Cannondale R400 Review 2022: Unleashing its Best Features!?

Last produced by Cannondale in 2004, the Cannondale R400 is still one of the most coveted road bikes on the market. This Cannondale R400 review shall help you learn everything there is to know about this iconic racing two-wheel.  

You’ll discover what makes this road bike tick, from its physical specification to its sizing guide. You’ll also learn about the other side, the negatives, that concerns its buyers.

Overall, Cannondale R400 is a perfect representation of practicality and value. With the Cannondale no longer stocking the bike, the question is, ‘where do you get it?’

Well, I’ll show you exactly where to buy this road bike and how much.

How Much Is A Cannondale R400 Worth

Cannondale R400 Review – Table Overview

Bike TypeRoad bike/triathlon bike
Frame6061 T6 Aluminum
ColorsBlue, black, and teal
Original Release1993
Weight25 pounds
BrakesDelta brakes
SuspensionFull rigid
ShiftersShimano Dual control STI shifters
CranksetShimano Sora 30/42/52
Speed7-9 speeds
Wheel Size700c
HandlebarAluminum drop bar
TiresVictoria Action Hutchison Flash tires
RimsMavic Sun Metal Performance rims

About the Cannondale R400 Sport

Cannondale R400 is a road bike that also serves as a triathlon bike that Cannondale produced between 1993 and 2004. Though Cannondale no longer makes it, it doesn’t mean that the bike is no longer available for purchase.

You are likely to find the Cannondale R400 under $1000 in most stores, especially e-Bay and Craigslist.

Though most Americans are more familiar with the Triple Cannondale R400, the double option is more prevalent in Europe.

Overall, Cannondale R400 is a physical specimen built for speed and endurance. This bike’s tungsten gas-welded aluminum frame not only gives it a lighter weight but also makes it stiffer, thus more aggressive on-road.

Its 700c tires have fast-rolling advantages, while its 32-hole CFX rims with stainless steel spokes give it a stronger and more endurance presence.

Its Delta brake, Shimano Sora drivetrain, Wellgo pedals, and drop bars are exceptional.

Generally, Cannondale R400 comes in a wide frame size range from XX-small to XX-Large.

Cannondale R400 Road Bike Review

Who Should Get the Cannondale R400?

Anyone, experience notwithstanding, who is crazy about a fast road bike can get a Cannondale R400. You can use this road bike for racing and triathlon events, though not at the most advanced level because of its few low-end specs.

You can also use it for fast commuting and fitness cycling. But overall, this bike suits adults from 4 feet to 6 feet 6 tall.

Cannondale R400 Specs

Here are the features that set Cannondale R400 apart:

1. Frame and Fork

Cannondale R400 comes in a tungsten gas-welded 6061 T6 aluminum frame that is generally lightweight but, more importantly, stiffer and more robust. So, the frame promotes typically aggressive cycling and durability.

Overall, the initial factory frame paint was yellow or blue with a black and white logo.

The frame is strong enough to resist shock and allow you to go over bumps. That makes the frame reliable on-road and, more importantly, easier to maintain.

Though Cannondale R400 doesn’t come with a rear shock, it comes with a unicorn aluminum shock that makes it rigid. Generally, the rigid suspension makes it stiffer, thus suitable for racing.

2. Wheels

There is so much to commend about the Cannondale R400 wheels. For one, they come in a standard 700c size, which you can swap comfortably. Their 23-25 inch Hutchison Flash Tires give it a narrower profile, which is important when racing.

They generally roll smoothly to allow you to ride faster. Its Manic Mach 1 CFX 32-hole rims don’t disappoint either. They are pretty sturdy and feature 15-gauge stainless steel spokes that enhance their strength and sturdiness.

3. Brakes

Cannondale employs its own factory-made Delta brakes, which you control seamlessly using the Shimano STI dual-control levers. Though these brakes are not the most high-quality, they are pretty decent on-road.

4. Drivetrain

This is perhaps one area where Cannondale doesn’t employ the most high-end components. That’s if you consider that Sora ranks lower (but not lower than Claris) on the Shimano groupset hierarchy.

But for what you pay, it’s hard to complain about their 7-9 speed Shimano Dual control STI shifters and Shimano Sora 30/42/52 crankset. They generally allow you to shift smoothly.

Cannondale R400 Bike Review

Cannondale R400 Road Bike Review of Other Components

Other R400 components include:

a) Saddle and Seat Post

Cannondale R400 comes with a Selle Royale Viper saddle which is relatively narrow and thin as you expect from a racing road bike. The best part is that its accompanying seat post has a micro-adjust design to allow you to find your comfortable seat height and angle.

b) Pedals

The original Cannondale R400 comes with Wellgo clip pedals with straps to allow you to have a firm foothold and ride fast.

c) Handlebar

R400 comes with traditional Cinelli Altera drop handlebars that contribute to its aggressiveness and speed. Their aerodynamic shape offers you pedaling leverage to allow you to cut through the wind and ride faster.

Instead of sitting upright, you take a more forward-leaning position, giving you more momentum for riding aggressively fast.

d) Cannondale R400 Weight

Weighing approximately 25 pounds, which is pretty lightweight for a road bike or triathlon bike, you can count on Cannondale R400 for fast riding and maneuverability.

Primarily, its lighter weight is due to its rigid aluminum frame.

e) Cannondale R400 Price

Sadly, Cannondale doesn’t make Cannondale R400 anymore, which means the company no longer controls its price. However, you can get a new Cannondale R400 on Craigslist and eBay for about $500-$1,000.

Cannondale R400 Sport

Cannondale R400 Size

Cannondale R400 comes in 7 frame sizes to match different heights. Below is a table guide to help you find a Cannondale R400 that fits you.

Frame Size (Cm)Frame NameRider’s Height

Cannondale R400 Review – Pros and Cons


  • Strong build
  • Light frame
  • Pretty fast
  • Shock-absorbing frame
  • User-friendly gears
  • Great for on-road touring


  • Slightly uncomfortable seat
  • Slightly low-quality brakes

Is Cannondale R400 Worth It?

Cannondale R400 may not be the most advanced road bike, but that doesn’t make it a bad purchase. Yes, the brakes are not the most high-quality, and the seat is likelier to get uncomfortable, but those are things you can upgrade.

So, for what you are paying and the specs that come with the bike, it is reasonable to argue that this bike is worth it.

But overall, this bike is not worth it for advanced racers and triathlon cyclists. But if you are a mid-level or beginner triathlete or road racer, finding a good-condition Cannondale R400 makes sense.

You can count on its stiffer frame, drop bars, and quick-shift drivetrain for a smooth and fast on-road ride.

People Also Ask

1. How Much Is a Cannondale R400 Worth?

Sadly, Cannondale no longer makes the Cannondale R400, which means the company doesn’t dictate the market price. According to their condition and generation, you are more likely to get them on eBay or Craigslist at around $500-$1000.

2. Is Cannondale Worth the Money?

Cannondale bikes come with high-end specs that are pretty reliable performance-wise and durable. Moreover, the bikes are comfortable to ride and pretty user-friendly. Even though they cost more than some bike brands, they are worth it.

3. Does Giant make Cannondale Bikes?

Giant makes some bike frames for Cannondale and a few other brands. Cannondale, however, sources its components from different suppliers and assembles everything at its factories independently.  

4. Why Is Cannondale So Expensive?

Cannondale bikes come with lighter frames that are pretty expensive to make. They also employ high-end components and advanced designs, which makes them expensive.

Moreover, Cannondale makes the bikes in smaller volumes, which means the demand surpasses the supply, making them costlier.

5. Where Are Cannondale Bicycles Made?

Cannondale has its head office in Wilton, Connecticut, USA. Most of the bike frames, however, are made in Taiwan.

6. How Do I Know What Cannondale Frame I Have?

You can know the kind of Cannondale frame you have by looking at the serial number. Usually, the last digits of the serial numbers indicate the year of the frame manufacturing. For example, a serial number with the format 58020588132 shows the frame was made around 1988.  

7. Is Cannondale Going Out of Business?

In 2003, Cannondale filed for bankruptcy to protect the company’s assets from creditors. They, however, bounced back a few years later and are currently doing well financially. So, no, Cannondale is not going out of business.   

8. Are Cannondale Bikes Made in China?

Most Cannondale bike frames are made in Taiwan (the Republic of China) but not Mainland China. A few others, however, originate from Vietnam.   


Closing Thought on Cannondale R400 Review

Now you have all you should know about Cannondale R400. So, you can decide if you should get it or not. Overall, if you are looking for a decent entry-level or mid-level road or triathlon bike, you cannot go wrong with Cannondale R400. It has the build quality and the technical specs to give you a better road racing experience.