is a chain tensioner necessary

Are Chain Tensioners Necessary?

Chain tensioners cost about $15-$25, which may not be much for most people, but if you are budget conscious like me, you’ve to wonder if they are worth it. So, …

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do i need a bell on my bike

Do I Need A Bell On My Bike?

Bike bells are no longer a fancy add-on that you only find on kids’ bikes. They are a safety feature that you can also fit on adult bikes. But you’ve …

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Are Giro bike helmets good

Are Giro Helmets Good Quality?

Since gracing the helmet manufacturing sector in 1985, Giro has been setting the pace and trend. The company is known to make helmets for all head sizes and cycling needs. …

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MIPS Vs WaveCel helmet

MIPS Vs WaveCel Helmet ?

A helmet can prevent a brain injury or reduce its severity. For that to happen, the helmet should employ the best Brain Protection System (BPS), and two of the leading …

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Tailgate bike pad review

Are Tailgate Pads Bad For Bikes?

When it comes to safe bike transportation, one name that pops out is ‘tailgate pad.’ But let’s face it; are tailgate pads bad for bikes? Are they worth it? Tailgate …

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