Best Biking Jeans For Serious Cyclists 2022 ?

Jeans, sometimes known as denim, are tough and comfortable. You will find the best biking jeans with unique features, unlike regular jeans.

They are durable, breathable, stretchable, sweat-wicking, and come thick enough to offer you utmost protection even in a crash.

Just like you are careful when purchasing other pieces of biking equipment like boots, gloves, and helmets, you should also do your research when shopping for biking jeans.

In today’s market, you will find different types of biking jeans from various manufacturers, and the options can be confusing.  I well understand the disappointment, and that’s the reason behind this buying guide.

I will provide you with features to look for when shopping for biking jeans, the types to consider, and the relevant sizing chart.

Let’s get started!

Best Biking Jeans

In a rush? Below are the best cycling jeans worth the money:

4 Best Biking Jeans (Cycling Jeans)

1. Levi Men’s 569 Straight Fit Jean: Best Straight Biking Jeans

2. Wrangler Authentics Relaxed Fit Jean: Best Relaxed-Fit Biking Jeans

3. True Religion Slim Fit Jean: Best Slim-Fit Biking Jeans

4. CLOTPUS Biker Moto Denim Jean: Best Tapered Biking Jeans

Buying Guide for the Best Biking Jeans

Before buying your next biking jeans, you should put the following into consideration:

a) Correct Fit

It’s elementary; you have first to know your size. Getting the size right will help you feel comfortable and safe, and you will have fun riding.

The main things you need to know are your waist size and leg length. You can use the standard tape measure to get the right waist circumference and even the leg length

Generally, you should measure the area above the hip bone but make sure you stand straight to get the size right. If you cannot do it yourself, ask a friend to take your measurement.

The standard leg length for women is 32 inches, while for men is 34 inches. But if you are a shorter male, you could consider the 32-inch option, but if you are taller than average, you can go for a 36-inch leg length or greater.

Overall, it’s essential to know how to read the size from the jeans label, which you’ll find on the waist edge.

For example, a women’s jeans label of W30/L41 means that the waist of the jeans is 30 inches while the leg length is 41 inches. So, the takeaway is that ‘W’ stands for waist size while ‘L’ stands for leg length.

Remember sizes may vary between different manufacturers, and that’s why I insist on knowing your waist size and leg length.

Overall, here is a general guide you can consider the next time you shop for jeans for cyclists thighs:

Waist Size (in inches)Jeans Length (in inches)

b) Durable Material

Biking is a vigorous exercise. So, look for biking jeans that can bear all the harshness and impacts.

Who would want a pair that gets damaged easily? I guess no one!

So, make it a priority to buy cycling jeans that come in durable material. Such options will serve you longer and are therefore worth the money.

One of the most durable materials is cotton, and most cycling jeans usually come with 90% cotton. So, consider that.

Besides, cotton is durable and has air-wicking properties, and insulates your body in humid conditions. And to top it all, cotton is hypoallergenic, thus gentle on skins with sensitivity.

Another decently durable jeans material is polyester. In addition to being durable, polyester feels comfortable.

jeans for cyclists thighs

c) Jeans Style

Your personal preference and fashion taste can help you find the best cycling jeans. Most cyclists prefer slim-fit or skinny jeans, but you can still go biking with relaxed-fit or straight profile options.

I’ll discuss all these options in the next section.

Fit and Stretch-ability

Biking jeans shouldn’t constrict you. That’s fundamental in cycling. If they do, then you’ll have an uncomfortable time on the bike. They should allow air circulation for maximum performance and flexibility.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not recommending baggy jeans that can quickly get caught by the bike chain due to their broad ankle area. No! I recommend a type that fits you correctly.

Again the piece that you consider buying should stretch modestly. At least it should be made of 2% Spandex. That’ll allow you to walk around comfortably.

Overall, you should not feel like the cycling jeans are holding your skin when damp. That applies to both bike jeans womens and men’s options.

d) Jeans Stitching and Weight

You should look for biking jeans with extra reinforcement on impact areas like the knees and between the legs.

It ensures that the jeans will serve you longer and won’t tear easily in case of a crash. Also, ensure they are thicker than the usual jeans to offer you some impact cushioning.

The standard riding jeans usually weigh 12 ounces. But if you want a weightier one, you should go for one weighing 14 ounces.

The thicker the jeans should be, the more impact protection they will offer you.

Types of Bike Jeans

Now that you are sure you want biking jeans for your cycling adventures, below are the types to consider:

1. Straight Biking Jeans

Also known as regular-fit jeans, straight cycling jeans are what the name suggests. These jeans usually appear straight from the knee to the ankle.

However, the thigh area is also loose, making it comfortable for biking adventures.

Straight-fit jeans enjoy a timeless look for easy matching with sneakers, boots, or just about any footwear.

You should note that even though they are straight, they are not baggy on the ankles. That’s the case with the Levi Men’s 569 Straight Fit Jean.

This cycling gear is 98.83% cotton, thus durable and machine-washable. Additionally, it’s breathable, making it comfortable to wear over long periods, especially under the scorching sun.

The jeans generally sit well on the waist and offer you extra room around your thigh area for better flexibility when cycling.

Are jeans good for biking

2. Relaxed-Fit Biking Jeans

Relaxed-fit jeans are looser than other types. Plus, it comes with numerous pockets that also make it appear roomier.   You can keep small items like keys, wallet, ID, cash, or phone with its pockets.

These jeans also have a wider leg area to encourage breathability when taking on physically-involving cycling adventures.

Meanwhile, their waistband stretches to offer you a more comfortable fit. Overall, these jeans are mostly cargo pants. The cargo jeans fall under this category as they have many storage pockets and an expandable waist.

But still, we’ve other regular jeans that have a relaxed fit, as it’s the case with the Wrangler Authentics Relaxed Fit Jean.

This man’s relaxed jeans come in all sizes to accommodate men of different heights. Their construction is generally 98% cotton and 2% spandex, making them breathable and stretchy. Furthermore, they come with five pockets to stash small items.

3. Slim-Fit Biking Jeans

Slim-fit jeans are the direct opposite of relaxed-fit jeans. They are slimmer from the knee to the ankle bone and generally enjoy a snug fit. That means you will not worry about them getting caught by the bike chain.

These jeans feel closer to your body, unlike other options, which helps keep you warm. Plus, they look stylish and mostly attract youth riders. They are among the best jeans for mountain biking.

One fantastic choice for guys is the True Religion Slim Fit Jean.

These biking jeans come in all sizes to fit riders of different ages and heights.

Since the fabric is 95% cotton, the jeans promise durability, breathability, comfort, and ease of wash. Moreover, it highly stretches to conform to your body shape.

4. Tapered Biking Jeans

These are the most stylish jeans in the biking world. They feel comfortable from the waist to the knee area but enjoy a narrow profile down the ankle.

That, however, doesn’t make them tighter, at least not as slim-fit options. As a result, they give you more room to flex and walk around comfortably.

Tapered jeans usually come with trendy zipper closure.

You can rock these tapered jeans with any shirt and sneakers, and you will be ready for your next ride.

One timeless example you can get is the CLOTPUS Biker Moto Denim Jean.

CLOTPUS Biker Moto Denim Jean

These tapered biking jeans are 90% cotton and 10% spandex, hence comfortable, breathable, and stretchable.  Plus, they come in dozens of color choices and generally have a rugged look.

People Also Ask

1. Are Jeans Good For Biking?

Not all jeans are suitable for biking. Regular jeans can be inflexible are not tough enough to take on aggressive use. There are, however, biking-specific jeans that you can get. Such options are breathable, stretchy, comfortable, and more impact-resistant.

2. Can You Ride A Bike With Jeans?

Yes, you can comfortably ride a bike with a pair of jeans. However, ensure you go for one with sweat-wicking properties and is durable and breathable. Moreover, they should be of the right fit and size not to constrict you when biking.

3. Are Jeans Good For MTB?

You can confidently ride your MTB with a pair of jeans. It all depends on the jeans type. If you want a better mountain biking experience, consider comfortable, well-fitting, and stronger options.

Simply put, they should be biking jeans. Regular jeans just won’t cut.

4. How Do I Know My Biking Jeans Size?

It takes the correct waist size and leg length to find the jeans size right. Such information usually is on the jeans size label, which you’ll find around the inner waist area.

If you are unsure about your waist and leg sizes, take a tape measure and measure everything.

Closing Thought

There you have it – a guide to the best biking jeans. If you are a fan of jeans and cycling, then it’s time you bring both worlds together, and it starts with getting the fitting cycling jeans.

Remember, it’s more important to get jeans that match your body size and ones that are durable, flexible, and comfortable to ride with. That’s what my top recommendations are all about.