Is The Giant Talon 3 Worth It?

Climbing power and agility are essential when it comes to cross-country cycling. One Hardtail mountain bike that crosses the mind is the Talon 3 by Giant Bicycles. But is the Giant Talon 3 worth it?

The Giant Talon 3 is worth it because it enjoys a lighter frame and relaxed geometry for comfortable cycling, bump-dampening front suspension, stronger wheels, and high-traction tires.

The Hardtail MTB also comes equipped with powerful all-terrain hydraulic disc brakes that make it an all-weather choice.

Besides, its responsive 16-speed Shimano drivetrain doesn’t disappoint either.

Even better, the XC bike comes in five different frame sizes to suit various riders and is available in stunning colors.

But does that mean that this XC bike has no flaws? Of course not! I’ll share some of its flaws to help you decide if you should go for it or not.

So, this review will help you decide if Talon 3 is worth your money.

is the giant talon 3 worth it

What’s the Giant Talon? Who is it Designed For?

Giant Talon 3 is an entry-level Hardtail mountain bike that suits all entry-level cyclists, especially XC riders.

If you plan to explore nature, take on newer trails or conquer existing ones, this XC bike is worth it.

Even though it’s marketed as an entry-level XC bike, its high-performance components make it also a good choice for experienced mountain bikers who want to ride for fun, fitness, or commuting.

Important Note:

This post covers the Giant Talon 3 Cross Country Bike, but we also have its trail version (Giant Talon 3 Trail Bike).

Is The Giant Talon 3 Worth It? The Good And The Bad.

The Good

Here are Giant Talon 3’s best features:

1. Lightweight But Durable Frame

Giant Bicycles employ ALUXX-Grade aluminum in the frame to make the XC bike lightweight and durable. The fact that the bike frame is lightweight makes it comfortable to ride uphill and on various trails.

And since the frame is butted aluminum, you don’t have to worry about scratches, dents, or damages as it’s built to resist them and serve you longer.

2. Stable Wheel and High-Traction Tires

The frame is not the XC bike’s only most robust component. You can also say the same about the wheels.

They feature alloy double-wall rims that give them the utmost strength to take on challenging trails.

The tires don’t disappoint either, as they are pretty knobbier to offer you adequate traction when taking on slippery trails.

is the giant talon 3 tubeless

3. More Relaxed Geometry

Compared to most cross country mountain bikes, Talon 3 enjoys a more relaxed geometry that makes its handling better.

The geometry also makes it a perfect choice for casual riding and off-road racing, and anyone of any gender can ride it.

4. Powerful Hydraulic Disc Brakes

It takes stronger all-terrain disc brakes to tackle different trails all season effectively. Well, Giant Bicycles knows that, and so they have included Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

The brakes are just as high-end as those you get on most Giant’s dual-suspension MTBs.

The brakes promise fast and accurate stopping, which is key to taking on unpredictable trails.

5. Responsive 16-Speed Shimano Drivetrain

Speed and versatility are everything for an XC bike, and that’s what you get from Giant Talon 3.

Thanks to its responsive drivetrain, you enjoy 16-speeds, which is just enough to take on most trails and accelerate through them.

6. Shock-Dampening 100mm Fork Suspension

Talon 3 features SR Suntour XC T30 front suspension with 100mm travel. You can count on the front fork to absorb shock and dampen vibrations.

So, it offers you a much comfortable ride.

The front fork also makes it easy to do short jumps with the XC bike, which you don’t get from most Hardtail bikes.

is giant talon 3 a trail bike

7. Multiple Sizes

Giant Bicycles target almost all adults with this trail bike. It comes in five frame sizes as follows:

  • X-Small (best for riders who are 4’10”-5’2″ tall)
  • Small (for riders who are 5’2″-5’6″ tall)
  • Medium (for riders who are 5’6″-5’10” tall)
  • Large (for riders who are 5’10”-6’1″ tall)
  • X-large (for riders who are 6’1″-6’4″ tall)

Other Impressive Features of Talon 3

Talon 3 also comes with these amazing features:

  • Customized comfy saddle
  • Platform-style pedals
  • Trail-bike style handlebar
  • KMC 8.3 chain
  • Stainless spokes
  • Shimano Acera rear derailleur
  • Shimano Altus shifter

The Bad

  • The Giant Talon 3 is only available in 3 color choices – metallic blue, olive green, and black.
  • The tires are only tubeless-ready but not tubeless. So, you may have to upgrade them if you want to go tubeless.
  • The bike is not the best for aggressive cross country riding. You’ll need to get the Talon 2 instead.

So, Is The Giant Talon 3 A Good Bike? My Verdict

Yes, Giant Talon 3 may only be tubeless-ready and not tubeless and only available in three colors, but that’s about it.

But let’s face it; it offers you a performance equaled by fewer cross country bikes.

Giant is a reputable brand known for the most powerful, comfortable, and reliable XC bikes, of which the Talon 3 is one of them.

This bike is not a high-end performing trail bike for pro-rider. Not. It’s not. It’s also not the best for aggressive XC cycling.

It’s, however, a fantastic XC trail bike for anyone who wants to try out newer trails, get to the peak or work out on a budget.

Its modern components are high-quality, which makes it worth the price.

is the giant talon 3 a good bike

Giant Talon 3 Best Alternative

One mountain bike that resembles Giant Talon 3 in a lot of ways is the Schwinn Sidewinder.

Like Talon 3, Sidewinder is a versatile entry-level mountain bike that can take on various trails. Its front suspension is quite strong, and so are the wheels and frame.

You, however, have to settle for a steel frame, which is slightly heavier.

Another entry-level MTB worth checking out is the Schwinn Boundary.


1. What Is The Price Of Giant Talon 3 Bike?

The last time I checked, the Giant Talon 3 XC Bike was $550, while Giant Talon 3 Trail Bike was $629 on

Note, however, that the prices are likely to change subject to market forces.

2. What Kind of Bike Is Giant Talon?

Giant Talon is an entry-level Hardtail, which most comes as a cross-country bike. Giant Bicycles, however, make a trail version of the Giant Talon, especially Talon 3.

3. Is Giant Talon 3 A Trail Bike?

Giant Talon 3 is available as a trail and cross country option. So, it depends on what you want as both options are available.

4. Is Giant Talon A Hardtail?

Giant Talon comes with a 100mm front fork that takes all the punch. So, yes, it is a hardtail. As a result, it’s a fantastic entry-level choice for single-track cross-country rides.

5. What’s The Difference Between Giant Talon 2 And 3?

Giant Talon 2 and 3 have so many things in common. Both XC run on 100mm suspension and are equipped with disc brakes.

One area where they differ is the drivetrain. While the Talon 3 has 16 (2X8) speeds, the Talon 2 has 18 (2X9) speeds.

There is also a slight difference in the choice of the front fork component.

While Talon 3 enjoys Suntour XCT30, Talon 2 rocks the RockShox XC30. The Suntour absorbs more punch, but you’ll get more climbing power from the RockShox.

6. Is The Giant Talon 3 Tubeless?

Giant Talon 3 is not tubeless. It’s only tubeless-ready, which means you can upgrade the tires to tubeless. That’s a good thing if you want to make the XC bike lighter than it already is.

7. Does The Giant Talon 3 Have Hydraulic Brakes?

Giant Bicycles include Tektro hydraulic disc brakes on Talon 3, just like its previous models. As a result, you can count on the XC Hardtail for accurate and responsive stopping in all seasons.

8. Is Giant Talon A Good Bike?

Giant Talon is a fantastic bike coming in three variants; Talon 1, 2, and 3.

All three Talon models are lightweight, strong, and versatile. There is no trail that you cannot tackle with a Giant Talon.

9. Which Giant Talon Is Best?

Though Giant Talon comes in three models, the Giant Talon 3 suits entry-level cyclists more, especially those on a budget.

It’s pretty versatile and reasonably speedier. Moreover, it enjoys a more relaxed geometry. It, however, doesn’t suit aggressive XC riders, and that’s where Talon 2 comes in.

The Talon 3, in contrast, suits pro riders more because of its high-end components.

10. Can You Jump A Giant Talon?

Thanks to its 100mm travel suspension, it’s possible to jump a Giant Talon 3. Don’t expect it to match a BMX, however, when jumping.

More importantly, consider taking only obstacles you are comfortable with.

Closing Thought: Is The Giant Talon 3 Worth It?

The Giant Talon 3 has some fantastic qualities that make it worth it for entry-level cross country riders. Its ability to take on varying trails makes it a good purchase, even for experienced XC riders.