How Much Does A Bike Tune Up Cost?

Bicycles require regular maintenance, what we call a tune-up, to perform at their optimal best. Unless you are handy, it’s advisable to take your bike for a tune-up at the nearest repair shop. So, how much does a bike tune up cost?

Basic bike tune-ups cost $60-$80, while standard tune-ups cost $100-$150, depending on the bike mechanic. An overhaul tune-up, however, costs over $150 or even up to $250 or more.

However, it’s worth noting that a basic tune-up is ideal for new bikes, while a standard tune-up suits regular riders. An overhaul, in contrast, is for bikes that have been excessively neglected.

I’ll explain all three options and what to expect after each. I’ll also offer you a quick DIY guide if you want to save on your performance bicycle tune up cost.

But first, what’s a bike tune-up? What does it consist of? Let’s answer that below.

how much does a bike tune up cost

What’s Bike Tune-Up? What Does A Bike Tune-Up Consist Of?

A bike tune-up refers to scheduled preventive servicing or maintenance of a bike. Often, it involves checking for wear, maladjustments, and faults.

If there is a problem with any part of your bike, you’ll likely recognize it during a tune-up.

Tune-ups are done to new bikes, those ridden regularly, and those seriously neglected.

So, what does a bike tune up near me consist of?

Overall, basic bike tune-ups involve the following:

  • Checking the tire pressure to ensure its level is correct
  • Checking and adjusting the brake pads and brake cables
  • Tuning the bike gears, where you adjust the gear cable adjuster
  • Inspecting the chain for wear
  • Cleaning the bike chain with an effective degreaser
  • Lubricating the drivetrain and its components
  • Tightening loose cables and replacing worn-out ones
  • Adjusting the headset
  • Adjusting the front and rear derailleur to ensure the shifting is smooth
  • Cleaning the frame and other bike hardware
  • Truing the bike wheel to ensure there are no bends
  • Tightening moving parts
  • Safety check

Note that bike tune-ups vary between bike shops. You can, however, expect to have the above services in most places when you go for a basic tune-up.

Types Of Tune-Ups and Their Costs

Generally, the cost of a bike tune-up depends on the level of service. That brings us to these three packages:

  • Basic/minimal tune-up
  • Standard/full tune-up
  • Complete overhaul

1. Basic or Minimal Bike Tuning Cost

Basic tune-ups are more of checkups and adjustments than servicing. So, you don’t expect to spend a lot.

In fact, you can do basic tune-ups yourself if you are handy.

So, how much is a bike tune up if it’s only basic servicing?

Overall, you can expect $60-$80 on a basic tune-up, depending on the bike mechanic that you approach.

Some of the services offered during a basic tune-up include:

  • Drivetrain adjustment
  • Brakes checkup and adjustment
  • Tire tread checkup and tire inflation
  • Wheel truing and spoke adjustment
  • Gear and bearing adjustment
  • Safety check
  • Bike fastening

Suitability – Basic tune-up is generally best for new bikes.

2. Standard or Full Bike Tune Up Cost

A standard tune-up is more detailed than a basic tune-up, and so it tends to cost more.

On average, a standard tune-up costs about $100-$150 in most places. 

The package involves the following:

  • Everything you get on a basic tune-up
  • Bike cleaning
  • Bike polishing
  • Drivetrain servicing
mountain bike tune up cost

Suitability –Overall, standard tune-ups are best for regularly ridden bikes.

3. Complete Overhaul Tune-Up Cost

An overhaul is the top-level servicing. Your bike will be stripped apart, checked, and fixed before being assembled.

There could also be a few replacements, which means you have to pay more.

So, how much does it cost for a bike tune up overhaul?

Most overhauls cost $150-$200, but you could pay more if there are more replacements.

Here are the services you get on an overhaul package:

  • Everything on a standard package
  • Deep cleaning
  • Complete lubrication of individual moving parts
  • Cable and bearing replacement

Suitability – Overhaul tune-ups suit seriously neglected bikes, especially those that are rusty and with failing parts.

Is A Bike Tune-Up Worth It? Why Should You Tune-Up Your Bicycle?

You are tuning up your bike to enable it to work at its level best. It’s during a tune-up that you can identify and fix a problem with the brakes, gears, drivetrain, or any other part.

Given that a tune-up involves lubricating moving parts, it becomes easy to prevent bike wear.

Tune-ups also involve thorough bicycle cleaning. In that case, you get rid of mud, grime, and anything else that could potentially wear down your bike.

A tune-up essentially allows you to recognize a problem with your bike at its infancy state and fix it before it can become massive and costlier to fix.

More importantly, a bike tune-up helps you lengthen your bike’s lifespan, and that saves you money in the long run. So, not only do you get a bike that’s performing at a higher level, but you also get the chance to ride it for years.

Now, is a bike tune-up worth it? Of course, yes.

Whether it’s a road bike or mountain bike tune up cost, it’s all worth it. Even though it cost you money, it saves you more in the long run.

performance bicycle tune up cost

How Often Should You Tune-Up Your Bicycle?

Logically, you need to tune up your bike more often if you are an aggressive or regular cyclist than you would do it if you only cycle on weekends.

Overall, it’s advisable to tune up your two-wheel at least once a year. However, you should do it at least twice a year if you are a pro rider, bike commuter, or fitness biker.

If you use your bike in a harsh environment such as rocky or mud trails, you’ve to tune up your bicycle two or more times a year.

Signs Your Bicycle Needs A Tune-Up

Should you wait for a year to tune up a bike? The answer is no!

There are several signs to watch out for that indicate your bike needs tuning up. They include the following:

  • A squeaking sound – If the brakes or any other part of the bike is squeaking when cycling, you should tune-up your bike. If you don’t, the affected part will wear down and eventually fail.
  • Hard brakes – If the brakes are hard to pull, even when the brake pads are okay, you should have someone check them. It could be a problem with the brake levers, and a standard tune-up can fix that.
  • Stiff gears – If you cannot shift the gears as smoothly like before, it shows a substantial problem, fixable with a tune-up.
  • Rusty parts – Rust is a sign of a neglected bike. Rust sucks, and it’s not just because it makes the cycle unsightly but also because it wears down the metal parts. So, take your bike for an overhaul tune-up if you identify extensive rust.
  • Visible muck – Though often neglected, too much dirt and grime are not good on the bike. Muck interferes with the drivetrain and other components. So, you have to clean it off, something doable with a tune-up.

Can I Tune Up My Bike? The DIY Option

Are you handy and want to save up on the bicycle tune up cost? Then consider doing it yourself.

So, yes, you can tune up your bike yourself.   

Here are the basic for DIY bike tune-ups:

  • Check the tire treads to ensure they are not worn out. If they are, replace the tires.
  • Then check the tire pressure. If it’s low, pump it up.
  • Clean up the bike frame to give your bike a refreshed look. You can apply Pedro Bike Lust Polish for the refreshed look
  • Adjust the handlebar, seat, and other adjustable bike parts.
  • Adjust the brake tension to ensure the brakes are not too tight or too loose.
  • Reposition the front and rear derailleur accordingly.
  • Check the brake pads to ensure they are not worn out. If they are, replace them, and if they aren’t, clean them.
  • Degrease and lubricate moving parts with an effective degreaser like the Finish Line Degreaser. The lubricant will prevent rust and wear.

How Long Does A Bike Tune-Up Take?

Overall, bike tune-ups take different durations depending on the level of service.

While a basic tune-up takes about 30-60 minutes to complete, it takes up to 2 hours to do a standard tune-up and much longer to do an overhaul tune-up.


Closing Thought:

So, how much does a bike tune up cost? As discussed, it cost about $60-$250 to tune up your bike depending on the level of servicing and the bike expert you approach.

But still, you can save money if you do the tune-up yourself.