Diamondback Release 1 Review : Is This Mountain Bike Worth it?

Diamondback Bicycles is known for premium quality bikes and among them is the Diamondback Release 1. So, if you are interested in a premium quality mountain bike, then you’ll find this Diamondback Release 1 review helpful.

Let’s face it; you expect your mountain bike to be tough to take on the off-road. It should come with dual suspension (also known as full suspension) to guarantee a less bumpy ride.

And more, it should take on an array of terrains and should allow you to shift smoothly and ride faster whenever necessary.

Well, that irrefutably describes the Diamondback Release 1 Full Suspension Mountain Bike.

This mountain bike comes in an aluminum frame construction for a lightweight feel and enjoys bump-absorbing full suspension.

Its Shimano drivetrain with 10-speed shifters is exceptional when taking on the steeps, while its Shimano hydraulic brake system has unmatched stopping force.

And when it comes to its frame geometry, it suits both genders, and you’ll find the bike in an array of sizes.

That’s just a fraction of what Diamondback Release 1 promises, and I’m going to cover the details in this post. Hopefully, the information will help you decide if this MTB bike is worth getting or not.

Diamondback Release 1 Review

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Diamondback Release 1 Review – Bike Overview

BrandDiamondback Bicycles
Bike TypeMountain Bike
Bike SizeLarge (19-Inches)
Weight57.3 Pounds
Frame TypeAluminum
Wheel Size27.5 Inches
Speed Number10
Brake TypeShimano Hydraulic Disc
DrivetrainShimano Deere
ForkSR Sun Tour Anion

Who Is the Diamondback Release 1 Intended For?

Overall, Diamondback Release 1 is best for the following categories of cyclists:

  1. Regular mountain bikers – If you are an everyday mountain biker looking for a bike with dual suspension, powerful brakes, and reliable gears with shifters, Diamondback Release 1 is a must-get.
  2. Off-road sprinters – With Diamondback Release 1 coming with a 10-speed Shimano drivetrain and tubeless-compatible wheels, it’s one of the fastest off-roaders out there. You can count on its sprinting potential.
  3. Epic riders – Diamondback Release 1 is not just a perfect off-roader but the ideal bike for outdoor adventures. You can take any terrain with this mountain bike, making it the best for epic exploits.
  4. Commuters – Diamondback Release 1’s geometry and dull suspension make it comfortable over a long distance. Its speed is also decent, and it has fantastic shifters for taking long rides. Indeed, what else would you want as a commuter?

What Makes Diamondback Release 1 Mountain Bike A Must-Buy? Its Best Features

These seven features make Diamondback Release 1 a must-get by mountain bikers, epic riders, off-road sprinters, and commuters:

  1. Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Yes, the Diamondback Release 1 weight is 57.3 pounds, which may be slightly heavier than most mountain bikes. But overall, the weight is lighter.

Essentially, that’s due to its aluminum frame construction. The frame makes it comfortable to ride, thus beginner-friendly.

The other thing that the frame does is that it makes the bike portable. You can push the bike around and even carry it if you are physically strong. So, it’s best for guys who like going on road trips with their bikes.

Diamondback Release 1 for sale
  1. Full-Suspension

You expect your mountain bike to take on the climbs head-on, and that’s what you get from Diamondback Release 1.

This MTB features a 150mm SR Sun Tour Anion travel fork and a level-link suspension system that soaks up direct shock to give you a less bumpy ride.

With the full-suspension, you can even jump with the bike and still be okay. In addition to absorbing shock, the level-link suspension system promotes better traction, bike control, and balance.

  1. Powerful Shimano Drivetrain with 10-Speed Shifters

You need two things to overcome steeper and longer biking trails. First, you need a powerful drivetrain, and second, you need multispeed shifters.

Luckily, Diamondback Release 1 provides you with both. Its Shimano drivetrain with 10-speed shifters allows you to negotiate the climbs and speed up when necessary.

That enables you to take on just about any terrain

And More

  1. Reliable Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes

You need powerful brakes to easily control your cycling speed and bring the bike to a stop. That’s more important off-road as it’s where most brakes fail.

Fortunately for Diamondback Release 1 riders, the bike has powerful Shimano hydraulic brakes that you can count on all time. You wouldn’t have to worry about your brakes failing while cycling off-road.

  1. Wide Size Range

Diamondback Bicycles, the manufacturer behind this rugged mountain bike, has considered all riders in this bike. They provide a sizing chart for this bike that is as follows.

Bike Size Preferred Rider’s Height
Small (15.5”)5’4”-5’7”
Medium (17”)5’7”-5’10”
Large (19”)5’10”-6’2”
X-Large (21”)6’2”-6’6”

Note that the MTB I’m reviewing is a size 19 (large), which suits guys 5’10-6’2” tall. But still, the other sizes are available online.

You can use the above sizing chart to determine which Diamondback Release 1 for sale is best for you.

  1. Tubeless-Compatible 27.5-Inch Wheels

Diamondback Release 1 offers something that you rarely get on regular mountain bikes, and that is tubeless-compatibility. The bike’s wheels allow you to install tubeless tires to enjoy more traction and fast-rolling.

Plus, given that tubeless tires are lighter, you also enjoy an overall lightweight bike once you fit them.

And the fact that the wheels are 27.5-inches means they are larger than average, thus more robust and more stable.

  1. Comfortable Unisex Geometry

Diamondback Release 1 enjoys a classic mountain bike frame with flat bars. The frame enjoys a lengthy low-lying geometry that offers ample room to sit and ride the bike.

Therefore, the geometry makes the bike easy to ride by both genders.

Diamondback Release 1

Diamondback Release 1 Review – Pros and Cons

Pros – What I Like About Diamondback Release 1

  • It comes with full suspension, which means maximum direct shock absorption and a less bumpy ride
  • Its hydraulic disc brakes are always reliable in bringing the bike to a stop and controlling the speed
  • Its wheels are tubeless-compatible, strong, and extra stable
  • The mountain bike comes in four sizes to suit different cyclists, and it’s generally a unisex choice
  • Its Shimano Deere drivetrain with 10-speed shifters makes mountain biking fun and hassle-free
  • Diamondback Release 1 is generally lightweight
  • Its Shimano components are high-quality, thus durable
  • The bike is an all-terrain choice and enjoys more speed than the average MTB

Cons – What I Don’t Like About Diamondback Release 1

  • The frame lacks water bottle mounts, which you may have to buy and install if interested
  • At 57.3 pounds, this bike may be slightly heavy for some cyclists
  • The seat angle is not the best for descents

Diamondback Release 1 Alternatives

Two of the closest challengers of Diamondback Release 1 are also by Diamondback Bicycles, and they are:

There is a lot of resemblance between Diamondback Release 1 and the other two bikes (Diamondback Release 2 and 3). For example, all three cycles have full suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and tubeless-compatible wheels.

The primary difference is the speed, where Diamondback Release 1 has 10 speeds while Release 2 and Release 3 have 12 and 11 speeds, respectively.

Overall, even though Diamondback Release 1 has fewer speeds, it’s regarded by most people as the pioneer of the Diamondback Release bike line.

For that reason, most people identify Diamondback Release 1 as the best all-terrain mountain bike.

After all, it has the specs to prove that and has been in the market longer, which means more people have ridden it than its subsequent models.


1. Who Manufactures Diamondback Release 1?

Diamondback Release 1 is manufactured by Kinesis Industry, a Taiwan-based manufacturing company

2. How Many Gears Does The Diamondback Release 1 Have?

Diamondback Release 1 has 10 gears. But if you want more gears, go for either Diamondback Release 2 (which has 12 gears) or Diamondback Release 3 (which has 11 gears).

3. What’s Diamondback’s Return Policy?

Diamondback always prioritizes customer satisfaction. One way to show for it is by offering customers a 30-day return policy.

So, you can return an unused bike within the first 30 days of receiving it and get to claim a refund.

4. What’s The Recommended Rider’s Height For This Mountain Bike?

Diamondback Bicycles offer a sizing chart for all of their bikes, as shared below.

Bike Size Preferred Rider’s Height
Small (15.5”)5’4”-5’7”
Medium (17”)5’7”-5’10”
Large (19”)5’10”-6’2”
X-Large (21”)6’2”-6’6”

Relevant Post:

Should You Get Diamondback Release 1? The Verdict

Like every other mountain bike, Diamondback Release 1 has a few concerns, as expressed in this Diamondback Release 1 review. For instance, the seat is not the best for descending, and at 57.3 pounds, the bike is not the lightest on the market.

But still, it makes up for these shortcomings by offering you a robust, fast, comfortable, and easy-to-ride bike.

Its design makes it perfect for mountain bikers, epic cyclists, off-road splinters, and even commuters.   So, yes, you should get Diamondback Release 1 for the reasons I’ve mentioned.