Is Trek 1000 A Good Bike Or Not Worth It?

Trek 1000 is a bicycle that was first introduced in the 1980s and gained a lot of popularity in the 1990s when it seemed like everyone in the middle class owned and rode them. However, is Trek 1000 a good bike?

Trek 1000 is a good bike because it embodies a comfortable seat, a lightweight Alcoa 6061 T6 Aluminum frame, and a Tange Seiki Sealed headset. In addition, it has a Trek EnerGel Lycra saddle and a host of other qualities, making it one of the best masterpieces that any road enthusiast would cherish.

Trek 1000 is neither a speed bike nor a mountain bike. The bike is designed for folks who enjoy long-distance riding on the road rather than mountain biking, even though it isn’t flawless.

The Trek 1000 is practically an ideal bike for those who enjoy riding on the road, and it delivers good performance. If you’re thinking about purchasing a Trek 1000, this walk-through can help you determine whether it’s a vintage worth spending your money on.

Is Trek 1000 A Good Bike

Trek 1000 Bike Specifications

Component Type
FrameAlcoa 6061 T6 Aluminum
RimsTrek/Matrix Titan II700c x 25C
ForkTange Cro-Moly with TIG Welded Aero Multi-Crown
Front DerailleurShimano 500 EX 7-speed
Rear DerailleurShimano 400 EX 7-speed
Tires700 x 25c Trek IsoTech 3
BrakesetShimano 400 EX SLR Aero Levers
Shift LeversShimano 400 EX7-Speed SIS Indexing
StemSR 90’ X-Stem Silver
PedalsHTI Alloy Quill
Wheel Size700cm wheels
HandlebarsSR Anatomic Alloy
StemBontrager Approved, 25.4mm, 25 degree
CranksetBontrager Sport, 30/42/52 teeth
Sizes43cm, 50cm, 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, 60cm, 62cm

 Is Trek 1000 A Good Bike?

Let’s Investigate The Features

The Trek 1000 is equipped with a variety of high-quality components that work together to create a dependable mountain bike. These are:

1. An Excellent Lightweight Frame And Fork

In the 1990s, the Alcoa 6061 T6 Aluminum frame was among the lightest. With a weight of only 20 pounds, the Trek 1000 was a portable marvel for those who sought flexibility and seamless performance above everything else.

Carbon fiber bicycle frames are now available and are said to be potentially more robust than aluminum. However, it isn’t easy to match the capabilities of the Alcoa 6061 T6 frame.

Despite having a lighter frame than other models, the Alcoa 6061 T6 remains one of the most durable and dependable products in the market.

The riders were thrilled by the bike’s performance thanks to high-quality craftsmanship as well as the incredible incorporation of the frame and Tange Cro-Moly fork.

Trek 1000 qualities

Furthermore, enthusiasts appreciated Trek 1000 not only because it was extraordinarily light compared to other models in its price range but also because of its reliability in terms of suspension, shock absorption, and other features. The sturdy frame is designed for speed and rapid handling.

2. An Elegant Design

A good frame may boast strength and dependability, but it will come short in terms of aesthetic appeal in most cases. Trek 1000 isn’t blemished by that since its lightweight frame produced some of the best painting jobs back in the ’90s and still does.

Almost no one could find fault with the bike’s design or construction as a whole. Seeing a Trek 1000 on the street is an instant appraisal for those who are familiar with it.

Its electric blue color appears wet with a black splattering which adds to its allure. It is even more attractive when combined with white decals, which add a touch of excellence.

3. Low Maintenance Cost Coupled With Good Performance

Long-distance cycling needs a bike that requires minimal maintenance, and that’s precisely what the Trek 1000 gives you. The fact that the Trek 1000 could be used for hours without mechanical issues cropping up was probably one of the most appealing features for most people. It is ideal for any cyclist who fancies long road rides.

When it comes to continuous use on the road, very few bikes edge out Trek 1000 at the mid-range level.

4. Shimano 400 EX7-Speed SIS Indexing

Trek 1000 is easier to ride up hills than similar bikes in its class, thanks to its gearing Shimano 400 EX7 gearing configuration. Similar bikes will not be able to compete with it when riding downhill or sprinting.

The positioning of the shifters will, however, not go unnoticed. Shifters are typically found on the handlebars of classic bikes. The Trek 1000, on the other hand, has these shifters located below, making it a little more difficult for riders to shift appropriately hence resulting in instability.

Trek 1000 weight

However, after a few rides, the shifters would no longer be an issue.

5. Additional Features

Trek 1000 incorporates SR Anatomic Alloy handlebars, Bontrager Approved stem, Shimano 500 EX 7-speed Front Derailleur, Shimano 400 EX 7-speed Rear Derailleur, among other incredible features, which make it ideal for long-distance road biking.

Pros And Cons Of Trek 1000


  • Elegant design
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent frame
  • Comfortable seat
  • Strong and durable frameset
  • Easy to ride uphill
  • Comfortable handbar position


  • Unusual positioning of shifters and gearing speed
  • Slightly more challenging to stabilize

Is Trek 1000 Still A Worthy Bicycle To Have?

Trek 1000 is a near-perfect bicycle if you enjoy road cycling. If you find a vintage Trek 1000, you can restore it to ideal condition.

Trek 1000 is a performance-oriented reliable bike that offers you an opportunity to ride an incredibly lightweight bicycle with a beautiful design.

However, alternatively, you could get a Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike (View on Amazon) suitable for 5ft 7inches to 5ft 10 inches men and women. It has 28-inch wheels, 21-speed shifters, and a 17-inch frame.

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1. How Much Is A Trek 1000 Worth?

The price of the Trek 1000 is determined by the bike’s condition, private party value, and trade-in value.

A Trek 1000 in excellent condition will cost $87 in private party value and $62 in trade-in. On the other hand, one in very good condition will go for $76 in a private party and $53 in a trade-in.

A Trek 1000 in good condition would be bought at $66 and $45 in a private party and trade-in, respectively, while that in fair condition costs $55 in private-party value and $32 in trade-in.

2. How Many Speeds Is A Trek 1000?

A Trek 1000 is 8 speeds.

3. How Heavy Is A Trek 1000?

A Trek 1000 weighs 20 lbs. 11 oz (9.4 Kg).

In conclusion, Is Trek 1000 A Good Bike?

Trek 1000 is a brilliant work of genius that any enthusiast would love to own. It will allow you not only to see how dependable and performance-oriented it is but also to enjoy its fantastic design and impressive lightweight construction, which no other bike at its level can provide.

You will undoubtedly have a great bike in Trek 1000.