Is A Bike Bell A Requirement?

The need to keep cyclists safe has led to mandatory laws in the use of cycling accessories such as helmets and tail or front lights in some cities. This is especially true because preventable deaths from bicycle-related incidents have increased by 37% in the past ten years but is a bike bell a requirement?

A bike bell is not a universal requirement as states and countries make their own bike bell laws. It’s not illegal to ride a bicycle without a bell in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, states like New York, Georgia, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Indiana have compulsory bell laws.

While a bicycle will typically have a bell when you buy it, it may not be compulsory to keep it depending on where you live. It’s essential to know the laws, particularly if you plan to travel to different states with your bicycle.

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There are no federal laws that require cyclists to have bicycle bells. Therefore, when you ask yourself, “is a bike bell a legal requirement?” you have to look into the specific country, state, municipality, or locality to be sure.

Below is a breakdown of the bike bells laws in different areas.

1. The United States (USA)

Bike helmets are not a must in most states, and so cyclists can ride their bikes without them. However, if you live in New York, Georgia, Indiana, New Jersey, and South Carolina have created laws that require bicycles to have bells.

New York laws require your bike to have a bell or any other device that can generate an audible for a minimum of 100 feet. The case is similar in Georgia state and New Jersey.

Road codes in states like Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, and Montana require cyclists to give an audible warning when approaching other road users. The sound does not necessarily have to come from a bike bell.

A bike bell is not necessary for Ohio, but you can use one. However, you cannot whistle or use a siren.

In states like Florida, things get slightly complicated since while the State Road Code doesn’t make bells mandatory, you’ll need to mount rear and front lights and a horn or bell to ride in Orlando.

Bells were mandatory in Washington DC for 125 years up to 2013, but you can now cycle without bike bells since then.

2. The United Kingdom (UK)

It is not mandatory to use bike bells in the UK, but it’s recommended that you have one. All UK stores that sell bicycles have to install bells to them, but you choose whether to use them or not.

According to the Highway Code’s Rule 66, you have to notify other road users of your presence using a bell or other means.

Are bike bells mandatory

3. Other Countries

It is the law to have a bike bell in Northern Ireland, some states in Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and Australia.

Every bicycle in Ontario must be fitted with a gong, horn, or alarm bell that has to be kept in excellent working condition. Cyclists are expected to sound their bells to inform pedestrians of their presence when riding in Ontario.

Do I Need A Bell On My Bike?

Bike bells may not be mandatory in most places, but there are no laws against having one on your bicycle. Bottom line, unless it is a legal requirement, the choice to have one or not is ultimately yours.

However, a bike bell is safety equipment, so it makes sense to have one because it will improve your safety and other pedestrians. It is particularly vital to ding when making a sharp turn.

Some bells even generate different sounds for a right or left turn. The best part is it doesn’t cost much because bicycle bells are affordable, and installing one isn’t complicated as you only need to find an ideal area on the handlebar.

Are Bicycle Bells Rude?

Now that you know the legality of bike bells in your area, there’s one more thing you should consider. The truth is, that bicycle bell sound can be so annoying, especially when the cyclist rings it relentlessly.

Some people take offense to the ringing bell, so does that mean we stop using them? Bike bells help you avoid accidents by notifying pedestrians that you are behind them so they can let you pass.

You can use a bicycle bell without being a nuisance, ensuring that you only use it appropriately and not overring it. When using a bell, it would be best to ring it in advance to allow them to move out early.

You don’t have to ring your bell when alone on the road or when stationary. You also don’t have to do it when you need to overtake unless you deem it necessary.

When It comes to bicycle bell use, your judgment is quite important.

Do you legally need a bike bell


1. When Should I Ring My Bike Bell?

Ring your bicycle bell when you need to notify pedestrians and other road users of your presence to avoid running into them. You can also ding when you pass a vehicle that opens its door to the bicycle lane.

2. Is It Illegal To Sell A Bike Without A Bell?

It is illegal to sell bicycles without bells, so all new bikes sold must be fitted with bells. However, depending on the legal requirement in your location, you can choose to keep it or not once you have your bike.

3. Do You Need A Bell On A Bike UK?

You don’t need a bike bell to cycle in the UK, but you can choose to have it. A new bike comes with a bell, but it is up to you to keep or remove it.

4. Can You Ride A Bike Without A Bell?

You can ride a bike without a bell if you choose to, and the law allows. It is paramount to make sure you are not breaking any laws by cycling without a bell.

5. Why Should You Have A Bell On Your Bike?

You should have a bike bell because it makes you and others much safer when out cycling. Paths and roads are shared, and you can’t always anticipate other people walking or cycling, especially on a trail with sharp corners.

6. Is It Law To Have A Bike Bell?

It is the law to have a bike bell in some countries, states, and municipalities. Consequently, cyclists can cycle without bike bells in some areas without breaking any rules.

7. Is It Illegal Not To Have A Bell On Your Bike?

It is not illegal not to have bike bells in countries like the UK. Some states in the United States also don’t have bicycle bell laws.


So, is a bike bell a requirement? You may need to have a bicycle bell when cycling in specific countries and states. Due to the disparities in the laws, it is best to be informed about the ordinances and regulations.

Bike bells are practical, easy to install, and affordable. Thus, while they may not be mandatory to use, ringing your bell improves your safety.

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