Are Tommaso Bikes Any Good?

Going by the philosophy ‘riding bikes make life better,‘ Denver-based Italian bike brand Tommaso is quite popular in the road bike sector. Besides road bikes, the brand stocks hybrids, adventure bikes, and MTBs. But are Tommaso bikes any good?

Tommaso bikes are pretty good in build quality, thanks to their innovative frame and Full-Shimano groupsets. These bikes also have massive load capacities other than the road bikes, come with decent warranties, and are available in multiple sizes.

And when you consider their prices, Tommaso bikes are reasonably priced, making them affordable. The best bit is that the manufacturer offers test-ride opportunities for each new cycle.

But overall, Tommaso is an entry and mid-range bike brand. Their bikes are for beginners and serious riders who want a cheaper option, not for competition but casual riding, training, or adventure.

It, however, doesn’t paint Tommaso as the perfect bike brand. As you’ll discover, the Italian brand has a few drawbacks, and I’ll share them with you.

But before that, let’s talk about Tommaso’s brand history.

is tommaso a good bike brand

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About Tommaso

Tommaso is an Italian bike manufacturer specializing in bikes, cycling shoes, and other gears. The company was established in 1985 in Italy as a road bike brand. It, however, moved to the U.S in the early 90s, establishing its head offices in Denver, Colorado.

Though the final bike assembly takes place at their headquarters in Colorado, the frame manufacturing takes place in Taiwan. While the original Tommaso bikes feature steel frames, the modern versions feature aluminum, carbon, and titanium.

Unlike most bike brands, Tommaso doesn’t include the year of manufacturing in the bikes’ name. This strategy allows them to improve existing models instead of coming up with newer models every year.

So, every modern Tommaso bicycle is the best version of the previous designs under the same family.

And even though Tommaso’s dominance is in the road bike sector, the manufacturer sells quality fitness hybrids, adventure bikes, and MTBs.

tommaso forcella endurance aluminum road bike

6 Reasons Tommaso Bikes Are Good

Essentially, Tommaso bicycles are good because of these reasons:

1. Quality Build

Tommaso bicycles are built to survive the harshest terrains and serve you longer. Their designs and overall constructions enable them to perform at a higher level even though they are only entry and mid-range bikes.

Primarily, that’s because of these two reasons:

  • Innovative Frame

Tommaso employs innovative frame technologies such as Flex-Eliminator System (FES) and Elite-Engineered Carbon Series (EES) to guarantee quality bicycle frames. These technologies promise firmer, more robust, fatigue-resistant, and durable frames.

  • Full-Shimano Groupset

Unlike most brands, Tommaso doesn’t mix groupset components. Instead, the manufacturer employs uniform Shimano groupset components all through – from the shifters and derailleurs to the brake calipers and brake levers. 

Because of this advantage, the bikes promise top performance and high value. Tommaso promises a decently-quality bike regardless of the Shimano class you settle for.

2. Good Load Capacities

Tommaso bikes demonstrate their strength in their load limits. Other than the road bikes with a 220-pound load limit, the other bikes have a higher carry capacity.

For example, Tommaso MTBs and hybrid bicycles have a 300-pound capacity while its adventure bikes hold 280 pounds max. So, if you are big-size, you are likely to get a Tommaso bicycle that can hold your weight apart from a road bike.

3. Decent Warranties

Tommaso promises value for money by offering decent warranties for its bike parts. The frame and fork, for instance, have a limited lifetime warranty, while the Shimano components have a 2-year policy. The wheels, however, have a 1-year warranty.

But with the fork and frame being the reference point, Tommaso bicycles’ strength is irrefutable, and so is their build quality. Remember, these bicycles are warranted against manufacturing defects but not against usage-related wear and tear.

4. Multiple Sizes

Finding a Tommaso bike that fits you is almost seamless as each model comes in multiple frames. Overall, Tommaso employs different sizing guides for its different bike categories, as shown below.

 XXS SizeX-SmallSmallMediumLargeX-Large
Road Bike4’9″ -5’2″5’2″ -5’6”5’6″ -5’8”5’8”-5’11”5’11”-6’2”6’2”-6’5”
Adventure Bike4’9”-5’2”5’2”-5’6”5’6”-5’8”5’8”-5’11”5’11”-6’2”6’2”-6’5”
Hybrid Bike4’9”-5’1”5’1”-5’4”5’4”-5’7”5’7”-5’10”5’10”-6’0”6’0”-6’3”
Mountain Bike5’5″ -5’9”5’9″ -5’11”6’0”-6’2”6’2”-6’5”

5. Test Rides

Tommaso offers new customers a 14-day test-ride policy that allows them to return the bikes within 14 days of riding them if they don’t measure up to expectations. This policy and the warranty policies show how confident Tommaso is in its bike quality, and that inspires consumers

6. Bike Affordability

Tommaso is an entry and mid-range bicycle brand. So, its bike prices are pretty reasonable. You can get an entry-level road bike, for example, for under $800, and a mid-range option for $900-$1200.

You are, however, likely to get a hybrid option for much cheaper, and you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or quality.

tommaso gravel road bike

The Bad

As good as Tommaso is, a few issues may concern you. They include:

  • Bike weight – Compared to high-end brands, Tommaso bikes are slightly heavy. Essentially, that’s because they mostly feature steel forks, which are weightier than carbon options.
  • Load capacity – This only applies to road bikes. Tommaso road bikes only have a 220-pound carry capacity. So they aren’t the best for big guys.
  • Bike upgrading – Tommaso bicycles are not high-end. They are only entry and mid-level choices. So, if you want to compete, you may have to upgrade some of the specs.

Tommaso Bike Range

Though Tommaso only began as a road bike brand, the manufacturer also makes hybrid bikes (mostly fitness hybrids), adventure/gravel bikes, and mountain bikes. That shows its diversity, and we will discuss all the ranges next.

Tommaso Bikes Review

Are Tommaso Road Bikes Any Good?

Tommaso specializes in endurance and sports performance road bikes, known for their comfortable geometries and endurance. These bikes are more about riding comfort than cycling speed.

Among its popular endurance road bikes are the Tommaso Monza, Tommaso Forcella, and Tommaso Imola  (View on Amazon). In contrast, its top-selling sports performance road bike is the Tommaso Fascino (View on Amazon).

The Tommaso Fascino Sport Performance Aluminum Road Bike is for the more experienced road cyclist who wants a budget road bike to train with and go on short tours.

The Tommaso Monza Endurance Aluminum Road Bike and the Tommaso Forcella Endurance Aluminum Road Bike, on the other hand, are for those who go on long road tours and occasionally go through a rough road.

However, the darling of this family is the Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike. This mid-range endurance road bike embodies comfort, speed, and performance. It’s perfect for competition and can take long tours.

It is overall a quality road bike for serious road bikers.

Are Tommaso Adventure Bikes Any Good?

While the Tommaso endurance road bikes can go off-road, they are not the best for such terrains. What you should go for instead is a Tommaso adventure bike.

Ideally, these are gravel bikes that are comfortable on-road and off-road, and unlike road bikes, they have more endurance and are adaptable to different terrains.

Some of Tommaso’s most popular gravel bikes include Tommaso Siena, Tommaso Sterrata, Tommaso Illimitate, and Tommaso Sentiero.

These adventure bikes come with a relaxed geometry for a comfortable ride, drop bars for speed and disc brakes for crisp stopping. They also have wide tires for maximum traction.

Overall, there is no better reference than the Tommaso Sterrata. This adventure bike has all it takes to take on all terrains – disc brakes, wide tires, vibration-dampening fork, 24 speeds, aluminum frame, 28-spoke rims – name it.

The Sterrata is also highly comfortable and enjoys unmatched power and dominance on-road and on-gravel.

who makes tommaso bikes

Are Tommaso Mountain Bikes Any Good?

While Tommaso is not a dominant mountain bike as it is a dominant road bike brand, its MTB bike, Tommaso Gran Sasso, is an excellent 29er. Gran Sasso is generally about outdoor dominance.

Its 29-inch wheels allow you to ride over just about anything on its path, while its double suspension promotes maximum comfort. Its 24-speed Shimano drivetrain, on the other hand, promises fast shifting and climbing power as its hydraulic disc brakes guarantee responsive braking.

Overall, this bike is not a beginner choice, and neither is it a competition-caliber. It’s, however, a suitable choice for serious mountain bikers in need of a budget full-suspension MTB for their casual trail exploits.

Gran Sasso doesn’t compromise on stability, comfort, or strength. Plus, it has a flexible geometry to suit men and women.

Are Tommaso Hybrid Bikes Any Good?

Tommaso mostly makes fitness hybrid bikes that are also perfect commuter bicycles. Some of its most popular styles as the Tommaso Forza, Tommaso Sorrento, and Tommaso La Forma.

The A-lister of this category, however, is the Tommaso La Forma. This aluminum-framed hybrid bike comes with a 27-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain that promises ease of riding, comfort, and adaptability.

It also enjoys an upright geometry which improves your overall cycling comfort. Generally, you can ride this hybrid bike for fitness, commuting, and fun.

Where Are Tommaso Bicycles Made

People Also Ask

1. Is Tommaso a Good Bike Brand?

Tommaso is a reputable road bike brand. Its endurance and sports road bikes are good quality, comfortable to ride, durable, and reliable, and come at reasonable prices.

Furthermore, Tommaso bike shoes are among the best on the market, elevating the bike’s reputation in the cycling sector.

2. Where Are Tommaso Bicycles Made?

While Tommaso’s head offices are in Denver, Colorado, the company makes its bike frames in Taiwan and then returns them to Colorado for the final assembly.

3. Do Tommaso Bikes Come with Pedals?

Yes, Tommaso bikes come with pedals, but most come unassembled. So, you’ve to assemble the pedals before riding, which may not be a big deal if you are handy.

4. How Much Does the Tommaso Imola Weigh?

Tommaso Imola (small frame) weighs 23.6 pounds, making it lightweight.

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Are Tommaso Bikes Any Good? Closing Thought:   

Tommaso bikes may be entry and mid-range bikes, but they are pretty good in build quality and performance. Provided you are not looking for a competition-tailored bike, you cannot go wrong with Tommaso. Its bikes are reliable and thus good value for money.