suspension than the above two.

With an Enduro MTB, you get 150-180mm travel suspension, which is enough to conquer just about any terrain. So, these MTBs are the best for climbing the most technical and rocky trails.

But still, their descending power and speed are unmatched by the other two. As a result, they are a popular choice for professional bikers.

The MTBs come with a much slacker geometry, given that their headtube angle is not more than 67 degrees. Plus, they mostly come with tubeless tires, and 95% of them are full suspension.

One fantastic choice is the ICANIAN P9 Enduro Mountain Bike.

The ICANIAN P9 is a full-suspension MTB that comes with the most high-end components to suit pro riders who are 5’10”-6’1” tall.

Some of its unique features include:

  • Powerful front and rear suspension
  • Lightweight carbon fiber frame
  • SRAM Eagle GX drivetrain
  • 160mm travel
  • Full-carbon rims
  • Adjustable seat post

4. Downhill Mountain Bikes for Tall Riders

Downhill mountain bikes for big and tall guys can perform massive jumps and take on heavy falls. They can also take on the steepest descents and gnarly surfaces.

That’s mainly due to their extensive travel suspension, which averages 200mm or more.

The MTBs don’t just take on heavy hits, but they are also faster.

Their tires are puncture-proof, and they enjoy a much slacker geometry (with a head tube angle that’s not more than 65 degrees).

Their drivetrains only enjoy 6-8 speeds. You’ll get them in specialized bike stores, and a top recommendation is the Canyon Sender CFR FMD.

The downhill MTB comes in an ultra-light but robust carbon frame to encourage fast speed and better control.

Plus, it enjoys a low but long geometry to give you better control, and it’s pretty adjustable.

Overall, this downhill MTB suits riders who are 5’10”-6’4” tall.

what size mountain bike for 6 foot tall man

Other notable features include:

  • 29-inch wheels
  • 200mm travel suspension
  • Double-sealed bearings
  • Shimano Saint drivetrain
  • Reach adjustment
  • Chainstay adjustment
  • Schwalbe ultra-soft tires

Special MTB Categories

They include:

5. Electric Mountain Bike for Tall Man

All the above MTBs may come with an electric motor, and if that happens, then we use the term electric mountain bike.

The motor offers you pedaling assistance, and so riding such bikes is funnier and doesn’t require too much effort.

Overall, if you are looking to commute with a mountain bike, getting an electric option makes more sense.

One such bike is the ANCHEER Electric Bike.

This electric MTB comes with 27.5-inch wheels and a sizeable frame that makes it ideal for 5’1”-6’4” tall guys.

Its 350W high-speed brushless motor enables you to average a top speed of 20mph on a fairground.
Other outstanding features include:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • 30 miles per charge battery runtime
  • 24-speed gear
  • Front suspension

6. Fat Tire Mountain Bike for Tall Man

If any of the above MTB comes with extra-wide tires (3.8 inches or more), we use the term fat-tire mountain bike.

Because of their fat tires, these MTBs are best for soft sand, mud, snow, and other challenging terrains. Their fat tires make up for their lack of bump-dampening suspension as they are rigid.

One such bike is the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bikes.

This monster fat bike comes with a medium (17”) steel frame that makes it ideal for male riders who are 5’6”-6’0” tall.

The rigid MTB comes with bump-dampening supersized knobby tires that smoothen out all off-road rides.
More of its features include:

  • 7-speed Shimano drivetrain with twist shifters
  • Threadless headset
  • Dual disc brakes
  • Lightweight alloy rims

7. Folding Mountain Bike for Tall Man

Though they are not as common as other mountain bikes, some MTBs for taller guys come with a foldable frame for convenient parking, storage, and transportation.

These MTBs suit commuters who use public transport more as they can bring them to a bus or train conveniently.

They are usually not the strongest, but they are convenient for regular commuters.

One such bike is the Columba 26-Inch Alloy Folding Bike.

This 26-inch folding bike accommodates riders who are 5’3”-6’0” tall.

folding mountain bike for tall man

Some of its unique features include:

  • Foldable aluminum frame
  • 18-speed derailleur
  • Folding bearing pedals
  • Quick-release front stem
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Dual suspension
  • 26-inch wheels


1. What Is The Best Mountain Bike For A Big Guy?

Here are the best mountain bikes for big guys:

  • 2021 Gravity FSX 1.0 Bike: Best XC Mountain Bike for Tall Guys
  • Huffy Hardtail Trail Bike: Best Trail Mountain Bike for Tall Guys
  • ANCHEER Electric Bike: Best Electric Mountain Bike for Tall Guys
  • Mongoose Dolomite: Best Fat Tire Mountain Bike for Tall Guys

2. What Size Mountain Bike for 6 Foot Tall Man?

At 6 feet tall, you should get any of these mountain bikes:

  • One with an X-Large frame (21-22 inches) if you have a 28-33-inch inseam
  • One with an XX-large frame (23-24 inches) if you have a 29-34-inch inseam

3. Are 29ers Better For Taller Riders?

29ers (bikes with 29-inch wheels) are taller than most, making them ideal for tall riders. Remember, however, that MTBs are primarily sized according to the frame size. So, the frame has to match your height and inseam.

4. How Tall Should You Be For A 29-Inch Bike?

Most guys who ride 29-inch bikes are 6 feet tall. That, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot ride it if you are only a few inches shorter. Just ensure the frame size matches your inseam.

Concluding Thoughts on Mountain Bikes for Tall Guys

Above is a detailed guide for mountain bikes for tall people. You can thus employ the tips to shop for your ultimate trail bike.

To make things easier, consider my top recommendation as they meet most tall people’s specifications.