13 Funny Bike Names of 2022 ?

If you are a diehard cyclist, you must have thought of personalizing your bike with your name. If so, you probably prefer funny bike names or something cheeky but don’t know where to start. 

Well, it all starts with an idea, and that’s where I come in. The idea can be anything as simple as a funny creature or city name or something as historical as a Greek god or a Marvel character. 

My goal is to inspire you with names that are funny but, more importantly, memorable, unique, and non-offensive. Even better, get a name that resonates with who you are as a cyclist.

Remember, it’s all about giving your bike an identity. So, you’ve to think things over. 

Let’s get started with the list!

bike names with meaning

Top Ideas for Funny Bike Names

Here are 13 creative naming ideas to get you started:

1. Greek God

If you are a devotee of Greek Mythology, then naming your bike after a Greek god can be sensational. For example, in reference to the god of the sky, the name Zeus is perfect for a sturdy and dominant bike. 

On the other hand, Aphrodite, referring to the goddess of beauty, befits an aesthetically pleasing bike. In contrast, in reference to the goddess of hunt and wild animals, Artemis is best for a trail bike. 

You can also go for Ares, the god of war, which suits a bicycle that’s always ready to take on challenges. 

2. Funny Creature 

There are so many funny animals, birds, and insect names that you can use to name your bike. 

Funny animals

A name like Dik-Dik, a small inexperienced antelope, is best for a beginner bike, especially a kids’ cycle, while the name Chicken Turtle is best for a rare model. 

You can also go for Aye, a name for a nocturnal animal if you primarily ride at night, or hellbender for a cool-looking bike. 

Funny bird 

Names like the Raven, Phoenix, Pegasus, and Hawk stand out in the birds’ category. Though the words may not sound funny to most people, they are pretty cool as they demonstrate your personality as a rider. 

For example, Raven is best for a majestic bicycle, while Phoenix is ideal for a timeless design. On the other hand, Pegasus befits a black or blue sleeker bike, while Hawk is appropriate for a cycle that always completes its courses. 

Funny insect 

You could also go for a funny insect name like Assassin Bug, Ambush Bug, Hercules Beetle, Burrowing Cockroach, or Tree Lobster. In such a case, the name may not be very symbolic but stirs curiosity from people, and most of them will likely find them funny. 

3. An Arsenal

Does your bike symbolize a special weapon for the outdoors? If so, you can name it after your favorite arsenal, and people may find it funny. 

Some funny names include Silver Bullet and Shotgun. While Silver Bullet befits a shiny aluminum bike, especially a fast one, Shotgun is appropriate for a speedy short-range bicycle. 

4. Superhero Character Funny Bicycle Names

Are you a marvel fanatic or just crazy about superhero movies? Then you cannot miss a funny superhero whose name you can use on the bike. 

Forget names like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, and think about options like Iron Man, Hulk, Supergirl, the Punisher, and Thor, to name a few. 

Iron Man, for example, is best for an indestructible and enduring bike like a cyclocross, while Hulk befits a limitless bicycle such as a fat-tire bike.

On the other hand, Supergirl is all about simplicity with a touch of elegance, befitting a modern women’s bike, while the Punisher is about brutality, befitting a BMX. 

Do you name your bike

5. Favorite Drink  

What’s your favorite drink? Does it have a cheeky vibe? If so, then use it. The name Tequila, for example, shows a spiced-up bicycle that is ready for anything, while Champagne befits an exquisite model. 

6. Funny Celebrity Names 

We all have celebrities who have made us laugh while growing up. The options are endless, from the iconic Mr. Bean to the sensational Kevin Hart and Jim Carrey. 

However, names like Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, the Rock, 50 Cent, Bow Wow, and Cardi B sound funny even though they have nothing to do with comedians. 

7. Funny Feeling

Your bike name can also express your feeling, though for a while. A name like Jumpiness demonstrates anxiety, while Spooky Dreams show you’ve undergone a creepy experience.

Meanwhile, deja vu shows you are experiencing something you have experienced before. On a positive note, names like Optimism and Delight give the impression of a feel-good feeling. 

8. Funny City Names (Also Best for Funny Bike Team Names)

Some cities have funny names that are catchy and memorable. In the U.S, for example, cities like Boring (in Oregon), Accident (in Maryland), Bacon (in Indiana), Chicken (in Alaska), Bowlegs (in Oklahoma), Ding Dong (in Texas), and Whynot (in North Carolina) sound funny.

After hearing such names, the last thing you expect is a city in the United States. 

Outside the U.S, names like Bulls (in New Zealand), Kill (in Ireland), Moosejaw (in Canada), and Ogre (in Latvia) also sound funny yet memorable. 

9. Bike Age

If your bike is less speedy or an old model that you rarely ride, you can name it according to its age or how slow it is. Here are some funky names to consider:

  • Wheelie Slow – Befits a bike that is naturally slow no matter how hard you pedal 
  • Rusty – Appropriate for a bike that is too old to ride, probably a collector’s bicycle
  • Two-Tired – Perfect for a bike that is too tired to go the extra mile
  • Cranky – Best for a bike that is always squealing/groaning when riding 
  • Couch Potato – Ideal for a cycle that rarely moves, probably because it’s too old to do it

Funny Bike Names According to Bike Type

10. Funny Road Bike Names

Road bikes are all about speed. So it makes sense to come up with a name that shouts ‘speed’ from a distance. It, however, doesn’t have to be just any name but a catchy one with a sense of funniness. 

Names like Jet, Gone, Bolt, Blaze, Godspeed, Blink, and Lightning, are all appropriate for a speedy bike like a road bike. You can also go for Podium if your road bike is always ahead of others in competitions. 

11. Funny Mountain Bike Names

Mountain bikes are all about strength, power, and dominance, and so you need a bike name that demonstrates all that. Cool ideas include Trailblazer, Speed Liner, Tornado, and Eliminator. 

The Trailblazer, for example, befits a trail conqueror, while the Speed Liner is best for a downhill MTB. On the other hand, Tornado suits an MTB that cannot be stopped, while Eliminator is best for an option that outmuscles others in strength or outpaces them in speed. 

bike name generator

Creative Bicycle Names According to Gender 

12. Girl Names for Bikes

Girl bike names are sexy, majestic, simple, and sweet-sounding. Here are some ideas to inspire you: 

  • Royalty – Think of something like Her Majesty, Ariel (underground princess), Leia (galaxy princess), or something catchy like Diana or the Empress.
  • Superhero – Go for a female superhero name such as Wonder Woman, Storm, Selina, Batgirl, She-Hulk, Wasp, Mera, Jean, or Mystique. 
  • Cheeky name – Consider a sassy name like Miss Trouble if you always end up in trouble when you go on a road trip or Karen when your bike is always shouting ‘maintenance.’
  • Favorite color – Go for a name like Velma if the bike has an orange shade, Pearl if it’s white, or Raven if it is black/dark.  

13. Funny Boy Names for Bikes

When it comes to boys’ bike names, consider something audacious like Rascal for a bike that is intimidating to ride or Mucker for a bike that you primarily ride on mud and dirt. 

You can also go for a shade like Black Olive if the frame is black, Alabaster if it’s white, or Crimson if it’s red. 

How to Name a Bike 

It’s not easy coming up with a funny name yet symbolic and unique. So, do some soul-searching and brainstorming, and below are tips to get you started: 

  • Consider the bike type 

Names for MTBs are pretty different from road bikes, commuter bikes, and BMX bikes. Road bikes, for example, need names that relate to speed, while MTBs and BMX bikes require names that paint dominance and endurance. 

  • Factor in the riding style 

Go for a bike that resonates with your riding style. For example, if you are a racer, the name should be about agility and speed, but if you are a trail rider, go for dominance and strength. 

  • Look at the frame color 

You can literally name your bike according to its color. If it’s black, names like Raven and Black Olive, as I shared earlier, are well-befitting. 

  • Make the name personal 

Nothing stops you from using your name or initials on your bike. You can make it as personal as you want. You can even use your nickname or brand name if that inspires you. 

  • Take advantage of online name generators 

If you cannot come up with a name for your bike, use a bike name generator. Your options include: 

Other tips

  • Opt for bike names with meaning
  • Don’t pick a name that’s offensive or provoking
  • Make it brief and catchy
  • It should be memorable
  • Ask friends about how it sounds
  • Let it represent who you are or what you do (your brand)

People Also Ask 

1. Do You Name Your Bike?

Not everyone names their bicycles. But for easy identification and personalization, it’s recommendable to do so. Besides, your bike name shouts what you want people to know about you as a cyclist. 

2. What Are Some Cool Bike Names?

Some of the coolest bike names relate to Greek Mythology, superhero characters, funny cities, and historical creatures. Overall, there are no limits for naming bikes, provided you aren’t offensive. 

3. What Is the Best Name for A Mountain Bike? 

Some of the best mountain bike names include: 

  • Trailblazer for a terrain conqueror 
  • Tornado for the unstoppable mountain bike 
  • Speed liner for the fastest downhiller 
  • Eliminator for the competitive MTB

Closing Thought: 

Now you know what funny bike names to go for when you want to give your bike an identity. After all, it helps in customizing your favorite two-wheeler. Just ensure the name is not only funny but also catchy, memorable, and not offensive. 

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