Diamondback Cobra 24 Review : Unpacking All Features, Pros & Cons?

Diamondback 24 inch bike

The Diamondback Cobra 24 is one of the hottest kids’ mountain bikes out there. But still, there is little known about the bike specifics, and that’s where this Diamondback Cobra 24 review comes in.

As your boy approaches his teenage years, there couldn’t be a better gift for him than a fun-to-ride mountain bike. One such bike is Diamondback Cobra 24, which suits boys aged 8-12 years or those who are 5’3”-6’2” tall.

This 24-inch mountain bike by Diamondback Bicycles comes in a high-tensile steel frame and features robust 24-inch wheels to withstand the outdoor ruggedness.

Its geometry is perfect for off-road, and owing to its front suspension, your boy gets to experience a less bumpy ride.

Plus, its adjustable linear-pull brakes, cushioned saddle, and non-slip handlebar don’t disappoint either.

And thanks to the bike’s 21-speed drivetrain, conquering the hills is much easier, and your young adventurer can take head-on long trails.

Now, let’s get into the bike specifics.

Diamondback Cobra 24 Review

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Diamondback Cobra 24 Review – Bike Overview

BrandDiamond Bicycles
Bike TypeMountain Bike
Bike Size24 Inch
Frame TypeSteel
Wheel Size24 Inch
Bike Weight30 Pounds
No. Of Speed21
SuspensionFront Fork
Brake TypeLinear Pull
Rider’s Height5’3”-6’2”
Rider’s Age8-12 Years

Who Is Diamondback Cobra 24 Designed For?

Diamondback Cobra 24 comes in one size, 24-inch size, which generally suits boys who are 5’3”-6’2” tall. Such boys are usually within the 8-12 years age bracket.

Generally, the Diamondback kids bike is designed for the following groups of young cyclists:

  • Kids who are looking to have fun cycling off-road
  • Boys who have just outgrown bikes with trainer wheels
  • Young cyclists who are looking for more cycling experience
  • Entry-level cyclists aged 8-12 years

Why Should You Get the Diamondback Cobra 24 Mountain Bike? Best Features

Diamondback Cobra 24 is a fantastic mountain bike for boys because of these excellent features:

  1. Hi-Ten Steel Frame

Diamondback Bicycles, this bike’s manufacturer, chose a high-tensile steel frame to enable the MTB to withstand the outdoor ruggedness.

Its frame won’t bend or break easily, and more importantly, it won’t rust. So, you can expect your cyclist child to ride this bike for many years.

  1. Robust 24-Inch Wheels

Your boy is likely to encounter a lot of obstacles when riding off-road. Nonetheless, he doesn’t have to worry, and neither should you, as the bike comes with robust 24-inch wheels.

The fact that the wheels are robust means they easily roll over obstacles. The wheels won’t wobble and feature high-traction tires that will not slide.

Diamondback Cobra 24 Mountain Bike
  1. 21-Speed Shimano Tourney Drivetrain

Your young rider will need some speed to have more fun tackling dirt trails. Luckily, the Diamondback Cobra 24 Inch Bike provides him with that.

Its Shimano Tourney drivetrain offers him up to 21 gears to smoothly negotiate the climbs and long trails. So, your boy gets to shift smoothly regardless of the terrain.

  1. HL Zoom 40mm Front Fork

Your boy will need some cushioning against the bumps, and that’s only possible with an effective suspension system.

Diamondback Cobra 24 features a 40mm HL Zoom Front Fork that soaks up the bumps to alloy your young rider to have a less bumpy ride.

That’s more important when riding on rocky and root-hit trails.

More Features

  1. Linear Pull Brakes With Adjustable Levers

It takes powerful brakes to bring a mountain bike to a stop and control its speed. Well, with Diamondback Cobra 24’s linear-pull brakes, that’s possible.

Even better, the brakes come with adjustable rich levers that improve its control and safety.

Overall, its brakes are ever reliable and user-friendly.

  1. Comfortable Riding Geometry

A comfortable geometry is a must-consider by all cyclists. You wouldn’t want your kid to strain his back or neck when cycling, and that’s why the Diamondback Boys Cobra 24 Mountain Bike is a great choice.

Its frame is supported by an ergonomic handlebar and pedal platforms. In general, all the features improve your riding comfort.

  1. Non-Slip Pedals and Handlebar

The bike’s pedals come in a flat plastic construction that doesn’t slip off, thus safe for your young rider. Its handlebar, on the other hand, enjoys ample grip also to resist slipping off when cycling.

Overall, the pedals and handlebar improve the confidence of your young cyclist.

  1. Comfortable Saddle

There are two aspects of the bike’s saddle that you have to admire. One, the seat post is adjustable, which means you can position it in a manner that suits your young rider’s height.

Two, the saddle comes padded, which means it won’t press the young cyclist’s butt even when riding off-road.

Diamondback kids bike

Diamondback Cobra 24 Review – Pros and Cons

Pros – Things I Like About Diamondback Cobra 24

  • Strong and rust-proof hi-ten steel frame
  • Robust, obstacle-rolling wheels
  • Powerful multi-gear drivetrain
  • Bump-absorbing front fork suspension
  • Adjustable and ever-reliable linear-pull brakes
  • Comfortable geometry for big boys
  • Highly comfortable bike seat
  • Non-slippery handlebar and pedals
  • This Diamondback 24 inch bike uses high-quality and durable Shimano components

Cons – Things I Don’t Like About Diamondback Cobra 24

  • It doesn’t come with a kickstand, which can disappoint some kids
  • At 30 pounds, the bike might be slightly heavier for younger boys
  • The bike arrives partly assembled, which means you have to do the rest

Diamondback Cobra 24 Boys Mountain Bike Alternative – Diamondback Release 1

Overall, there are a few resemblances between Diamondback Cobra 24 and Diamondback Release 1.

For starters, both Diamondback boys bikes come with premium-quality Shimano components and multi-gears. The two bikes are a product by Diamondback Bicycles, thus highly reliable.

Size-wise, Diamondback Cobra 24 only comes in just one size (size 24), but Diamondback Release 1 comes in multiple sizes.

You’ll find Diamondback Release in size 15 (small), 17 (medium), and 19 (large) that suit boys of varying heights.

The other key difference is that Diamondback Cobra 24 has only a front suspension while Diamondback Release 1 enjoys full-suspension.

Here’s a comprehensive Diamondback Release 1 Review


1. How Heavy Is Diamondback Cobra 24?

Cobra 24 Diamondback weighs roughly 30 pounds. Overall, it’s slightly heavier than the average kids’ mountain bike, owing to its hi-ten steel frame and front suspension.

2. Does This Mountain Bike Come With A Kickstand?

Unfortunately, Diamondback Cobra 24 does not come with its kickstand. If your kid wants the accessory, then you’ll have to get it from the local bike shop or online and mount it.

3. Who Should Ride Diamondback Cobra 24?

Any kid, especially a boy who is 8-12 years, can ride this bike. In terms of height, the recommended rider’s height range is 5’3”-6’2”.

4. Can A 15-Year-Old Ride This Mountain Bike?

Ordinarily, this bike is meant for kids who are 8-12 years old. However, if your 15-year-old is not taller than 6’2”, then he can ride the bike.

5. Is the Diamondback 24 Inch Mountain Bike Easy To Assemble?

It depends on if you have prior assembling experience or not. If you have done it before, it should be a piece of cake as Diamondback Cobra 24 comes partly assembled, accompanied by an assembly manual.

But if you have no idea how to do it, take the bike to a local mechanic.

Diamondback boys bikes

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Should I Get Diamondback Cobra 24? The Verdict

Diamondback Bicycles, the MTB’s manufacturer, clearly took time to create a practical mountain bike for boys.

Yes, the bike is slightly heavy, doesn’t feature a kickstand, and comes partially assembled. But let’s face it; that’s nothing compared to what your young cyclist gets from it.

Diamondback Cobra 24 comes with premium quality components to serve your young cyclist longer. Additionally it’s comfortable to ride and can take head-on just about any terrain.

Overall, this Diamondback Cobra 24 review shows a fantastic bike for boys who haven’t reached their teenage years.

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