Is Trek 800 A Good Bike Or Not Worth It?

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Trek mountain bikes are technologically advanced since the brand is a world leader when it comes to mountain bike technology. However, does this reputation transcends all its models? For instance, is Trek 800 a good bike?

Trek 800 is a good bike because it’s designed with a TIG-welded rigid steel frame, making it quite reliable. Additionally, it’s a solid, well-built bicycle with quality components like Shimano gear sets and derailleurs. Expect to use this phenomenally durable bike for many years without wrecking it.

Many owners attest to the durability of this bike, with some still using it for more than 10 years now. Therefore, consider it if you want a long-lasting bicycle.

With that said, below are essential aspects you should know about Trek 800.

is Trek 800 a good mountain bike

Trek 800 Bike Specs

Frame MaterialSteel
Frame ConstructionTIG-welded
Bottom Bracket116mm spindle, Shimano BB-CT92E
Spokes2.0mm stainless steel
Cassette7-speed, 11-30 teeth
Rims36-hole alloy
Tires26 x 1.95inch multi-terrain
Crankset22/32/42 teeth Shimano Acera
Brakesetaluminum linear-pull levers, Aluminum linear-pull brakes
Shift leversSRAM 5.0
Tires26 x 1.95inch multi-terrain

 Is Trek 800 A Good Bike? Looking At The Strengths Of Trek 800

1. Durable and Long Lasting

Trek 800 is a very tough bicycle that you will ride for many years without breaking apart. It is one of the toughest bicycles you will ever find.

The frame is a significant reason why it’s highly durable. It embodies the original bicycle frame material steel, which was the only choice for frame material before aluminum was introduced in the mid-70s.

Steel frames are durable, more comfortable, easy to repair, longer-lasting, and safer compared to aluminum.

The robust steel frame of Trek 800 contributes largely to why this bike is exceptionally long-lasting. This frame can take a beating, scratched deeply, bent, and dented without compromising structural integrity.

It can also handle sudden impacts without cracking since it’s less brittle; hence chances of coming unhurt from a bike crash are higher. Additionally, steel frames provide more flex which absorbs shocks and dampen vibrations, making your ride more comfortable.

Despite its durability, Trek 800’s frame will give you to tear and wear and will require repairs. Luckily, it’s easier to repair a steel frame.

This frame makes Trek 800 suitable for cyclists who need a durable and strong frame that can tolerate hard, brutal riding.

Trek 800 for beginners

The problem with this frame is that it makes the bike heavy, less efficient, slower, and rust-prone.

2. Stainless Steel Spokes

The best bicycle spokes are made of stainless steel because of this material’s high tensile strength, which lets the spokes stay relatively lightweight and thin but cope with forces that are placed on them well. This is what you get from Trek 800’s spokes.

3. Wide Gear Range

Trek 800 is a 21 speeds bike that gives you plenty of gears to choose from, and the gears are easy to shift. Having a broad gear range allows you to navigate diverse situations more efficiently.

It also lets you try different options to find the pedaling speed you prefer. For example, high gear is much better when riding or descending at high speeds.

4. Great For Hauling Stuff

Trek 800 is a good purchase if you tend to carry heavy luggage during your commute. It will comfortably help you haul various things thanks to its strong, steady frame.

You can add a basket to it to help hold your items.

Trek 800 Cons

While this bike this well-built to last for many years at top performance, it is not flawless.

1. No Suspension

Bike suspension is quite helpful when riding on flat or downhill rough terrain because it absorbs shocks and vibrations, reducing fatigue. It helps you ride comfortably, faster and provides better traction for cornering and acceleration.

You may feel uncomfortable riding Trek 800 off-road because it lacks suspension. However, this should not be a problem while on paved roads.

If you’d rather have suspension on your bike, Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike (Amazon link) is an excellent choice. It is a durable, lightweight MTB with front suspension, disc brakes, aluminum frame, 27.5’’ wheels, and 8-21 speeds.

Trek 800 price

2. Heavy

Steel framed bikes are naturally heavier, and Trek 800 isn’t different. This bicycle is heavier than modern bikes, and when you add a basket and other accessories, the weight will only increase.

Trek 800 also has plastic pedals, so they easily break, and the seats are small for heavier riders.

Trek 800 Bike Family

Besides the classic Trek 800, you can also go for Trek 800 sport, Trek 800 Antelope, or Trek 800 mountain rack. Let’s take a look at these options.

1. Trek 800 Sport

This is a sturdy mountain bike with Hi-tensile steel, unicrown crown frame produced in 1995, 2000, 2001, and 2002.

It is available for both men and women of different sizes, so you can choose the size that suits you best from 13 inches, 16.5 inches, 18 inches, 19.5 inches, 21 inches, 22.5 inches, womens 17 inches, and womens 20 inches.

It weighs 29 pounds, putting it on the heavier side, especially when compared to modern bicycles. Additionally, it doesn’t have suspension, so you may feel the impact of road vibration and shocks while cycling on rugged terrain and feel a bit uncomfortable.

Trek 800 Sport comes in Violet Pearl, Mellow Gold, and Gloss Black. This bike will take you to different places and explore diverse terrains for many years because it’s durable.

2. Trek 800 Mountain Track

Trek 800 mountain track is dependable, smooth, highly durable, and aesthetically appealing, with a chic look. This entry-level bike is quite comfortable and ideal for recreational riding, but remember it won’t be as good on the trail as a high-end MTB.

While it offers a comfortable upright positioning for light trail riding, it won’t position you well for heavy mountain biking.

Who should get Trek 800

3. Trek 800 Antelope

This versatile, reliable, and comfortable bike came out first in the 1980s, with different models released from then until the 2000s. It’s made with a quality crankset, Cromoly frame, dependable brakes, and delivers 15 speeds, making it a good choice for mountain biking.

The construction of this bike was made to cater to low-end users with tight budgets. Although an experienced rider will likely notice Trek 800 Antelope’s limited stability and ruggedness, it remains a worthy bicycle.

It is available in 22 inches, 20 inches, 18 inches, 16.5 inches, and 14.5 inches. It is pretty heavy, though (32 pounds).


1. How Much Does A Trek 800 Weigh?

Trek 800 sport weighs 29 pounds. On the other hand, Trek 800 Antelope is heavier, weighing 32 pounds.

2. How Much Is A Trek 800 Bicycle Worth?

A new Trek 800 costs about $200, but a used one will cost you considerably less. Second-hand Trek 800s can go for as low as less than $100, depending on their condition.


So, is Trek 800 a good bike? The fact that this bike can take a beating for many years without breaking should tell you it’s worth your consideration.

Consider it if you want an affordable, reliable bicycle that will negotiate off-road and roads efficiently.

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