Best Cruiser Bikes For Tall Guys Cycling ?

Cruiser bikes, commonly known as beach cruisers, are a fantastic choice for casual riding. And at 6 feet, there are several cruiser bikes for tall guys worth considering.

It’s worth noting, however, that not all beach cruisers stand up to the test. So, you have to find your fit to have a more comfortable ride.

To help you find your most comfortable beach cruisers, I’ll share with you a quick buying guide that I recently used.

But before that, we’ll look at what a cruiser bike is, what you can use it for, things that make it unique, and why you should get it.

cruiser bikes for tall guys

In a rush? Then check out the hottest beach cruisers for six-footers below: 

3 Best Cruiser Bikes For Tall Guys.

  1. Schwinn Wayfarer Beach Cruiser: Best Tall Classical Cruiser Bike
  2. Schwinn Mikko & Huron Cruiser: Best Tall Commuter Cruiser Bike
  3. Tracer Avalon Beach Cruiser Bike: Best Tall Fat Tire Cruiser Bike

What’s a Cruiser Bike?

As the name suggests, a cruiser bike is a bike designed for cruising, which means riding casually at a low speed.

These bikes are popularly known as beach cruisers because they were initially used to navigate the beach promenades. Nowadays, however, they are pretty popular on urban roads.

Beach cruisers typically adopt a retro style. You’ll find a majority of them with dual fenders, baskets, lights, among other accessories.

Others have matching handlebars grips and leather saddles. Additionally, they also feature large balloon tires, curved handlebars, oversized seats, and coaster brakes.

What’s a Cruiser Bike For?

Beach cruisers have an upright geometry, which allows you to ride head-ups and in a more relaxed way. The bikes are fun and easier to ride, especially when speed is not a priority.

As a result, they are best for:

  • Cruising the neighborhood
  • Running errands
  • Recreational cycling
  • Urban commuting
  • Beach cycling
  • Entry-level cycling
What’s a Cruiser Bike For

Cruiser Bikes’ Features: Things That Make Cruiser Bikes Unique

Cruiser bikes for tall people are unique in appearance and functionality, and it’s all down to the following:

  • Large frame – Beach cruisers average 40-50 pounds, and it’s primarily due to their larger bike frames. The frames are roomy enough to suit taller guys.
  • Oversized, cushioned saddle – Beach cruisers are comfort bikes, and that’s primarily due to their bigger and padded saddles. The seats mostly feature dual suspension, which absorbs road vibrations.
  • Large balloon tires – Beach cruisers have massive balloon tires that roll over sand, debris, and paved surfaces much more effortlessly. And since they are broader, they offer you more stability and absorb shock.
  • Raised cruiser-style handlebars – Their handlebars are taller and slightly bent towards you (swept-back) to allow you to sit upright and ride casually.
  • Lower gears – Most beach cruisers have just one gear, with only a few having more. Low gears make them suitable for pedaling on flatter roads, where shifting is not necessary.
  • Coaster brakes – Most beach bruisers feature pedal-backward coaster brakes as they are best for slow cycling.

Why Your Next Bike Should Be A Cruiser Bike For Tall Man

Here are the reasons why a beach cruiser is worth your money:

a. Upright Cycling

Beach cruisers have an upright cycling style. So, they don’t put too much pressure on the back or shoulders when cycling. As a result, it becomes more comfortable to ride long distances, albeit at a slower speed.

b. Comfortable Cruising

A beach cruiser allows you to run errands, tour the neighborhood, and join your kids for a fun ride in the park. Very few bikes can offer you such flexibility.

c. Stay Fit

Since there is a lot of pedaling with a beach cruiser, especially single-speed, there is no funnier way to keep fit than ride one. It’s the perfect way to stay healthy on vacation.

d. Short Distance Commuting

You don’t have to grab the bus or drive each time you want to go to school or work. If the road is smoother, you can hop onto your beach cruiser and ride there.

e. Perfect Entry Level Bike

Beginners need a bike with a simple drivetrain, and that’s what a beach cruiser is.

what is the best bike for a tall man

Buying Guide For The Best Cruiser Bicycles For Tall Guys

Let’s discuss the buying guide under two dimensions; size and features.

Bike Size

You cannot go wrong here as a tall person. You’ve to pick a cruiser bike that matches your height.

One way to do it is to look at the frame and compare its size with your height.

Don’t stop there, however, as the wheel size is equally important. So, consider it too.

Here is a table you can use:

Your Height Frame Size Wheel Size
Below 3’8”10 inches16 inch
3’8”-4’0”12 inches20 inch
4’0”-5’0”18 inches24 inch
5’0”-6’3”18 inches26 inch
6’3” PlusExtended26 inch

Bike Features

Consider the following:

  • Frame Type

Beach cruisers generally come with two frame styles; step-over and step-thru.

Step-thru frames curve downwards to reduce the stand-over height. As a result, they suit women cyclists more.

Step-over frames, in contrast, curve upwards, which means they have a more extended stand-over height that suits male cyclists more.

  • Frame Material

You usually have two options when it comes to the beach cruiser’s frame material. You can either go for a lightweight aluminum frame or a robust steel frame.

Aluminum offers you a lighter bike, while steel promises a stronger and more durable one.

  • Bike Speed

Most beach cruisers come in single-speed to suit flatter and smoother surfaces. However, a few others come geared (with 3, 7, or 21 speeds) to allow you to tackle light hills.

So, you have to choose between comfort (single-speed) and high-speed (geared bikes).

  • Saddle Comfort

Comfort is beach cruisers’ selling point, and one way they do it is through their oversize, cushioned saddles. So, ensure the saddle is wider enough and featuring soft cushioning, preferably gel.

And if it comes with dual suspension, that’ll be a huge advantage.

  • Brake Type

Though some beach cruisers feature disc brakes, the brakes usually are expensive to maintain and replace. So, go for coaster brakes if you prefer easy-to-maintain options and cheaper to replace.

best cruiser bikes for tall guys

Types of Cruiser Bikes for Tall Guys

Essentially, five primary types of cruiser bikes exist, and they include:

1. Classical Cruiser Bicycles for Tall Riders

Classical beach cruisers come in a retro style that reminds you of the 70s and 80s. They feature a single-speed drivetrain, mostly with only a few featuring more.

They also come with coaster brakes or linear-pull brakes and feature dual retro fenders and a rear rack for carrying a few stuff.

Plus, their seats match with grip, and they either feature a step-thru or step-over frame.

Maintenance-wise, these beach cruisers are the easiest and cheapest to service. Sadly, they cannot take on the hills as their capabilities are limited to flatter grounds.

One perfect example is the Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Beach Cruiser.

This beach cruiser suits guys who are 6’0”-6’3” tall. It comes with an 18-inch steel step-over or step-thru frame for convenient cycling.

Its 7-speed drivetrain allows you to take lighter wheels, and you get to ride upright, thanks to its swept-back handlebars.

Its accessories include full-wrap fenders and a rear rack.

2. Commuter Cruiser Bikes For Tall Riders

Commuter cruiser bikes are the modern version, which comes geared and mostly feature caliper brakes.

They also feature a few retro add-ons, such as a front basket, rear rack, and full-wrap fenders.

Overall, these cruiser bikes are best for everyday commuting. They are more comfortable riding around town and can take on lighter hills due to their geared drivetrains.

One such bike for tall guys is the Schwinn Mikko & Huron Beach Cruiser (Link to Amazon).

This bike generally suits 5’4”-6’2” tall guys, owing to its 17-inch step-over/step-thru frame and 26-inch wheels.

Its incredible swept-back handlebars let you cycle upright, while its linear-pull brakes offer crisp stopping.

This beach cruiser comes with a 1, 3, and 7-speed drivetrain and enjoys a robust dual suspension for vibration dampening effects.

which bike is best for tall person

3. Electric Cruiser Bikes for Tall Guys

Some cruiser bikes come with an electric motor that gives you the necessary pedaling assistance. As a result, the pedaling is seamless and fun.

Overall, these beach cruisers have the same features as the commuter options but with the advantage of a pedal-assist motor.

Like their siblings above, they are a perfect commuter choice. The difference is that they are speedier, making them the best for those who don’t like to pedal hard.

One such bike is the VIVI 350W Electric Cruiser Bike, which suits guys who are 5’1”6’3” tall.

Its 350W strong rear-hub motor and 36V 8Ah removable battery offer it a 44-50 mileage, which is impressive.

The cruiser bike comes with dual suspension for optimal bump cushioning and has a 7-speed drivetrain that offers you climbing power.

Besides, its dual disc brakes are equal to the task on all terrains.

4. Fat Tire Cruiser Bikes for Tall People

Some cruiser bikes come with extra-wide tires that we call fat tires that make it easy to ride off-road. The fat tires roll easily over sand, snow, and even mud.

These cruiser bikes maintain the other specs apart from the tires. So, expect them to come with upright swept-back handlebars, simple drivetrains, and large comfort saddles.

One such bike is the Tracer Avalon Beach Cruiser Bike, which suits 5’2”-6’4” tall guys.

This cruiser bike for tall riders comes in single-speed and 7-speed options.

It features 4-inch wide fat tires that seamlessly ride over obstacles and features a more robust step-over steel frame that encourages comfortable cycling.

Its coaster brakes give it exceptional stopping power while its extra-large spring seat absorbs bumps off-road.

The fat tires also improve your balance and cycling confidence.

which bike is suitable for tall person

5. Cruiser Trikes for Tall Guys

If you are not confident riding the traditional two-wheel, you can get yourself a cruiser tricycle. These beach cruisers come with three wheels to offer you more stability and control.

They are not the quickest, but they are among the most comfortable. You can, however, expect to pedal them harder.

Overall, the bikes are great for exercising.

A top recommendation here is the Mobo Triton Pro Beach Cruiser Trike.

This cruiser bicycle for tall man enjoys a recumbent design, which means you get to pedal while leaning backward. As a result, it suits tall guys with back issues more.

Pedaling this recumbent bike is a low-impact workout that enables you to keep fit while riding in a fun away.

It features a robust steel frame, powerful rim brakes, and a chainless design, which equals less maintenance.

You can expect it to hold up to 250 pounds, and it generally suits guys who are up to 6’3” tall.


1. What Size Cruiser Bike Is Right For My Height?

You have to match your height with the cruiser bike frame and wheel size. Here is a simple table to guide you.

Your Height Frame Size Wheel Size
Below 3’8”10 inches16 inch
3’8”-4’0”12 inches20 inch
4’0”-5’0”18 inches24 inch
5’0”-6’3”18 inches26 inch
6’3” PlusExtended26 inch

2. How Tall Should You Be For A 26-Inch Bike?

If you intend to ride a 26-inch beach cruiser or any other comfort bike, you need to be at least 5 feet tall. Overall, 26-inch guys suit guys who are 5-6 ft. tall.

Note, however, that their frame sizes vary between brands.

3. What Is The Best Bike For A Tall Man?

Here are the best cruiser bikes for a tall man:

  1. Schwinn Wayfarer Beach Cruiser: Best Tall Classical Cruiser Bike
  2. Schwinn Mikko & Huron Cruiser: Best Tall Commuter Cruiser Bike
  3. VIVI 350W Electric Cruiser Bike: Best Tall Electric Cruiser Bike
  4. Tracer Avalon Beach Cruiser Bike: Best Tall Fat Tire Cruiser Bike
  5. Mobo Triton Pro Cruiser Trike: Best Beach Tall Trike for Tall Guys

4. Is A Cruiser Bike God For Tall Riders?

Cruiser bikes come in all sizes to suit kids and adults of different heights. So, there are enough cruiser bikes for taller riders as there are for other riders.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, there are a handful of cruiser bikes for tall guys on the market. The only secret is to know your size and go after it. Don’t forget, however, to prioritize performance, comfort, and durability.