Are Yeti Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Known for their iconic turquoise appearances and longstanding mountain biking heritage, Yeti Cycles has seen it all and conquered it all in the mountain biking sector. But still, most people cannot help but ask – are Yeti bikes good?

Yeti bikes are good because they are carbon-dependent and employ the most advanced suspensions. Carbon makes the frames lighter, stiffer, and more compliant, while their unique suspensions offer more pedaling leverage and better control.

Mark you, these bikes come in 4-5 frame sizes depending on the models, with options for women and youths. Moreover, they have impressive warranties and feature quality components.

Everything about these mountain bikes proves one thing – they are racing-oriented. No wonder the brand has dominated the enduro racing world over the years. Additionally, Yeti bikes undergo rigorous prototyping and testing to meet industrial requirements.

Let’s explain all these advantages next. But before we do, let’s talk about the history of Yeti Cycles.   

Is Yeti a good bike brand

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About Yeti Cycles

Yeti Cycles is a mountain bike manufacturer founded in 1985 in California by a former welder who turned bike designer John Parker. Having worked as a welder for Hollywood movie sets, Parker combined his welding prowess with his undying love for bikes, and that saw him become a very skilled and passionate bike designer.

His efforts would see him get inducted into the 1997 Hall of Fame. Yeti’s first world mountain biking championship was in 1990 in Durango, Colorado. Then, the company was known for Racing-Only models.

Things, however, didn’t go smoothly after the brand struggled financially. 1995 saw Schwinn, another leading bike brand, acquire ownership of Yeti Cycles, only to sell it to Volant, a ski company, in 1999.

That, however, was not the death of Yeti bicycles. In 2001, Chris Conroy and Steve Hoogendoorn, two trusted Yeti employees bought the company. Today, Conroy serves as the president as his partner Hoogendoorn is the current vice president.

Since taking ownership and overseeing the day-to-day operations of Yeti Cycles, the company reclaimed its reputation in the mountain bike world.   

How much is a Yeti bike

Are Yeti Bikes Good or Bad? (Are Yeti Bikes Worth The Money)

Let’s compare the good (reasons to get a Yeti bike) and the bad (the concerns) to help you decide if you should settle for the brand.

Why Yeti Bikes Are Good

Here are the general reasons why Yeti bicycles are good:

1. Carbon-Dependent

Yeti employs only carbon on its bike frames, making the bikes more high-end than those featuring steel and aluminum. Carbon gives the bikes a low weight, stiffness, and more compliance, qualities that make them better racers and climbers.

What is more, carbon is aesthetic, so the frames are generally appealing.

Note, however, that Yeti makes two types of carbon frames as follows:

  • TURQ Series – This series features the most high-end carbon frames, which are the most lightweight, thus the best racers. Due to their stiffness, you can count on the frame for compliance and aggressiveness.
  • C/Series – C/Series is a mid-range carbon frame series. The only difference between it and TURQ is that TURQ frames weigh at least 225g less than C/Series. C/Series’ slightly higher weight makes it somewhat more affordable than the TURQ series,

2. Advanced Suspension

Yeti is known for the ZeroLoss Technology, otherwise known as Linear Guide Suspension. In this suspension technology, a two-gliding pivot suspension receives the direct impact instead of the frame, and so you are guaranteed a less bumpy ride.

2012 saw Yeti introduce the Switch Technology, popular on their 2012-2014 models. Switch Technology is a dual-link suspension technology that employs a flexible eccentric mechanism that moves with the bike’s movement to promise a comfortable ride.

Yeti is famous for the Switch Infinity, a suspension technology they unveiled in 2014. Switch Infinity, which is present on dual-suspension models like SB130, SB140, and SB165, improves the MTBs rear axle path and offers you more pedaling leverage.

The technology generally tailors the bike’s suspension to your needs. So, it gives you a bottomless pit, which is essential when racing on a mountain bike.

Yeti also recently introduced Sixfinity, an EMTB-focused suspension that improves the speed and traction of their mountain bikes.

are yeti bikes worth the price

3. Quality Components

It’s not just the carbon frames that are high-end. Yeti also employ quality components on other parts of the bikes. For example, the manufacturer uses SRAM XX1 Eagle drivetrains and Fox factory forks on most MTBs to promise smooth shifting and adequate bump absorption, respectively.

The MTBs also feature quality, disc brakes, tires, and rims to take on all terrains.

Other top-quality specs include suspensions, seat posts, handles, chains, headsets, and handlebars.

4. Multiple Frame Sizes

It’s hard to miss a matching frame size for Yeti bicycles. That’s because all their frames come in five sizes, apart from a few with four. So, your job is to closely look at their frame size chart and pick a size depending on your height.

Here is a general frame size chart that Yeti recommends.

Frame SizeRider’s Height
X-Large6’1″ -6’7”

5. All-Inclusive Bikes

Contrary to what most users presume them to be, Yeti bikes are not men-specific. 2015 saw the manufacturer introduce a bike line with smaller frames and slightly shorter stand-over height.

Though the line was discontinued in 2019, the bikes are still in stock. So, until they are no more, Yeti bikes remain a good choice for women just as men.

Youths can also ride them as they are available from X-small to x-large.

why are yeti bikes so expensive

6. Lifetime Frame Warranties

Yeti covers all its bike frames (those manufactured from 2019) for life, including those employing Switch Infinity. The frames are warranted against damage and manufacturing defects as long as the original buyer owns the bike.

Bikes older than 2019, however, are covered by the previous warranty, where the coverage period was 2-5 years. So, things are much better now for the consumers.

7. Tried and Tested

Yeti has a state-of-the-art laboratory at their headquarters in Colorado, where they conceive concepts and develop designs to ensure they come up with practical prototypes.

That’s not all. The bikes go through a field testing phase where experience racers, employees, and brand ambassadors test them out and give their feedback.

This detailed process ensures the bikes are what the modern racer expects.

The Bad

Yeti is undoubtedly a fantastic mountain bike brand. The primary issue is that they are only a few selections. For example, the company only makes one hardtail, the Yeti ARC. So, if you are a hardtail diehard, you should settle for that.

The other issue is that most of these bikes are not beginner-friendly. Other than the ARC hardtail, the other bikes (full-suspension) are not beginner-friendly. They are best for experienced mountain bikes and elite racers.

Lastly, Yeti bikes are not the most affordable. Given their quality, you are likely to pay more for them, some more than $5,000.

who makes yeti bikes

But Are Yeti Bikes Worth the Price?  

Since most Yeti MTBs average over $5,000, they aren’t cheap. So, you’ve to wonder if they are affordable.

The fact that the frames are carbon fiber makes the bikes worth it as carbon is low-weight, stiffer, stable, and comfortable. The other thing is that these bikes employ advanced suspension and features top-tier specs.

So, yes, Yeti bicycles are worth it.

Yeti Bike Range (Yeti Mountain Bike Range)

When it comes to Yeti, were are not talking about any bike but mountain bikes. Generally, Yeti makes two mountain bike lines:

  • Yeti race bikes
  • Yeti RRP bikes

a) Yeti Race Bikes

Yeti race bikes target racers, especially those planning to compete in enduro racing and other forms of racing. Currently, the Yeti race bike lines feature these options:

  • SB150 – The best overall
  • Yeti 160E – best electric option
  • SB 115

b) Yeti RIP Bikes

Yeti RIP bikes target riders who are more playful and adventurers. So, they are best for trail riding, and the bike line features the following:

  • SB 165 – Best overall
  • Yeti Arc – Best Yeti hardtail
  • SB140
  • SB-130
are yeti bikes worth the money

People Also Ask

1. Is Yeti a Good Bike Brand?

Since its founding in 1988, Yeti has enjoyed the reputation of being a top mountain bike brand. It’s known for high-end carbon frames and innovative suspensions, making its mountain bikes better racers and even climbers.

2. Does Yeti Make Bikes?

Yes, Yeti still makes bikes, but their line of focus is the mountain bike. Yeti mostly makes full-suspension enduro racing mountain bikes.

3. Is Yeti Better Than Santa Cruz?

Both Yeti and Santa Cruz are mountain bike brands that target professional racers. Yeti’s Switch Infinity suspension makes it best for enduro racing, while Santa Cruz’s VPP (Virtual Pivot Point) makes it best for cross country racing.

4. How Much Is a Yeti Bike?

Most Yeti full-suspension bikes cost $5,000-$8,000. Some, however, cost up to $10,000-$13,000.

5. Where Is Yeti Bikes Made?

Yeti makes its carbon fiber bikes chiefly in Taiwan, but they assemble everything at their headquarters.

6. Are Yeti Mountain Bikes Good?

Yet mountain bikes are quality bikes. They feature high-quality carbon frames and high-end specs that make them trail-ready. Plus, they employ advanced suspension such as Switch Infinity, which gives you leverage off-road.

7. Who Makes Yeti Bikes?

Yeti bikes are made by Yeti Cycles, a manufacturer based in Colorado.

8. Why Are Yeti Bikes So Expensive?

Yeti bikes are expensive because they feature top-quality carbon frames, advanced suspension, and top-quality specs. The mountain bikes are proven performers that go through a vigorous prototyping process. You pay for that!

9. Are Yeti Bikes Worth the Money?

Yeti bikes are about low weight, advanced suspension, and quality specs. That’s what you pay for, making them worth the money. Furthermore, they come with lifetime frame warranties and undergo a detailed testing process.

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Are Yeti Bikes Good? Closing Thought!

Yeti bikes are good for serious mountain bikers, especially cross country racers. They are pretty lightweight and comfortable to ride, owing to their advanced suspensions.

And given that they come in multiple frames and features high-end specs, it’s irrefutable they are worth it.