Is GT Aggressor Pro A Good Bike?

GT Bicycles is known for excelling in the mountain bike sector, and one of its most popular hardtails is GT Aggressor Pro. While this MTB comes at a reasonable price and promises good value, most GT fans cannot help but ask, ‘is GT Aggressor Pro a good bike?’

GT Aggressor Pro is a good entry-level hardtail for meandering single tracks, rocky surfaces, and dirt trails primarily because of its tough BMX-inspired triple triangle frame, rider-friendly progressive geometry, and strong multi-surface wheels. 

Moreover, this MTB comes with responsive brakes, a powerful drivetrain, decent suspension, slight-rise upright handlebars, and a comfortable saddle – all to promote its effectiveness outdoors. Plus, it’s affordable, versatile, good-looking, and comes in four frame sizes.

That, however, does not imply that GT Aggressor Pro is a high-end bike. It has a few low-end specs and misses a few features that you get on high-end mountain bikes.

So, this GT Aggressor Pro review shall look at all these drawbacks together with the strengths to decide if you should get the hardtail.

GT Aggressor Pro Review

Why GT Aggressor Pro Is a Good Bike

Generally, GT Aggressor Pro is a good bike because of these reasons:

1. BMX-Inspired Triple Triangle Aluminum Frame

GT Bicycles borrow the Triple Triangle Technology from their BMX bikes, and the technology guarantees a strong, tough, stiff, and durable 6061-T6 aluminum frame.

Overall, Triple Triangle makes GT Aggressor Pro one of the most reliable and confidence-inspiring hardtails. You can count on the frame to hold your weight, take on aggressive use, and withstand the test of time.

Because of the frame, this hardtail is ready for rocky surfaces and the roughest trails.

2. Rider-Friendly Progressive Geometry

Aggressor Pro enjoys a slacker and low-lying geometry, popularly known as progressive geometry, delivering several promises.

For one, the geometry offers the MTB extra stability, which is crucial when taking on slippery and unpredictable roads. You won’t slide or topple over the bike easily because of the stability it enjoys.

A progressive geometry also means better handling of the bike. You get to sit confidently and comfortably since you sit upright, and that allows you to control the bike effortlessly.

Generally, progressive geometry makes Aggressor Pro adaptive and versatile on various terrains. Simply put, the geometry makes this hardtail rider-friendly.

3. Strong Multi-Surface Wheels

The Aggressor Pro’s wheels are uncharacteristically lighter for having a lower spoke count. The wheels generally have four spokes less than the standard, which according to the manufacturer, is ‘why they feel lightweight. But more importantly, it doesn’t interfere with the wheel strength.

The wheels are pretty strong owing to their spoke count and double-layer rims. Plus, they feature multi-surface tires that promise optimal grip on all terrain.

So, not only can you ride this MTB off-road but on-road too. As a result, you can easily translate it into your commuter bike and not just trail ride. 

GT Aggressor Pro Weight Limit

4. Responsive Brakes

The Aggressor Pro has powerful mechanical disc brakes that work fast and flawlessly. They allow you to brake utmost seamlessly, making the bike easy to ride on challenging terrains such as rocky grounds, local trails, gravel surfaces, and dirt trails.

Though the aggressor pro is not a high-end MTB, you can confidently ride in wet conditions without fearing that you’ll fall. So, if you intend to ride and own one of the safest trail bikes, you cannot go wrong with the aggressor pro. Its brakes are pretty reliable!

5. Powerful Drivetrain

The aggressor pro comes with a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain that offers you a broad gear range for quick and smooth shifting.

You don’t have to go at a uniform boring speed with this MTB. Its drivetrain allows you to shift the gear smoothly, depending on the terrain.

So, whether the terrain is soft, rocky, or muddy, you can adjust accordingly and cruise through with ease.

6. Decent Suspension

Aggressor Pro doesn’t have the firmest suspension, but you get a bargain for a budget MTB. The bike comes with an 80mm SR Suntour Suspension Fork that absorbs small bumps to promise a comfortable ride and confident handling.

Don’t expect to go over steep bumps, as that will be too much to ask from a steel fork that is not damped. But for as long as you ride on dirt trails, single tracks, and less steep slopes, you’ll be fine.

GT Aggressor Pro Size Chart

Other Good Things About the GT Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike

Here are Aggressor Pro’s extra selling points:

· Upright Riser Bars

Control is vital when riding an MTB, and that’s an area where Aggressor Pro suffices. This MTB comes with aluminum handlebars with a 25mm rise to offer you enough leverage to take on any terrain.

The handlebars put you upright to avoid bending your back and stressing your arms when taking on challenges. Besides, the handlebars offer you easy access to the brakes, which means you can fix your eyes on the trails ahead and not on the bike.

· Comfortable Saddle

Comfort is essential when taking on trails, and you don’t get it only from the suspension. GT Bicycles understand that, and so they pick one of the most comfortable saddles for Aggressor Pro.

The mountain bike comes with a GT MTB saddle that enjoys shock absorption. Plus, its seat post is adjustable.

· Affordability 

Aggressor Pro costs under $600 in Dick’s stores, making it one of the most affordable mountain bikes.

· Versatility 

This bike is not just best for trail adventures, but you can also use it for commuting. Primarily, that’s owing to its multi-surface tires and progressive geometry.

· Bike Aesthetic

Aggressor Pro comes in the most attractive design. For starters, this bike is available in 11 colorful frame choices. So, you’ve many options to choose from.

Design-wise this hardtail has a traditional headset and features some cable on the frame underside.

That generally gives it a neat appearance. Even the gear is just beneath the top tube. So, if you are looking for a modern trail bike, you cannot go wrong with Aggressor Pro.

Is Gt Aggressor a Good Bike

· Multiple Frame Sizes

GT Bicycles offers four different frame sizes for the Aggressor Pro that includes small (15-inch frame), medium (17-inch frame), large (19-inch frame), and X-large (21-inch frame).

Below is a GT Aggressor Pro size chart to use to find the right frame size.

Frame SizeFrame Size IdentityRider Height
15 InchSmall4’11”-5’4”
17 InchMedium5’4.5”-5’10”
19 InchLarge5’11”-6’2”
21 InchX-Large6’2”-6’6”

Drawbacks of GT Aggressor Pro

As good as GT Aggressor Pro is, it has a few drawbacks worth pointing out. They include:

  • A Few Low-End Components

Though the manufacturer has tried to use more quality components, some are low-end. For example, you may have to upgrade the pedals, seats, and brakes if you want to ride this MTB regularly.

  • Misses a Few High-End Specs

Aggressor Pro not only comes with a few low-end specs but also lacks a few high-end ones. For example, it doesn’t enjoy internal cable routing, which means it’s less sleek.

On the other hand, its rims are not tubeless-ready, and its suspension fork only offers you 80mm travel, which is not enough for big bumps.

  • May Feel Slightly Heavy and Even Slower

Though the manufacturer employs 6061-T6 aluminum, the frame still feels slightly heavy, affecting its speed. It has a slightly heavy frame and a progressive geometry, making it slower. So, it’s about sacrificing speed for comfort with this MTB.

Gt Aggressor Pro Bicycle

Who Is GT Aggressor Pro Designed for?

GT Aggressor Pro may be a versatile bike, but it’s not designed for everyone. For one, this MTB is an entry-level hardtail. That means it’s best for beginners and those planning to go on light off-road adventures.

If you intend to hit the steepest trails, race, or do any competitive riding, then this MTB is not for you.

This bike is also for those casual trail riders and commuters who cannot afford a high-end MTB. It costs $600, making it a budget mountain bike.

But more importantly, this MTB suits riders (both genders) who are between 4’11¨ and 6’6¨ tall. All you’ve to do is find your perfect frame size.

And according to most users, the GT Aggressor Pro weight limit is about 300 pounds. So long as you don’t weigh over 300 pounds, you can ride this MTB.

People Also Ask

1. Is The GT Aggressor Pro a Good Mountain Bike?

GT Aggressor Pro is an entry-level budget hardtail that is good for beginners, commuters, and everyone looking for a decent casual or recreational bike. This hardtail is a decent performer on dirt paths, gravel roads, and winding single-tracks.

The only thing the bike is not suitable for is riding on steeper slopes and competitions.

2. Are GT Aggressor Bikes Any Good?

GT aggressor bikes are built for casual riding on dirt paths, cycling trails, gravel roads, and single tracks. They employ quality Triple Triangle frames that are strong, stiff, compliant, lightweight, and durable. Plus, they use a progressive geometry that makes them rider-friendly.

3. What Bike Type Is The GT Aggressor?

GT Aggressor is a hardtail mountain bike best for entry-level riding on rocky surfaces, single tracks, and dirt trails.

4. Who Makes GT Aggressor?

GT Bicycles make GT Aggressor, but the company is owned by Dorel Industries, the parent company behind Mongoose, Cannondale, Roadmaster, and Schwinn bike brands.

5. Is the GT Aggressor Pro Full Suspension?

No. GT aggressor pro is not a full suspension. On the contrary, the bike is a hardtail only featuring front suspension. The bike’s suspension fork offers you 80mm travel, enough to soak up small bumps.

Is GT Aggressor Pro a Good Bike? Closing Thought

While GT Aggressor Pro is not a high-end mountain bike, it has some impressive specs and comes in a quality build that makes it worth the money. Most bikes unmatch its build quality, comfort features, and aesthetic.

So, provided you are not an advanced trail rider or a competitive biker, you cannot go wrong with GT Aggressor Pro.

I recommend it to beginner trail riders, commuters, and anyone on a budget looking for a casual multi-terrain bike. You can ride it on single tracks, gravel surfaces, rocky roads, and dirt trails.