Is A Suspension Seatpost Worth It?

Do you badly want to improve your bike comfort but cannot afford a dual-suspension bike? Or perhaps you prefer to ride light but not to take the hard, bumpy hits. If so, your best bet is a suspension seatpost. But is a suspension seatpost worth it?

For starters, suspension seatposts absorb shock to improve your riding comfort and protect your spine. These seatposts also improve your bike control and pedaling efficiency. So, they are a cheaper alternative to full-suspension.

For someone who cannot afford a decent full-suspension bike or doesn’t like the extra weight that comes with full suspension, suspension seatposts are worth considering.

I’ll shed more light on the matter to enlighten you more on suspension seatposts. But before anything, let’s first understand what a suspension seatpost is.

what is a suspension seatpost

What Is A Suspension Seatpost?

A suspension seatpost is a bicycle seatpost with a built-in bump-dampening system. So, it’s designed to smoothen out your ride, more so when you ride on bumpy and rough roads.

As a result, a suspension seatpost is the best investment for touring and bikepacking.

Is A Suspension Seatpost Worth It?

Investing in a suspension seatpost is a big decision. It’s not just about the impact the purchase will have on your wallet, but you have to find value in your purchase.

Well, here are three primary reasons why we think suspension seatposts are worth it:

a) Suspension Seatposts Improve Your Seat Comfort

Suspension seatposts are designed to dampen vibrations and absorb small bumps when going through a rough patch. That includes when riding on a pot-hole hit surface, bumpy trails, and gravel roads.

So, their end goal is to take the hard hits on your behalf.

What a suspension seatpost does is that it lengthens your seating duration when it absorbs the bumps. In that case, you get to sit longer and pedal more.

So, if you are a commuter or a bike packer, you could use a suspension seatpost for this reason.

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b) Suspension Seatposts Promote Better Bike Control and Pedaling Efficiency

A suspension seatpost also allows you to have a better hold of your bike. By absorbing bumps and vibrations, you have a more cushioned ride, which means the bike control is naturally more manageable.

Also, the fact that you can seamlessly control your bike means you can pedal more efficiently. That’s more important in situations where you need to pedal while seated.

c) Suspension Seatposts Protect Your Spine

Although the short-term benefit of a suspension seatpost is cycling comfort and control, the long-term benefit is spine health.

A suspension seatpost absorbs vibrations to protect your spine. It absorbs the bump instead of your spine.

The seatpost comes to your rescue when you face unpredictable jarring bumps.

Why Not Get A Full-Suspension (Double-Suspension) Bike Instead?

We all know that a full-suspension bike is unmatched in riding comfort.

But let’s face it;

Full-suspension bikes don’t come cheap. You’ll have to go deeper into your pocket to get one.

Furthermore, the presence of double-suspension means an extra weightier bike. If you are a commuter who likes to ride light, a full suspension doesn’t favor you.

A suspension seatpost, in contrast, offers you a cheaper way to add a bump-dampening system to your bike. In that case, you don’t have to replace your bicycle but only invest in a suspension seatpost, which you can get on Amazon.

And given that most suspension seatposts weigh less than 500g, you wouldn’t have to worry about extra weight on your bike. What’s more, the installation of suspension seatposts is DIY.

You can easily install it by following the manufacturer’s instructions, and that’ll save you money.

how does a suspension seatpost work

How Does A Suspension Seatpost Work?

To understand how a suspension seatpost works, let’s look at the various types of seatpost suspensions on the market.

They include:

· Elastomer Suspension Seatpost

Elastomer suspension seatposts use a system of hard rubber (or elastomer), which cushions a hinge system.

Along with a hinge system, the elastomer compresses when you go through a bump and absorb the hard hits and vibrations.

The only concern is that the elastomer wears out over time. So, you’ll need to replace it. The replacements, fortunately, are cheap, and so it shouldn’t alarm you.

Besides, with proper seatpost care, you may find that you don’t have to replace your elastomer sooner.

· Metal Coil-Spring Suspension Seatpost

Metal coil-spring suspension seatposts are relatively new, and so only a few options are available on the market. These seatposts employ a hinged linkage system just like elastomer seatposts.

But instead of featuring a hard rubber, these seatposts feature a metal coil spring that dampens the bumps.

Their only downside is that they rob you of the climbing power. Overall, nonetheless, the coil’s shock-absorbing capacity is unmatched, and so you are likely to have a smoother ride.

· Air-Dropper Suspension Seatpost

Air-dropper suspension seatposts are just as new as metal coil suspension seatposts. If you don’t mind going back to the old days, an air-dropper offers you a magical vintage experience.

The seatpost doesn’t offer you as much travel as the other two but is generally a decent choice for commuter cyclists.

That’s because it allows you to adjust your seat height without stopping the bike or using any particular tool.

So, that’s the beauty of this suspension seatpost and its selling point.

Currently, the only available option in this category is the PNW Coast Air-Dropper Seatpost (View on Amazon), which perfectly blends a seatpost dropper’s adjustability with a suspension bump-dampening effectiveness.

What Is The Best Suspension Seatpost

What Is The Best Suspension Seatpost? Suspension Seatpost Review

Here are the best suspension seatposts on the market:

1. DJC Bike Suspension Seatpost – Best Coil-Spring Suspension Seatpost

The DJC Bike Suspension Seatpost comes with a built-in metal coil spring that absorbs vibrations and hard hits when cycling off-road. It also features a rubber damper that you ordinarily find on an elastomer suspension system.

This seatpost offers you a 42mm travel suspension system, which is just amazing. Its seat clamping angle adjusts between -5 and 18+ degrees for maximum comfort.

Overall, this suspension seatpost can support up to 220 pounds, making it suitable for heavy riders.

2. PNW Coast Air-Dropper Seatpost – Best Air Dropper Suspension Seatpost

The PNW Coast Air-Dropper Seatpost comes with a powerful 40mm adjustable air suspension to absorb bumps and cushion your ride. However, you can enjoy up to 120mm drop from the seatpost.

This seatpost not only smoothens out bumps but also stabilizes your rides. You only need to push a button to adjust the seat.

Overall, this suspension seatpost suits hardtails, commuter bikes, and gravel bikes.

Other incredible seatpost suspensions on Amazon include:

  • Cane Creek Thudbuster ST Suspension Seatpost – Best Elastomer Suspension Seatpost
  • KINEKT 2.1 Aluminum Bike Seatpost with Suspension – Alternative Best Coil Spring Suspension System


1. Are Suspension Seat Posts Any Good?

Suspension seatposts absorb hard hit and dampen vibrations when riding off-road. By doing so, they improve your seat comfort when cycling, but more importantly, they protect your spine from heavy hits.

So, there is no doubt that suspension seatposts are good. It’s crucial; nonetheless, that you consider an option that can support your weight and is high-quality in build.

2. Does Saddle Suspension Work?

Saddle suspension works by absorbing bumps and vibrations when riding off-road. So, they enable you to have a more cushioned ride on a terrain that’s ordinarily rough and uncomfortable.

3. Do Dropper Posts Have Suspension?

The PNW Coast Air-Dropper Seatpost is currently the only air dropper seatpost suspension system, and it comes with a 40mm suspension.

This air-dropper seatpost combines the effectiveness of an adjustable seatpost with the convenience of a suspension seatpost.

4. How Do I Choose A Suspension Seatpost?

Essentially, you have to get a suspension seatpost that can hold your weight. You can find out this from the product’s specifications if you shop for the seatpost online.

The seatpost should also match your bike frame and type. So, also confirm this from its specifications.

More importantly, it should offer you enough travel, about 20-50mm. Of course, the longer the travel, the better it is for you.

But still, you can know a good suspension seatpost through its reviews. So, check what customers say about it before purchase.


Closing Thought:

So, is a suspension seatpost worth it? Undeniably, a seatpost suspension is worth it if you want to cushion your ride and cannot afford a full-suspension bike.

The seatpost is also worth it if you want a lighter bike and avoid a full suspension. The best part is that their installation is DIY, and so you don’t have to take your bike to a mechanic.