Diamondback Bikes Vs Giant Bikes Compared.?

Diamondback and Giant are undeniably two of the leading bike brands today. They are known for high-performing and high-quality cycles, making the Diamondback bikes vs Giant bikes battle hard.

The two bike brands differ primarily on the mode of selling and bike line. While Diamondback enjoys a much smaller bike line and primarily sells online, Giant offers bicycles in all categories and sells both online and offline.     

Of course, there are other minor differences between the two that you’ll discover in this post. Majorly, the differences are in price, assembly, and bike features.

This post will help you decide which of the two pace-setting bike brands suits you more.

Let’s get straight into the comparison.

Is Giant Or Diamondback Better

Diamondback Bikes Vs Giant Bikes: Side by Side Comparison

Here’s how the two bike brands compare:

1. Mode of Selling

Diamondback chiefly focuses on the online market. So, they sell their bikes online through their website and a few dealers and retailers.

Overall, they aim to reduce the number of intermediaries and make their bikes as affordable as possible.

Giant, in contrast, use both the online and offline (physical outlets) avenues to sell their bikes.

Giant bikes are available for purchase in more than 12,000 retail outlets in addition to online stores. The outlets allow you to see and touch the bikes and even try some of them.

2. Bike Line

This is probably where Giant beats Diamondback. Unlike Giant, Diamondback doesn’t offer a wide bike range. For example, they stopped making hybrid bikes and have delegated their BMX bike line to Raleigh.

So, they currently have a smaller bike line, which includes these major categories:

  • Mountain bikes (Hardtail and full-suspension)
  • Road bikes
  • City bikes
  • Gravel bikes
  • Triathlon bikes
  • E-bikes
  • Kids’ bikes

When it comes to Giant, they offer you all bike categories, which include the following:

  • Mountain bikes (hardtails, full-suspension, and electric options)
  • Road bikes (performance, racing, fitness, triathlon, city, hybrid, and electric road bikes)
  • Gravel bikes (cyclocross, adventure bikes, and electric bikes)
  • Kids bikes

So, you can get just about any bicycle on Giant, but your options are limited on Diamondback.

3. Diamondback Vs Giant Bike Price

Price-wise, there isn’t much to separate the two bike brands, especially when comparing their high-end options.

However, you’ll note that even though Diamondback sells high-end options, most of its bikes concentrate on the lower price end.

So, you are more likely to get a decent budget Diamondback than a Giant equivalent.

So, overall, the price difference between high-end and low-end Diamondback bikes is not so big. That’s, however, not the case with Giant.

The gap between the high-end and low-end Giant bikes is considerably big. That is because Diamondback only sells directly to consumers or through a few online dealers and retailers.

So, they have managed to reduce middlemen, and that makes most of their bikes affordable. So, the price has something to do with the mode of selling.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

You can get a Diamondback or Giant Hardtail for under $1000, but when it comes to their full suspension, you’ll get a Diamondback for about $5,000 and a Giant option for double that ($10,000) or more.  

So, the gap between the high-end and low-end Giant bikes is enormous.

Is Diamondback A Good Brand

4. Frame Warranty and Return Policy

Diamondback offers a lifetime warranty on its rigid frames, but you only get five years on its full-suspension bike frames.

Giant, in contrast, offers a lifetime warranty on all its bike frames apart from downhill options.

In terms of the return policy, Giant offers you up to 60 days from the time of purchase, while you only get 30 days to return a Diamondback bicycle.

In both cases, the bicycle should be unused and in good condition. More importantly, you must provide proof of purchase for the product to be accepted.

Overall, Giant edge Diamondback slightly, but there isn’t much to separate them.

5. Diamondback Vs Giant Bikes Assembly

While Diamondback offers instructions on doing the assembly, you have to do it yourself, which is never easy. So, you may have to hire someone, but that will also mean extra expense.

You don’t have such concerns with Giant, however, as the bikes come 100% assembled. So, they are ready to hop onto and ride.

6. Brand Quality

Though Diamondback is often criticized on bike forums by hardcore cyclists, it’s a decent bike brand. Their bikes are high-quality, featuring more robust frames and high-end components.

They are the go-to bike brand when you want a quality bike with a smaller pocket.

Giant is also about quality assurance, and that’s why they don’t receive much hate.

7. Bike Registration

Both Diamondback and Giant allow you to register your bike on their database after purchase for easy recovery if it gets stolen.

So, you get to locate its serial number, color, and model, among other details, alongside your contact information for easy tracking.

So, again, we can’t separate these two bike brands on this basis.

Giant Talon 1 Vs. Diamondback Overdrive 29 2

The Giant Talon 1 and Diamondback Overdrive 29 2 (Amazon link) are entry-level cross-country bikes, making the comparison relevant.

These XC bikes come at almost the same price and share several features like:

  • Aluminum frame
  • RockShox front suspension
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • 100mm front travel
  • Rigid seat post
  • Double-wall rims

But even though these two bikes closely resemble each other, they differ slightly in a few features. Talon 1, for example, only has ten gears (1X10) which is fewer than what you get from the Overdrive 29 2.

The Overdrive 292 offers you 18 speeds (2X9). So, you are more ready to conquer steeper terrains with Overhead 29 2 than Talon 1.

In terms of geometry, Talon enjoys a much longer wheelbase but a shorter standover height.

But overall, there is nothing much to separate the two cross country bikes, which only proves one thing.

That’s, choosing between the two models depends on personal preference.

Of course, you have to consider the price, assembly, and mode of selling as discussed.

Diamondback Bikes Vs Giant Bikes

So, Is Giant Or Diamondback Better?

Choosing between Giant and Diamondback depends on your budget, buying mode, and willingness to do the assembly.

Consider Diamondback if you are tight on a budget but do not mind completing the assembly at home.

But if you want a fully-assembled bike, preferably one that you can physically explore, go for Giant. You may, however, pay more, depending on the bike model you choose.

But other than that, it’s hard to separate the two bike brands according to their frame warranty, return policy, and brand quality, as the difference is negligible.


1. Is Diamondback A Good Brand?

Diamondback sells some of the highest quality, comfortable, and durable bikes at flexible prices. Most of their bikes are affordable but do not compromise on quality. So, Diamondback is a good brand.

2. Who Makes Diamondback Bike?

Regent L.P, a global equity firm that owns Redline and Manic bike lines, also owns Diamondback bikes.

3. Is Giant A Good Brand?

Giant is another leading bike brand known for quality and robust bicycles that cut across all price points. Their bikes use durable frames and high-end components to serve you longer.

Their mountain bikes are unrivaled in performance and build quality.

4. Is Diamondback A Good Kids’ Bike?

There are only a handful of Diamondback kids’ bikes, mainly targeting older kids, but they are all high quality. Diamondback doesn’t compromise comfort or performance as they are just as high-quality as their adult equivalents.

5. How Much Is A Diamondback Bike Worth?

Diamondback bicycles cut across all price ends. You can get a budget Diamondback bike under $500 and spend $2,000 or more on a high-end option.

6. How Many Gears Does A Giant Talon 3 Have?

The Giant Talon comes with 2X8 (16 speed) gears which allows you to tackle gradients that are not too steep.

7. Do They Still Make Diamondback Bikes?

Kinesis Industries, Taiwanese manufacture, currently makes Diamondback bikes. The only bikes they no longer make are hybrid bikes, while Raleigh Bikes handles the Diamondback BMX.

8. Are Diamondback Bikes Made In America?

Diamondback makes most of its bikes in Taiwan. It, however, has some of its biggest factories in China. So, no, Diamondback bikes are not made in America. There are only distribution centers in the U.S

Concluding Thoughts On Diamondback Bikes Vs Giant Bikes

Now you have a detailed side-by-side comparison between Diamondback and Giant bicycles. I hope you’ll find the information helpful in picking between the two.