How Fast Does A 1000w Electric Bike Go?

A 1000w motor is powerful and therefore expected to make an equally powerful and fast e-bike. But, how fast does a 1000w electric bike go?

A 1000w electric bike can hit a motor-assisted top speed of 25-30mph on a perfect load while carrying a minimum load. And if you pedal fast, you could get to 35mph.

So the road or terrain, load capacity, and pedaling power determine your overall top speed. Note, however, that there are other factors, which I’ll cover in this post.

I’ll also share how you can make a slower 1000w e-bike faster. That’s without doing a lot of modifications and staying within the confines of the law.

how fast will a 1000w electric bike go

In a rush? Below are some of the speediest 1000w e-bikes on the market:

Best 100W Electric Bikes On Amazon

1. ZPAO-ZP1000 Electric Bike: Motor-Assisted Top Speed of 25Mph

2. Sheng Milo MX025 E-Bike: Motor-Assisted Top Speed of 25Mph

3. Recon Ranger Power Bike: Motor-Assisted Top Speed of 30Mph

How Fast Does A 1000w Electric Bike Go?

Generally, 1000w electric bikes are powerful enough, which means they are naturally speedier.  They can also handle a reasonable load and allow you to pedal up and exceed the motor-assisted speed.

Generally, 1000w e-bikes have an average motor-assisted top speed of 25-30mph, as I mentioned. They, however, allow you to pedal and step up the pace to about 35mph, depending on the model.

For example, the ZPAO-ZP1000 Fat Tire Electric Bike comes with a motor-assisted top speed of 25mph, but you can hit 30mph if you pedal harder.

But once it comes to the Cryrusher XF650 Fat Tire E-Bike and Recon Ranger Power Bike, they all come with a motor-assisted top speed of 30mph, which you can extend to 35mph with quick pedaling.

E-bikes with a top speed of 25-35mph usually belong to the Class 3 type. In this class, the e-bikes come equipped with a reliable speedometer that assists you in reaching 28mph, and the assistance stops there.

So, the extra speed depends on your pedaling speed.

Ordinarily, 25-35mph is super-fast, so you are unlikely to hit such a height on a high-traffic or off-road road. You are only likely to get to such a speed on a highway.

You are also unlikely to hit the speed climbing as it’s likely to be more challenging. There’s also the law which you have to live by to avoid getting ticketed for breaking traffic laws.

To help you understand my argument, let’s look at the determining factors.

Factors That Determine A 1000w Electric Bike’s Top Speed

Usually, the primary speed determiner is the motor’s power. A powerful motor not only allows an e-bike to carry heavy loads but also hits top speed.

But since we are talking about a 1000w e-bike, you can only expect good speed and lots of power. But besides the motor, here are other speed influencers:

1. Rider’s Pedaling Power

The job of a motor is to assist you pedal. So, you are expected to pedal at some point, more so when you want to go fast. Usually, the faster you pedal, the quicker you are likely to go on an e-bike.

That also means that you are likelier to go downhill than uphill. Overall, that is critical when it comes to pedal-assist (pedelec) e-bikes.

2. Bike Load

Usually, it’s easy for an e-bike to reach its top speed when carrying a minimal load. E-bikes that hit 35mph typically do it when carrying not more than 200 pounds.

So, expect to go much slower when heavier, even if you haven’t surpassed the e-bikes load capacity.

An e-bike like the ZPAO-ZP1000 can comfortably hit a 28mph top speed when you keep the load under 180Kg (396.83 pounds). That makes it one of the speediest e-bikes for overweight guys.

How Fast Does An Electric Bike Go

3. Type of Terrain

E-bike manufacturers state their motor-assisted top speed with the assumption that you’ll be riding on smoother surfaces. So, it’s only on flatter ground that you can hit their suggested top speed.

Expect to go slower uphill and on rough terrains, even if it’s an e-bike. Expect to go even much slower when going through potholes and tighter spaces.

What’s more, you are likely to go slower on slippery roads, especially after a heavy downpour.

4. State’s Speed Limit

Though it’s possible to hit 25-35mph with most e-bikes, you cannot go beyond the state’s speed limit. For example, in the United States, most states expect you to run under 20mph on public roads.

In Europe, however, you are expected to run under 15.5mph in most public places.

5. Throttle Speed

While pedaling speeds up an e-bike, you don’t have to pedal always. That’s unless the e-bike lacks the throttle function.

Modern e-bikes come with a throttle, which allows you to ride them like scooters. Simply put, you don’t have to pedal to go faster.

In such a case, the e-bikes top speed depends on the throttle’s wattage and not your pedaling effort. For example, the Sheng Milo MX025 enjoys a 25mph top speed because of its throttle speed.

You’ll, however, go slower if you pick the pedal-assist mode only.

6. Wind

It’s easier to ride an e-bike faster when the wind is going towards your direction than against you. So, expect to hit 25-35mph quicker when capitalizing on the tailwind than the headwind.

Can You Make Your 1000w Electric Bike Faster?

The answer to this question is Yes. Yes, you can make your electric bike faster, and here are the hacks to try out.

a) Remain Charged Up

An electric bike’s battery runs dry after some time, and when it does, it won’t power the motor. So, you’ll have to pedal (with no assistance), thus slower physically.

So, save yourself the trouble by staying charged. Carry your charger with you to charge the battery mid-trip.

b) Upgrade the Battery

Instead of upgrading the motor, consider upgrading the battery instead. You can switch to a higher voltage.

For example, you can upgrade to 48V if your original battery was 36V.

It’s essential, however, that you check the controller’s rating before swapping the batteries. That’ll ensure you don’t overheat the controller when stepping up the voltage.

c) Switch to Smoother Or Slimmer Tires

You can make your electric bike pacier by replacing its knobby tires with smoother ones. You also don’t have to stick with thicker tires when you could go slim.

Overall, slimmer tires are more aerodynamic and even lighter, thus faster.

An option like the Schwalbe Marathon HS 420 (View on Amazon) is smoother, slimmer, and compatible with hybrid, urban, trail, fitness, and tour bikes.

How Fast Will A 1000w Electric Bike Go

You’ll get it in various sizes such as 700c, 26-inch, and 27.5-inch, among many others.

The best part is that they are puncture-protected, thus the best for everyday use.

How About Upgrading Your Electric Bike Motor?

Though it’s possible to upgrade your 1000w motor, it’s not recommended. The danger of doing that is that it could overheat.


1. How Fast Does An Electric Bike Go?

An electric bike’s speed primarily depends on the motor’s power and e-bike’s class.

Class 1 and 2 electric bikes have a 20mph motor-assisted top speed, while class 3 e-bikes have a 28mph motor-assisted top speed. Anything above that is dependent on your pedaling.

2. How Fast Will A 1000w Electric Bike Go?

On a perfect road, 1000w electric bikes can travel at a 25-35mph top speed, depending on your pedaling speed.

1000w e-bikes belong to class 3, which generally have a 28mph motor-assisted top speed. So, anything above that depends on your pedaling.

3. Is A 1000w Watt Bike Legal?

Different states have different laws governing the use of e-bikes. In California, for example, an e-bike qualifies as an electric bike and not a motorcycle if it has a power output of not more than 1000w and is incapable of going past 20mph.

4. How Fast Will A 2,000w Bike Go?

A 2000w bike is likely to hit a top speed of 40mph motor-assisted on smooth ground. You’ll, however, go much slower off-road, uphill, and on high-traffic roads.

5. Do I Need A License To Ride An Electric Bike?

You ordinarily don’t need a license to ride an electric bike in most places if the wattage rating is not more than 10000w and its top speed doesn’t surpass 15.5mph.

But if the top speed is over 15.5mph and the motor rating is over 1000w, you’ll need a license in some places.

6. Should I Get Insurance For My Electric Bike?

Some insurance companies treat e-bikes as motorcycles, necessitating you to take up an insurance cover. Others, however, treat them as regular bikes, which means you don’t need insurance.

Closing Thought: How Fast Does A 1000w Electric Bike Go?

Generally, a 1000w electric bike can easily hit 25-35mph depending on the road condition and your pedaling effort.

Note, however, that the amount of load, the throttle speed, wind, and your state’s speed limit also influence the top speed, as discussed.

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