Does Hanging a Bike By the Wheel Damage It?

Owning a bike or two is breathtaking and thrilling at the same time. The biggest challenge to most bike owners is storing their bicycles properly. There are several ways of storing a bicycle, but does hanging a bike by the wheel damage it?

Hanging your bike by the wheel will not damage it if done well. Each spoke can withstand over 500 N of force. Hanging a 15 kg cycle by the rim places only a small amount of tension on the spokes next to the hook. This pressure is so minimal that dangling the bike by the wheel may not cause any damage.

Again, even the most experienced cyclists hang their bikes by the wheel. When you go to the bike stores, they also hang their bikes by the rim. This raises the need to clear the air about vertical storage of bicycles.

Does hanging bike by the wheel damage it? Wall mounted bike racks

Does Hanging a Bike by the Wheel Damage It? 

As we observed earlier, hanging the bike by the wheel places its weight on a small rim area, but it can withstand more.

Let’s look at this issue logically.

If a bike’s wheel can’t bear its weight which is about 15 kg, how can it possibly withstand your weight against the potholed pavement or uneven ground?

Generally, the bicycle wheels should carry the bike’s weight plus the rider’s weight of about 100kgs. Therefore, hanging your bike by the wheel shouldn’t damage it a bit. 

All the same, to store your bike safely, make sure you get rubberized hooks. These hooks are gentle to the rim at the point of contact. A good example is the DearyHome Bike Rack garage wall mount. 

The vertical storage bike hooks are ideal for indoor and outdoor storage. The sturdy stainless steel is rubberized to keep your rims safe.

Does Hanging a Bike by the Wheel Damage Hydraulic brakes?

When it comes to storing a bike with a hydraulic brake system, you need to be a bit careful.

 All the same, hanging a bike with a hydraulic braking system by the front wheel is perfectly fine.

Actually, storing the bike by the front wheel or on a level ground encourages any air bubble in the system to flow towards the master cylinder. 

On the other hand, most pro cyclists say it isn’t advisable to hand a bike with a hydraulic brake system by the rear wheel.

Doing so introduce air into the system, and you will need to bleed it before the subsequent use. Actually, you will realize that the brakes pull against the handlebar.

Does Hanging My Bike by the Wheel from the Ceiling Damage it

Does Hanging My Bike by the Wheel from the Ceiling Damage it?

Most people are used to hanging their bikes on wall studs, but ceiling mounts are equally a good option. If you have multiple bikes that you would like to store in your garage, wall mounts may not be the best option.

At times, this could be the only appropriate method for storing your bike, depending on the available space. Make sure the hook is low enough to allow you to grab the bike by the frame.

Hanging the bike by the wheel from the ceiling or on the wall is all about the available space. If you have no room on the wall, you can hang your bike from the ceiling. Just make sure the hook is screwed well into a rafter.

What Are the Best Ways to Hang a Bike? (Best Bike Storage)

No one wants to go tripping on bikes because the room is small and the outside is full of uncertainties? Well, let’s hang the bike in there. Here are some of the best ways to hang your bike.

1. Use Bike Hooks Hang Your Bike.

By now, it is clear that hanging a bike by the wheel doesn’t damage it. So, one of the easiest ways to hang your bike is by use of bike hooks.

Bike hooks will allow you to hang the bike by the wheels either perpendicular to the wall or from the ceiling.

A bike hook like the Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci bike hook comes with a rear-wheel tray that helps to keep your walls clean.

Best Bike Storage

2. Folding Bike Wall Mount Rack

Would you rather have your bike upright and running parallel to the wall? Well, no need to worry. Using a single-bike shelf, you can easily tuck your bike neatly, only handlebar wide from the wall. 

For example, the Delta Cycle Pablo Monet bike shelf will comfortably hold two bikes by their frames. The rack provides an excellent place to store up your helmet and riding gear. When the bikes are not on, the rack is foldable for safety.

2. Clug Bike Rack For Bike.

Last but not least, here comes the world’s smallest bike rack. At first sight, it is possible to despise the clug, but it does an excellent job.

All you need to do is fix the clug to the wall, pull your bike on its rear wheel and fix the front wheel into the clug. The back wheel has to remain grounded.

 The club is also ideal for cyclists who prefer storing their bikes upright in a riding position. You may consider going for Hornit Clug since they offer five different sizes, and it comes with all the necessary mounting hardware.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Bike Storage

When it comes to storing your bike, one method may not work for all. Therefore, here are some factors to consider when choosing how to store your bike.

  • Available Space

The most efficient bike storage is one that will take as little space as possible. Especially if you don’t have much room, a rack that will hang your bike vertically, perpendicular to the wall, or in a corner is the best.

Also, there are wall mounts that let you store your bike horizontally and parallel to the wall. This method takes little space from your living room. For a bike owner who likes keeping their bike upright, this rack is ideal. 

Bike owners with larger houses or garages can use more elaborate storage options.

  • Weight of the Bike

Are you considering mounting a storage rack on the wall or ceiling? Well, that ok, it will clear up some space on the ground. But have you considered how heavy your bike is? 

For lighter models, racks mounted higher may not be an issue. On the other hand, you need to mount the racks lower for heavier bikes to minimize the chances of getting hurt.  

  • Wheel Size

Make sure your chosen storage rack is compatible with your bike. Before carrying a stand or shipping it home, it is prudent to verify t that it can accommodate your tire’s thickness.

For example, a rack that works well for a mountain bike may not work with a Schwinn bike.

  • Your Bikes Safety

The other primary factor to consider when choosing how to store your bike is its security. Will your bike be in a place that other people can access? Well, then you need to secure it. Some wall mounts feature a lock for added security.

  • Floor and Wall Protection

If you keep your bike in the living room, you don’t want to end up with stained walls and floors. Therefore, go for bike storage racks with plastic housings that prevent the wheel from touching the walls or the floor.

Also, some racks have wide plates or extend outwards to help keep your house clean.

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Final Take

Does hanging a bike by the wheel damage it? We can now confidently say no!

According to the science behind the bicycle wheel, its weight can cause any harm to the wheels. The only exception is for the models that use hydraulic brake systems. 

To avoid bleeding the brake system every time you want to ride, storing bikes with hydraulic systems horizontal to the ground is better.