Best Bike Racks for Honda CRV for Road Adventurers?

If you are a passionate cyclist like me, you must like bringing your Honda CRV to your outdoor adventures. If that’s the case, then you’ll love the bike racks for Honda CRV that I’ll review.

Let’s face it; the last thing you would want is to carry your bike the wrong way and end up damaging your car. So, for the sake of protecting your CRV painting, you should mount your bicycle on a rack.

However, that’s not the only reason to invest in this special attachment. Most bike racks offer you extra carrier storage space to also carry your outdoor gear.

Furthermore, bringing your bike to your trip means you can cut down the fuel cost, given that you won’t have to drive all time. You can take out your bike to explore different places as your Honda CRV relaxes.

bike racks for Honda CRV

So, now, how do you find your Honda CRV bike rack?

I’m going to provide you with a buying guide for that, so don’t worry. But before that, let’s discuss the different types or styles of bike racks on the market.

In a hurry? Find my top recommended CRV bike racks below.

5 Best Bike Racks For Honda CRV

  1. Allen Sports 4-Bike 2 In. Rack (View on Amazon): Best Hanging Hitch Bike Rack
  2. KAC Overdrive Sports K2 Rack (View on Amazon) : Best Platform Hitch Bike Rack
  3. Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack (View on Amazon): Best Trunk Bike Rack
  4. Allen Sports 2-Bike Rack (View on Amazon): Best Spare Tire-Mounted Bike Rack
  5. Yakima-FrontLoader Bike Carrier (View on Amazon): Best Rooftop Bike Rack

Types (Or Styles) Of Bike Racks For Honda CRV

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire Rack

Usually, CRV bike racks come in four primary styles, depending on where they are mounted. They include:

  • Hitch-mounted bike racks
  • Trunk-mounted bike racks
  • Spare tire-mounted bike racks
  • Rooftop-mounted bike racks

1. Hitch-Mounted Bike Racks

Hitch bike racks, as the name suggests, are mounted on the CRV rear hitch. In that case, they allow you to offload your bike with minimal lifting.

Impressively, it’s not just the offloading that is hassle-free but the loading too.

The only challenge is that they make your CRV appear longer. What’s more, they can swing away from the car if not secure.

Overall, they are a decent choice. Depending on how you carry the bike, hitch racks come in two styles: hanging (mast-style) and platform (tray).

a) Hanging Hitch Racks

Hanging hitch racks come with an arm-like feature (a mast) that suspends the bike by its frame. The bicycle racks usually are compact, and some are strong enough to carry multiple bikes.

The only issue is that their design does not allow you to fit bikes of varying sizes and shapes. For example, they may not be ideal for kids’ bikes.

The other issue is that these CRV bike racks carry bikes close to the car’s body or close to each other. So, your bikes may scratch the car body.

Overall, however, the racks are cheaper than most and relatively lightweight. Plus, they offer you better ground clearance.

One such bike rack is the Allen Sports 4-Bike 2 Inc Hitch Rack.

About the Allen Sports 4-Bike 2 Hitch Rack

If you are looking for a family bike rack, few can beat the Allen Sports 4-Bike 2 Hitch Rack. With a 4-bike capacity and only weighing 23 pounds, this hitch rack is travel-friendly.

You’ll need to install 2-inch hitches to fit the rack, and everything else about the installation is straightforward.

The hitch rack comes with 22-inch foldable steel carry arms for holding the individual bikes.

And to ensure that the bicycles don’t wobble, the rack enjoys a patented tie-down system. It also comes with a no-wobble bolt that further secures it during installation.

Generally, this rack allows you to load your bikes with ease.

Hitch Bike Racks

Best Features

  • 22-inch foldable steel carry arms
  • 4-bike capacity
  • Tie-down cradles
  • No wobble bolt
  • Ease setup and bike loading

b) Platform Hitch Racks

Here, the bike rests on a tray-like platform instead of hanging. So, your bicycle won’t swing away, and that reduces the chances of damaging your CRV.

The design also reduces bike-to-bike contact, making the rack best for carrying two or more bikes of varying sizes and shapes.

Because of that, these bike racks for Honda CRV are costlier than their counterparts above. You can, however, expect them to carry the heaviest bikes because of their high-strength construction.

One such bike rack is the KAC Overdrive Sports K2 Hitch-Mounted Rack.

About the KAC Overdrive Sports K2 Hitch-Mounted Rack

The KAC Overdrive Sports K2 is designed for two-inch hitches and comes with a two-bike capacity.

Overall, this bike rack is super strong, given that it has a 60-pound capacity. So, you can carry two e-bikes, fat bikes, mountain bikes, or any other heavy-duty bikes.

The best part is that the bikes don’t sway or hit each other, thanks to the rack’s anti-wobble system.

Its quick-release tilt mechanism allows you to fold it when not in use, while its padded pads, hitch pins, and locking knob guarantee a secure lock.

Plus, there are rear reflectors for improved visibility. What’s more, the holding tray is adjustable to fit any bike size.

KAC Overdrive Sports K2

Best Features

  • Two-bike capacity (up to 60 pounds)
  • Adjustable platform
  • Anti-wobble system
  • Locking knob
  • Rear reflectors
  • Quick-release tilt

2. Trunk-Mounted Bike Racks

Trunk-mounted racks are fitted on the trunk or hatchback and secure the bike using adjustable straps. Overall, they are an economical choice as they don’t occupy much space.

Impressively, they can carry up to three bikes. The racks are also among the cheapest, and they are generally stress-free to dismount when not in use.

But given that they hang bikes by their top tubes, they are not ideal for transporting mountain bikes.

They are also not the most secure as the bike can move. You can, however, fit them on any car and not just Honda CRV.

One top recommendation is the Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack.

About the Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

The Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack comes with 12-inch steel carry arms that hold two bikes with a combined weight of up to 70 pounds.

Bikes are firmly secured on transit, thanks to the racks two patented tie-down cradles.

This rack comes with large car pads that distribute the bike’s weight on your car. So, you won’t have to worry about damaging your CRV finish.

Its patented quick-snap design allows you to set it up in seconds. Additionally, its carry arms enjoy a narrow profile for easy bike loading and offloading.

Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Best Features

  • 12-inch steel carry arms
  • 2-bike capacity (up to 70 pounds)
  • Tie-down cradles
  • Broad car pads
  • Quick-snap design

3. Spare Tire-Mounted Bike Racks

You can also mount a bike rack on your spare tire. This method allows you to haul one or two bikes, given that the bikes rest on the spare tire.

Overall, they are easy to install and remove and are relatively cheap. Their downside is their small capacity, as I mentioned. Also, they can stretch the length of your bike slightly.

But considering their advantages, they are a reasonable purchase.

One such Honda CRV bike rack is the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire Rack.

About the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire Rack

The Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire Rack is another two-bike carrier that you’ll love on your Honda CRV.

Though the bike rack only weighs 10 pounds, its 15-inch steel arms are strong enough to carry two heavy-duty bikes with a combined weight of up to 70 pounds.

The fact that the holding arms are 15 inches long means the bike can carry different bike styles and sizes. Plus, its carry arms have a narrow profile for easy bike loading and offloading.

Its patented design ensures that it carries your bike high and away from the car exhaust. Impressively, it has tie-down cradles that secure the cycle and prevent it from damaging your car.

And to support the weight of the tire, the bike rack enjoys an extra-wide bottom foot.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire Rack main

Best Features

  • 15-inch steel carry arms
  • Wide bottom foot
  • Tie-down cradles
  • Two-bike capacity (up to 70 pounds)
  • Patented design

4. Rooftop-Mounted Bike Racks

In case you prefer not to attach your bike rack on the spare tire, hitch, or trunk, consider fitting it on your CRV rooftop. The option is more stable to carry your bike upright and also provides you with extra storage for other stuff.

Rooftop racks are also budget-friendly. The primary issue is that you’ll have to lift your bike to the roof, which can be a handy job.

Also, these racks only have a one-bike capacity, which can limit people with more bikes.

But other than that, there isn’t much to worry about rooftop racks. Besides, you don’t require a trailer hitch to fit them.

One such bike rack is the Yakima-FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier.

About the Yakima-FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier

The Yakima-FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier comes with a one-bike capacity as expected.

It, however, allows you to carry just about any bike of up to 40 pounds. The bike, however, has to have a 20-29 inch wheel.

Though it’s a rooftop carrier, you can load your bike almost hassle-free. Since it holds the bike upright, its hauling is secure.

Of course, you’ll need a crossbar with a 16-48-inch spread.

This Honda CRV bike rack roof doesn’t allow the bike frame to touch the car, protecting your CRV’s finish.

You can get the Same Key Systems (SKS) locks (sold separately) to lock your bike on the rack.

Yakima-FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier

Best Features

  • One-bike capacity (up to 40 pounds)
  • SKS-compatible
  • It fits bikes with a 20-29-inch wheel
  • Easy loading
  • No-frame contact

Buying Considerations for the Best Bike Racks for Honda CRV

Bike racks are undeniably a considerable investment, which means you should get value for money. For that to happen, you’ve to consider these buying considerations:

  • Mounting Location

Choosing between the various bike rack types discussed above depends on how you plan to mount them on your Honda CRV.

If you prefer to carry your bike on the roof, you’ve to go for a rooftop rack. And if you want it on the spare tire, you should get a spare tire rack.

The same goes for the other types.

  • Ease Of Installation

Not all bike racks are easy to install. Some are more challenging than others.

Overall, trunk racks are the easiest to install as they don’t require any screwing. Hitch racks are relatively easy to install, though you’ll need to screw the hitch receiver.

You’ll also have an easy time installing a spare tire rack. And when it comes to the rooftop rack, the installation is slightly challenging as you’ll need first to fit a crossbar.

  • Number Of Bikes

How many bikes would you want to bring to your road trips? The answer to this question will help you pick an ideal bike rack for your CRV.

We’ve bike racks that can carry one, two, or even four bikes. Of course, the bigger the rack size, the costlier it’s likely to be.

  • Load Capacity

Given that Honda CRVs come with a 1500 hauling capacity, it should be easy to mount just any bike rack on it. And given that most bikes average 25-40 pounds, you can carry as many as you want.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider the rack’s load capacity. If you plan to carry two 30-pound bikes, for example, the bike rack for Honda CRV should bear at least 60 pounds.

And More about Bike Rack for Honda CRV

  • Locking Mechanism

For safety reasons, you have to consider the rack’s locking mechanism. Hitch racks typically have a built-in lock mechanism, while rooftop racks come with crossbar locks.

You’ll, however, find straps on most hitch and trunk racks for locking your bike in place. What’s important is that the locking system is in place, regardless of the mechanism.

  • Ease of Bike Loading and Offloading

Though you expect your rack to secure your bike on the CRV, it should also allow you to load and offload the cycle with ease.

In general, it would help if you didn’t struggle to mount or dismount your bike on the rack.

  • Folding Ability

Some bikes, especially hitch and trunk racks, are foldable to save on space. That’s more important when you have a small parking space. It also allows you to drive light when you are not carrying your bike.


1. Do I Need A Bike Rack For My Car?

A bike rack is primarily essential in carrying a bike securely on a car. It ensures the bike doesn’t fall or damage the vehicle on transit.

But given that most bike racks have huge carrying capacities, they can serve as your multi-storage carrier. You can bring your heavy gear alongside the bike on the bicycle rack.

2. Does Honda CRV Come With A Trailer Hitch?

Honda CRVs come with a 2-inch hitch with a 1500-pound towing capacity. However, if you plan to carry a bike or anything heavy more comfortably, you’ll need to invest in a bike rack.

3.  How Much Weight Can A Honda CRV Rooftop Rack Hold?

The roof rack of a Honda CRV can carry a maximum of 75Kg (165 pounds). So, you’ve to ensure you don’t exceed the weight limit.

4. Will A Bicycle Fit On A Honda CRV?

Provided you mount a bike rack on Honda CRV, you can carry a bike comfortably. However, the bike rack must bear the weight of the bike or bikes.

5. Can You Drive With An Empty Bike Rack?

You are required to remove a bike rack from your car when not in use in some states. In such places, it’s therefore illegal to drive with an empty rack.

That’s important when the rack blocks the vehicle’s license plate.

6. Do Bike Racks Damage My Car?

If a bike rack is not well-fitted on your car, yes, it can damage your vehicle. The bike may also damage your vehicle if it swings and rubs against the car’s body.

So, you must fit your bike securely in the car. While at it, ensure the bicycle doesn’t rub against the car’s body.

8. Why Are Bike Racks So Expensive?

Several factors impact the overall price of bike racks. Factors like material quality, rack capacity and size, and rack style hugely influence the price.

You can expect to pay more for a strong bike rack with a larger capacity.

Closing Thought:

Overall, bike racks for Honda CRV are a priceless purchase. They ensure you bring your bike to your outdoor trips in the most secure way.

So, you no longer have to leave your bike at home when exploring the outdoors on four-wheels. After all, nothing is funnier, like an adventure on both a four-wheel and a two-wheel.