What’s Mongoose Malus Weight Limit?

Do you plan to get a fat bike but are not sure if it’ll hold your weight? You should probably get the Mongoose Malus. But what is the recommended Mongoose Malus weight limit?

Like most Mongoose mountain bikes, the Mongoose Malus has a recommended weight limit of 250-300 pounds. However, most customers claim that this fat tire bike can bear up to 350 pounds or even 360 pounds.  

That clearly shows that the Mongoose Malus is among the heaviest two-wheel carriers out there.

But what makes the Mongoose Malus that strong? What else makes it a must-buy? And who is this fat bike intended for?

Those are some of the questions about the Mongoose Malus that’ll cover in this post. But let me kick-start matters by explaining its vast weight limit.

mongoose malus fat tire bike weight limit

Mongoose Malus Weight Limit Discussed!

Though the manufacturer doesn’t specify the weight capacity of the modern Mongoose Malus, the original Mongoose Malus had a 250-pound capacity.

Considering that most modern Mongoose mountain bikes have a recommendable carry capacity of 300 pounds, it gives Mongoose Malus a 250-300-pound capacity.

How about customer claims?

Many customers on Amazon claim that the Mongoose Malus can hold more than 300 pounds to about 350 pounds. As a matter of fact, one guy claims to weigh 360 pounds and has no problem riding the fat bike.

With that in mind, we can conclude that the Mongoose Malus has an upper weight limit of 350-360 pounds.

Why Is The Mongoose Fat Tire Bike Weight Limit That Big?

Let’s face it, not many fat bikes can hold more than 300 pounds, let alone 350-360 pounds. So, the Mongoose Malus is one rare choice.

But what makes it that strong? Well, here are the reasons:

a) Massive Hi-Ten Steel Frame

Mongoose Malus comes with an 18-inch steel frame, which hugely influences its vast load capacity. With the bike frame measuring 18-inches, it’s big and stable enough to bear colossal weight.

Even more impressive is that the material is high-tensile steel, which is not heavy but undeniably strong. Simply put, the frame won’t bend for placing huge weights, provided you don’t exceed the limit (which is 350-360 pounds).

The hi-ten steel frame generally promises strength and durability regardless of the terrain that you take on with the fat tire mountain bike.

b) Fat Knobby Tires

The Mongoose Malus is called a fat tire bike primarily because of its 4-inch wide tires. The extra thick and wider tires play an essential role in the bike’s weight capacity.

They absorb shock, which is vital when you place too much load on the bike. Given that the bike frame is rigid (with no suspension), the fat tires are the only guarantee for shock absorption.

The tires are wide enough to balance your weight on the bike and considering that they run on low pressure, they allow overweight guys to ride more comfortably.

Even better, the tires are knobbier. So, they enjoy more traction when tackling slippery and unpredictable terrains. So, big guys find them safer and comfortable.

c) Robust 26-Inch Rims with Steel Spokes

26-inch alloy rims complement Mongoose Malus’ 4-inch wide fat tires. The bike rims are pretty solid and stable to improve the Mongoose Malus weight capacity.

Their construction guarantees that they won’t bend unless you go beyond the weight limit.

The best part is that they come with a higher spoke count. Generally, more spokes, especially steel spokes, means a stronger wheel, and that’s what you get from Malus.

d) Strong Mountain-Bike Style Handlebar

Mongoose Malus comes with low-rise MTB-style handlebars that offer you an athletic posture when riding it. The handlebar saves you from straining your back, which is essential when you are overweight.

The handlebar build is also solid to allow you to put your vast weight and balance your upper body on it.

e) Powerful Dual Disc Brakes

Mongoose employs disc brakes on this fat bike to go along with the fat tires.

Overall, disc brakes are powerful. They have more stopping power and offer you better control, which is crucial when you are heavy.

The other advantage is that disc brakes don’t heat fast, which is a plus for big guys as their extra weight will likely cause more brake friction.

Moreover, disc brakes are hardy and offer better control, which is vital for big guys.

mongoose malus review

Other Mongoose Malus Specifications

Mongoose Malus doesn’t just have a solid build. Its other impressive specs include:

  • 7-Speed shifters – The fat bike’s 7-speed shifters allow you to change the gears smoothly when taking on different terrains. They make the shifting easier, comfortable, and funnier on varying terrains.
  • Cruiser pedals – Its cruiser-style pedals improve its overall pedaling experience. They make pedaling more comfortable.
  • Threadless headset – The bike’s threadless headset allows you to adjust it to match your height. That makes the Malus a good choice for not only heavy guys but also taller ones.

Who Should Get The Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike?

Now that you know the Mongoose Malus weight limit, it’s undeniable that this fat bike is perfect for overweight guys. But who exactly should get it?

Well, you should get this fat bike if you are 5’4”-6’2” tall and weighing preferably under 350 pounds.

Overall, it’s a good choice for conquering the rough off-road, but you can also take on the paved surfaces.

Mongoose Malus Review of Pros and Cons

The Pros

Here are some worthy advantages of the Malus:

  • Affordability – Currently, Mongoose Malus comes in four different options, all costing under $900. What’s even more impressive is that you can get a Malus for under $350.
  • Ease of assembly – Every Malus comes with an assembly guide that allows you to complete the setup at home DIY.
  • Unisex pick – Though Mongoose Malus is quite popular among men, its cruiser-style frame makes it suitable for all genders.
  • All-terrain choice – The Malus’ 4-inch knobby tires allow you to ride on all terrains. That includes gravel, dirt, mud, snow, and sand.
  • Comfort – From the bike’s fat tires to its cruiser pedals and low-rise handlebar, the Mongoose Malus is overall a comfortable bike.

The Downside

The biggest issue with the Malus is that it’s pretty heavy. With the bike’s weight being 42 pounds, it’s not the most portable fat bike on the market.

Portability, however, is not the only concern. A heavier bike translates to a slower cycle, and that describes the Malus.

While this fat bike can take on all terrains, its fat tires suffer resistance when rolling on smoother surfaces, thus relatively slower.

mongoose malus fat tire bike


1. How Heavy Is The Mongoose Malus?

The Mongoose Malus weight is 42 pounds.

2. Can The Fat Bike Handle 350 Pounds?

According to some customers on Amazon, the Mongoose Malus can handle 350 pounds. One guy even claims to weigh 360 pounds but has never had a problem riding the fat tire mountain bike.

3. What Is The Weight Limit On A Mongoose Bike?

Most mongoose mountain bikes come with a 250-300 pound capacity. But according to most customers on Amazon, a bike like the Mongoose Malus can hold up to 350-360 pounds.

4. Which Is Better, Mongoose Malus or Dolomite?

Both Mongoose Malus and Mongoose Dolomite come in steel frames and feature dual disc brakes, 26-inch wheels, 4-inch fat tires, 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, and alloy rims. So, there is nothing to separate them in that respect.

However, the difference is that the Dolomite suits men more and has a bigger load capacity, given that it can hold up to 350-384 pounds, according to some users on Amazon. It, however, averages 52 pounds.

The Malus is slightly lighter, averaging 42 pounds but can only bear up to 300-364 pounds, according to customers on Amazon.

The other difference is that the Malus is unisex, unlike the Dolomite, which suits men cyclists.

5. What Is The Difference Between The Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Mountain Bike And The Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike?

The biggest difference between the Mongoose Malus and the Mongoose Malus is in their weight and load capacity.

While Malus weighs about 42 pounds and can bear up to 350-360 pounds, the Dolomite weighs about 52 pounds and can bear up to 350-384 pounds, according to users on Amazon.

Closing Thought on Mongoose Malus Weight Limit:

Generally, a 300-360 pound weight capacity proves that the Mongoose Malus bike is a huge weight bearer. Its massive construction makes it a reliable choice for overweight guys who want to ride all year long but are unsure what fat bike to get.