Is A Garmin Bike Computer Worth It Or A Waste Of Money?

Bike computers are reliable in tracking cycling stats, route planning, and bike navigation. Today, one of the biggest cycling computer brands is Garmin. But is a Garmin bike computer worth it?

Garmin bike computers are worth it because they make mapping, route planning, and performance tracking seamless. They offer reliable data and enjoy longer battery life and more hardware and software integration.   

So, undeniably, Garmin bike computers are worth it. That, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t have any concerns, as I’ll share them with you.

More importantly, I’ll review the best Garmin cycling computers.

is a Garmin bike computer worth it

In a hurry? Find the hottest Garmin cycling computers on the list below.

Best Garmin Bike Computer For The Money: 3 Hottest Picks

1. Garmin Edge 530: Best Phone Paired Garmin Bike Computer

2. The Garmin Edge 830: Best GPS Garmin Bike Computer

3. Garmin Edge 130: Best Rugged Garmin Bike Computer

Is A Garmin Bike Computer Worth It?

Garmin is popularly known for the Garmin Edge cycling computers that come in various models and upgrades. So, expect them to have varying strengths and capabilities.

However, here are what they’ve in common:

1. Garmin Bike Computers Make Performance Tracking Easy

Garmin bike computers employ GPS technology to easily track vital cycling stats like speed, training balance, lapsed time, and recovery.

You can also monitor altitude acclimation, hydration, and heat acclimatization.

Others even have trail difficulty trackers to help you to mountain-bike on challenging trails.

2. Garmin Bike Computers Promote Easy Route Scheduling and Navigation

Garmin Edge cycling computers ease your outdoor exploration. That’s by allowing you to quickly locate where you are, plan for the route, and navigate easily even in the remotest area.

Most Garmin cycling computers have a Popularity Routing function that allows you to take on most routes like a local. Plus, they let you create a route custom to you that you can follow.

3. They Enjoy More Software and Hardware Support

This is probably Garmin Edge’s selling point when comparing Garmin bike computer vs watch.

These cycling computers support more software and hardware than smartwatches, and therefore they have lots of customization options.

Concerning software, these mini-computers allow you to customize them with free apps and widgets. You can get them on the Connect IQ Store.

And about the hardware, you can pair the cycling computer with your smartphone and sensors for convenient use and cycling. That’s the case with the Garmin Edge 530 and many others.

best Garmin bike computer for the money

4. The Bike Computers Offer Reliable Cycling Stats

Garmin cycling computers don’t just track your performance, but they also offer real-time data.

The mini-computers can tell you how far or fast you are cycling, where you are on the map, and the route to follow using GPS.

Even better, they offer you intelligent notifications that are reliable.

5. Garmin Cycling Computers Have Longer Battery Life

Garmin cycling computers generally come with longer battery life than most cycling computers and smartwatches.

Depending on the Garmin Edge computer you go for, the battery can last you for 12-20 hours.

An option like the Garmin Edge 830, for example, has a 20-hour battery runtime. However, it can go another 20 hours if you use the Garmin Charge Power Pack.

In that case, you won’t worry about the cycling computer shutting down even on a long tour.

6. Garmin Bike Computers Have More Wireless Possibilities

Most cycling computers, especially budget options, only support Bluetooth connectivity. That, however, is the case with Garmin Edge bike computers.

The cycling computers support not only Bluetooth integration but also ANT+ and Wi-Fi, thus more possibilities.

Any Concerns with Garmin Bike Computers?

Garmin bike computers, like other bike computers, have their fair share of concerns which include:

  • Some options are not robust or rugged enough, thus not the best for challenging terrains, especially mountain biking.
  • Not all Garmin cycling computers work well in wet conditions.
  • You may struggle with the navigation with some Garmin cycling computers when you go off-route.

In addition to the above concerns, another common concern is the price. Compared to most bike computers, Garmin cycling computers are slightly higher priced.

But if you consider the value you get from the bike computers, what you pay is worth it.

Best Garmin Bike Computers

Best Garmin Bike Computers Reviewed!

Here are the best bike computers by Garmin for your consideration.

1. Garmin Edge 530 Performance Bike Computer

(Best Phone Paired Garmin Bike Computer)

The Garmin Edge 530 Performance Bike Computer is compatible with most smartphones for convenient usage.

This cycling computer supports Bluetooth, ANT+, and Wi-Fi, making it a superb wireless option.

It’s customizable with free apps and widgets from Connect IQ Store. Thus, you are not restricted to using its inbuilt applications.

Meanwhile, its battery has a 20-hour runtime but can hit 40 hours if you use the Garmin Charge Power Pack. That’s enough to last you an entire bike tour.

This cycling computer allows access to the world’s map, which means you can use it anywhere in the world.

Some of its outstanding capabilities includ:

  • Popularity routing (which helps you localize your route)
  • Performance monitoring (for tracking cycling stats)
  • Trail difficult rating

Furthermore, it comes with several safety functions, including bike alarm, lights, and group messaging.

Best Features

  • Phone paired
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ANT+ connectivity
  • Popularity routing
  • 20 hours battery runtime
  • Customizable with free apps
  • Performance tracking
  • Safety functions

2. Garmin Edge 830 Performance Bike Computer

(Best GPS Garmin Bike Computer)

The Garmin Edge 830 is another performance bike computer with impeccable GPS capability.

This cycling computer enjoys performance monitoring, popularity routing, and mapping (location identification) advantages like its sibling above.

It also has a 20-hour battery life but is extendable to 40 hours with a Charge Power Pack. It’s also paired with your smartphone and enabled with the world map to allow a worldwide view.

Its wireless capability encompasses Bluetooth, ANT+, and Wi-Fi support. The cycle computer is also customizable with free apps and can measure trail riding difficulty.

More importantly, it’s touchscreen-enabled, and the screen is easy to read even under low light.

Garmin edge 830

Best Features

  • GPS-enabled
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS
  • Customizable free apps
  • Phone-paired
  • Touchscreen
  • 20-hour battery runtime

3. Garmin Edge 130 Bike Computer

(Best Rugged Garmin Bike Computer)

The Garmin Edge 130 Bike Computer is a fabulous cycling computer built for rugged use.

Thanks to its simple but rugged design, this tiny computer can tolerate rough usage. That makes it a good choice for trail riding and general off-road use.

It features a crisp-clear 1.8-inch display that allows you to read cycling stats any time of the day. It’s GPS-enabled and has the world map installed to enable you to use it anywhere in the world.

Its battery life is 15 hours, which is okay for normal bike usage. Impressively, its GPS and other satellite technologies allow you to know how hard you cycle and where you are.

You’ll get smart notifications for the cycling performance, weather forecast, among other stats, with this bicycle computer.

Best Features

  • GPS-enabled
  • Worldwide map
  • 15-hour battery life
  • Easy-to-read 1.8-inch display
  • Smart notifications


1. Which Garmin Bike Computer Is Best?

Garmin makes different cycling computers for different target markets, but here are the ones that stand out:

1. Garmin Edge 530: Best Phone Paired Garmin Bike Computer

2. The Garmin Edge 830: Best GPS Garmin Bike Computer

3. Garmin Edge 130: Best Rugged Garmin Bike Computer

2. Is A Bike Computer Worth It?

A cycling computer is worth it as it allows you to track your cycling performance, schedule the routes, navigate easily, and notify others of your location. They also work even in wet conditions, and their data is reliable.

3. Is The Garmin 830 Worth It?

The Garmin Edge 830 has impressive mapping, popularity routing, and performance monitoring capability. You can count on it to locate where you are, navigate like a local, and track your cycling performance.

4. Is Garmin A Good Bike Brand?

Garmin is a reputable name in the bike computer world. Their cycling computers are reliable in performance, easy to use to track your cycling performance and enjoy a longer battery life.

5. How Does A Garmin Bike Computer Work?

Garmin Edge cycling computers have a built-in GPS that delivers to the screen real-time data about your location and cycling performance. They also employ mapping technology to help you plan for and follow a specific route.

In Conclusion, Is A Garmin Bike Computer Worth It?

Garmin cycling computers are what you pay for as they promise reliable results, longer battery life, and more integration.

You’ll get them at all price points. So, you only need to get an option that suits your pocket.