Can You Ride BMX in the Rain?

There’s no denying that no cyclist is as enviable as one who can ride in all weather, including the rain. And as a BMX rider, there’s nothing you want more than being able to ride in the rain and still be okay together with your bike. But can you ride BMX in the rain? 

Rainy conditions are neither the best nor the safest for BMXing. However, you can ride in slight drizzling conditions if you are well geared, are experienced riding in wet conditions, and your body is more enduring to such conditions. 

So, riding or not riding a BMX in the rain depends on the rain intensity, riding experience, and endurance. The more experienced in riding in wet conditions you are and the more enduring your body is under adverse weather, and the less intense the rains are, the likelier you can ride safely.

And, of course, the reverse is true. The less experienced and enduring you are, and the more intense the rains are, the unsafe it is to ride in the rain.

In the next two sections, let me touch on these factors more in detail.

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When Can You Ride BMX in The Rain?

Depending on the rain intensity, BMXing experience, and ability to endure harsh conditions, here are the scenarios you can ride a BMX bike:

1. During a Slight Drizzle 

The risk of getting wet and catching a cold is much lower when it’s only a slight drizzle. The roads are even less slippery, which means you can maneuver, depending on your experience level. 

You’ll probably only need to wear the right bike rain gear, which I’ll explain later; weatherproof your bike and slow down, and you’ll be okay.

2. When You Are More Experienced Riding in Wet Conditions 

Even a slight drizzle can be a challenge if you are not experienced riding in wet conditions. Remember, the roads are only likely to be slippery, thus riskier, and unless you skillfully maneuver the bike, you may have a problem riding it. Even worse, you could suffer an injury.

3. When You Can Endure Wet Conditions 

No human body is indestructible, which means we all can catch a cold when we get too wet. However, some people have better immunity than others. 

If your body can take a slight exposure to wetness, you can ride. But again, it depends on how you are layered. The more waterproof clothes you wear, the likelier you will endure the rain and continue biking.

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When Can’t You Ride A BMX in Rain? 

Again, the discussed factors (rain intensity, endurance, and rider experience) play a key role in determining when it’s unsafe to go BMXing. 

Generally, you shouldn’t go BMX biking under any of these conditions: 

1. During Heavy Downpour 

Don’t go BMXing during a heavy downpour, especially if it’s accompanied by a hailstorm, no matter how experienced you are. Even the thickest clothing layers won’t save you in such conditions. 

The roads are likely to slid more, and your bike brakes to be less responsive, not forgetting your body which may yield to cold and shivering.

2. During Thunder and Lightning

This is undeniably the most unsafe condition in which you can ever ride a BMX bike.

For example, the sound of a thunderstorm can frighten you and cause you to panic. Overall, thunder indicates an imminent heavy downpour that may last for a while. And if it’s accompanied by lightning, the risks are much higher.

Experts argue that metal objects attract lightning, and so, whenever you bike in the rain during a lightning phenomenon, you risk getting struck. Though it doesn’t happen often, it’s obviously a possibility.

3. When You Are Less Experienced Riding in Wet Conditions

Yes, there might be no thunder or lightning, and the rain may only be drizzling. That, however, doesn’t give you the license to go BMXing if you don’t have the experience of riding in wet conditions. 

If you do, you may have a hard time maneuvering the bike, given the slipperiness of the road and the unresponsiveness of the brakes.

4. When Your Body Cannot Endure 

Perhaps you are have the experience, and it’s only drizzling. However, you shouldn’t go BMXing if you have low immunity against cold and wetness or are just not geared up well to endure the harsh weather.

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Overall, it’s not about looking at only one condition, but all the three have to check to ride in the rain. To recap, you must be experienced riding in the rain, be more enduring, and only ride in drizzling conditions.

Let’s now talk about the risks of BMXing in the rain: 

Risks of Riding a BMX in the Rain 

Note that these risks don’t just apply to BMXing but cycling in general. You should avoid cycling in the rain because of these reasons: 

  • Cold – Rain will get you wet, and the wetter you become, the likelier you are to catch a cold.
  • Flat tire –  Rain washes flints, small metal objects, small stones, and other potentially sharp fragments on the road, and so the risk of rolling over them is higher.
  • Personal injury – Rain makes the riding surfaces slippery, and the more slippery the surfaces get, the less friction you enjoy. With less friction comes the risk of sliding off, falling, and hurting yourself.
  • Bike damage – It’s not just the tires that are likely to suffer when riding in the rains but the brakes and the metal surface too. The brakes will become less responsive as the metal surfaces may start rusting later.

How Can You Ride a BMX Safely in the Rain? 

As shared, riding in the rain poses risks to you and your bike. So, ordinarily, my advice would be not to go BMXing in the rain.

But what if you must ride, or you are just up for the thrill? If so, then you should follow the tips below:

Before the Ride

Here are the must-do before a ride to boost your safety: 

1. Gear up properly

Wearing the right rain gear is important in keeping you dry. For one, you should wear a waterproof jacket and pants. Alternatively, you can get a rain suit like the Alpha Cycle Gear Rain Suit (View on Amazon) which is available in all sizes. 

With it, you only need to get waterproof boots and a waterproof backpack to keep personal stuff dry. Don’t forget to rock a cycling helmet to protect your head and keep it dry.

But if you feel your helmet is not waterproof, consider covering it with a helmet cover such as the BTR High-Visibility Universal Helmet Cover (View on Amazon).

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Not only will the helmet cover protect your helmet from the rain, but it’ll also make you more visible.

2. Lower the tire pressure or switch to wider tires

It’s normally hard to control a bike with high-pressure tires. And since the riding surfaces are wet, consider reducing your tire pressure to give you more control. But if you can, switch to wider tires as they enjoy better stability and control.

3. Accessorize 

It’s not just about wearing the right gear but also properly accessorizing your BMX bike. You can do that by: 

  • Installing fenders to shield yourself from mud/water splashes
  • Installing bright wheel lights to improve your visibility 

During the Ride 

Embrace these riding tips in the course of your ride: 

  • Slow down – You are more likely to lose control when it’s raining. So, unless you slow down, you could easily fall off the bike and hurt yourself.
  • Avoid puddles and slippery surfaces – If you don’t want to lose control of the bike and fall off it, you should avoid them.

After the Ride 

Lastly, remember to apply these tips after BMXing in the rain: 

  • Take off the wet clothes – You must take off the wet clothes once you get home to avoid catching a cold. Remember, the wetness encourages bacteria breeding, so you should discourage it by changing your clothes.
  • Clean up the bike – Wet mud and raindrops can wet the bike’s metal surfaces and cause them to start rusting. So, it’s important to clean your bike, which you can do with soap and water or a powerful degreaser.
  • Dry up the bike – This is applicable if you opt for soap and water to clean the bike. If so, you have to get rid of the wetness to avoid rusting. 
  • Check for damages – Observe the tires, brakes, chain, and other parts for damages, before storing the bike away. If there are damages, then you should fix them. 
  • Lube up the bike – Lubing the cycle can help rust-protect it. For that reason, you should use a corrosion inhibition lubricant such as the WD-40 Specialist Bike Chain Lube
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People Also Ask 

1. Can BMX Bikes Get Wet?

All bikes can get wet, and BMX bicycles are no exception. For that reason, you should avoid BMXing in the rain. And in case the bike gets wet, you should dry it up to prevent rusting.

2. Can I Ride My Bike in The Rain?

It’s never a good idea to ride your bike in the rain as the roads are slippery, and the risk of losing control and injuring yourself is higher.

If you must, only do it when it’s lightly drizzling and you are well-geared up from top to bottom.

3. What Happens If You Leave Your Bike in The Rain? 

There is always the risk that your bike will become wet, and the metal surfaces may start to rust if you leave it in the rain. Also, the wetness can damage the brakes and other components. For that reason, you shouldn’t leave your bike in the rain.

4. Will My Bike Rust If I Ride It in The Rain?

Your bike may rust if you ride in the rain for long hours and fail to degrease, clean it up, and dry it properly. So, ensure you do that after riding in the rain. 

5. Is Cycling in The Rain Safe? 

Cycling in the rain is not safe. The roads are slippery, increasing the risk of falling and injuring oneself. Also, you could catch a cold from the wetness. 

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Can You Ride BMX in The Rain? Closing Remarks:

Though you can ride a BMX bike in the rain, it’s not a good idea. You could catch a cold, slip and fall, and expose your bike to rusting, among other risks. But if you must, only do it in slight drizzling conditions and when you can endure and are more experienced.