Are Transition Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Not every bike manufacturer focuses on bikes that target aggressive ridders, but Transition Bicycles does. Since its founding, Transition Bicycles has targeted hardcore trail riders, which forces us to ask – are transition bikes good?

Transition bikes are good because they come in solid constructions to tolerate aggressive usage, feature sophisticated suspensions that promote riders’ comfort and natural confidence, and enjoy Speed-Balance Geometry (SBG) that promises low-speed agility, among other benefits.   

In addition to the three core advantages, Transition bikes come with a limited lifetime frame warranty, are available in multiple sizes, offer demonstration opportunities, and come in a long range. Plus, they enjoy better tire clearance.

The negatives are that these bikes don’t come cheap, don’t have a dedicated women’s line, and exist in fewer models.

Let’s review the brand in detail next. But before we do, let’s go through the brand history.

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  2. Transition Scout: Best Transition Trail Bike
  3. TR11: Best Transition Downhill Mountain Bike
  4. Transition Patrol: Best Transition Enduro Bike
  5. Transition PBJ: Best Transition Dirt Jumper
  6. Ripcord: Best Transition Kids Bike

About Transition Bicycles – Brand History

While working at T-Mobile in their early 200, colleagues and friends Kevin Menard and Kyle Young thought of starting something that would inspire them. That saw them launch, a company that reviews mountain bikes.

However, after realizing that wasn’t viable, they quickly decided to make bikes that target shredders (aggressive riders), and that’s how Transition Bicycles was born.

So, Kevin and Kyle founded Transition Bicycles in Washington State in late 2001. They, however, moved to Bellingham to get closer to the riding trails.

Today, Transition Bicycles make all kinds of mountain bikes – trail bikes, cross country bikes, enduro, dirt jumpers – you name it.

Why Transition Bikes Are Good

Generally, transition bikes are good because of these reasons:

1. Solid Constructions

Transition Bicycles invest in quality carbon and aluminum frames to ensure that its bikes handle aggressive usage. The frames won’ snap following rough riding and can tolerate huge weights.

Interestingly, the manufacturer employs frame protection technology that protects the most delicate frame parts, such as the seat stays and chainstays.

And when it comes to carrying loads, the bike frames feature gear-accessory mounts on the top tube underside that allows you to take a few goodies.  

The other impressive thing is the universal derailleur hanger which you find on most transition MTBs. The hanger generally protects the derailleur from chain jumps.

2. Sophisticated Suspensions

Transition MTBs are essentially innovative because of their suspension. The manufacturer employs sophisticated technologies to deliver the most reliable suspensions.

These technologies include:

All Transition bicycles nowadays feature Horst Link suspension, perfect for going uphill, ramps firmly, and does not bottom out on the final third travels.

· Giddy Up Suspension

Giddy Up is a modified horst-link suspension that offers you an intuitive ride feel. Overall, Giddy Up inspires confidence when riding uphill, taking steeper slopes, and navigating bumps.

It also improves your pedaling efficiency, balance, bump sensitivity, and comfort. Moreover, it gives a fun feel whenever you take on the trails.

· Pivot Technology

Pivot Technology is a bike innovation that improves the bike’s stiffness and handling to allow you to ride more confidently.

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3. Speed-Balance Geometry (SBG)

Transition Bicycles’ SBG ensures all bikes maintain low-speed agility regardless of the terrain and enjoy optimal front-wheel traction. The other thing that the geometry does is distribute your weight on the bike.

Other SBG benefits are riding confidence, more stability at high speed, and better control. SBG generally promises a slacker head tube and short front wheel to rider’s distance, and that’s how you can achieve the benefits I’ve mentioned.

4. Limited Lifetime Warranty

Since 2020, all Transition bikes have had a limited lifetime warranty for the frames. Those before 2020 only have a 3-year coverage. So, Transition Bicycles is doing better as they can now compete with Santa Cruz, Cannondale, and Specialized on the warranty front.

5. Multiple Frames

Transition Bicycles makes all its MTBs in multiple frame sizes to ensure they fit many people, sometimes even kids. Here’s a general Transition bike sizing table:

Frame SizeHeight (ft./Inch)Height (Cm)

Other Good Things About Transition Bikes

Here are other things that make Transition MTBs worth it:

· Good Tire Clearance

Since these MTBs are designed for the dustiest and muddiest roads, their tires have enough clearance to accommodate wider and massive tires. That allows you to improve their overall traction, stability, and handling.

· Demonstration Opportunities

One thing is for sure; Transition MTBs are not cheap. So, it’s good to be sure about what you are buying. Transition Bicycles offer you this rare opportunity by allowing you to sign up for their factory demonstration program and get to visit them and sample your preferred bike.

Though you pay $75 for the demonstration, the money is redeemable 100% once you buy a new Transition bike.

Who owns Transition bikes

· Long MTB Range

Transition Bicycles make nearly all kinds of mountain bikes. Their long lineup includes:

  • Cross country bikes
  • Trail bikes
  • Downhill mountain bikes
  • Enduro mountain bikes
  • Dirt jumpers
  • Kids’ mountain bikes
  • Hardtails (Currently archived)

The Bad

While Transition bikes come with many advantages, they have a few downsides shared below:

  • High Price – Transition bikes are not cheap. The cheapest mountain bike goes for about $2,000 while most average $4,000 and above.
  • Fewer Models – While Transition Bicycles make various mountain bike types, there aren’t many models for each of them. So, variety is a big concern for mountain bikers who like to compare lots of choices
  • No Women-Specific Line – While there is a kids-specific MTB line, the Ripcord, Transition Bicycles has no women-specific bike line. That, however, doesn’t mean there are no women Transition MTBs. You have to search carefully on their website.

Transition Bikes Review!

1. Are Transition Cross Country Bikes Good?

Transition Cross-Country (XC) bikes are generally lightweight and have a 100-130mm suspension travel range to encourage confident riding. Though they can race on less technical steeps, they are better suited downslope.   

Overall, these MTBs target long distances on less challenging terrains. That’s what the Transition Spur promises.

This XC bike comes with a 120mm travel suspension and 29-inch wheels to boss the outdoors. Moreover, it features top-end specs like SRAM groupsets, RockShox fork, and many others.

are transition bikes any good

2. Are Transition Trail Bikes Good?

Transition trail bikes bring together the words of cross country and enduro (discussed next). They are the ones to go for when you want a speedy bike like an XC bike to ride on technical terrains.

Though these bikes won’t go as fast as XC bikes or boss the technical slopes like enduro bikes, they’ll give you a taste of both.

They come in full suspension to guarantee optimum bump absorption, and the perfect choice is the Transition Scout.

This full-suspension trail bike comes equipped with fast-rolling 27.5-inch wheels, a lightweight carbon frame, reliable SRAM, and a Shimano groupset.

3. Are Transition Downhill Bikes Good?

Going downhill is not for the fainthearted, and you need the most robust downhill bike with a good suspension to do it, and that’s where Transition downhill bikes come in.

Their stable geometry and powerful suspension inspire confidence when riding downhill. Though they are the heaviest, their performance on the track is outstanding.

That’s what describes the Transition TR11. Its 200mm suspension travel, 22.5-inch wide wheels, and SRAM groupsets allow you to take just about any terrain.

4. Are Transitional Enduro Bikes Good?

Transition enduro bicycles promise you more suspension than trail MTBs, but they are not as extreme as the downhill options.

They have a larger wheelbase for extra stability and a slacker head tube for a more relaxed ride. So, you can confidently ride downslope thanks to the unique geometry.

Though they are heavier than their trail siblings, they are decent downslope and uphill.

Nothing fits the bill better than the Transition Patrol. It has an inspiring SBG geometry and build quality, making it ideal for enduro racing.

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5. Are Transition Dirt Jumpers Good?

Transition dirt jumpers are the closest thing you can get to a BMX. They marry the BMX’s flexibility and maneuverability with the MTB’s robustness and adaptiveness. So, these bikes are for those who like doing a few stunts on trail adventures.

Sadly, there is only one dirt jumper line by Transition Bicycles that we call PBJ. This dirt jumper comes with a 100mm front travel suspension and a relaxed geometry to offer you a fun-filled experience.

6. Are Transition Kids Bikes Good?

Transition Bicycles doesn’t leave the young adventurers behind. The bike manufacturer has a kids’ specific line, known as Ripcord, perfect for older kids. This 24-inch bike comes with a 100mm travel suspension for a confident and comfortable ride.

It features quality hydraulic brakes for crisp stopping and an 11-speed SRAM drivetrain for fast and efficient shifting. So, kids are likely to effortlessly transition to regular adult MTBs when riding Ripcord.

People Also Ask

1. Is Transition a Good Bike Brand?

Though Transition Bicycles is barely 20 years, its reputation in the mountain bike sector is outstanding. The bikes are known for their construction quality, innovative suspension, and Speed-Balance Geometry. Everything about them makes the brand highly reputable.

2. Are Transition Mountain Bikes Good?

Transition mountain bikes employ Speed-Balance Geometry to offer you agility and stability off-road. They also feature innovative suspensions such as Horst-Link, Giddy Up, and Pivot Technology, which inspire a confident ride.

The bikes are also easy to size and have a limited lifetime frame warranty. So, Transition mountain bikes are good.

3. Who Owns Transition Bikes?

Transition Bicycles is owned by Kevin Menard and Kyle Young, two former T-Mobile colleagues.

4. How Good Are Transition Bikes?

Transition bikes are the go-for options for aggressive riders. They come in robust build to tolerate aggressive roads and weather conditions and employ the most innovative suspensions to offer you a more confident ride.

5. Are Transition Bikes Made in The USA?

Yes, Transition bikes are made in the USA, particularly in Bellingham City.  

Are Transition Bikes Good? Closing Thought:

Transition bikes come in the strongest and most innovative design, outlined by sophisticated suspensions. You also enjoy suitable geometry, tire clearance, and a limited lifetime frame warranty. So, these MTBs are worth the money as they prove their hefty price tags with performance.