Are Savadeck Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Chinese bike manufacturer Savadeck is considered the dark horse in the two-wheel racing sector, having gatecrashed several bike shows worldwide. But how good are these bicycles? Are Savadeck bikes good for starters?

Savadeck bikes are good because they feature advanced carbon fiber frames, making them lightweight, strong, shock resistant, safe and aerodynamic. Moreover, these bikes employ advanced technologies like Lockable Suspension and Integrated Chainring that make them comfortable to ride.

And overall, Savadeck bicycles are good quality and easy to assemble. In terms of sizes, these cycles come in various options to accommodate just about anyone.

The only issue is that they are not best for heavyweight guys, have a shorter warranty, and it’s often hard to find some of their replacements.

So, they have a few drawbacks, which I’ll elaborate on later in this review. But first, let’s jump to Savadeck’s history.

Savadeck bikes review

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Brand History

Savadeck’s history dates to 2005, when Chinese pro cyclist Yang Yiwu toured Germany and got fascinated by the country’s professional craftsmanship and advanced bike technology.

Noticing the opportunity, he quickly assembled a creative team. While Savadeck was initially started in 2004 in Huizhou, China, it was only incorporated as a bike manufacturer in 2008 after earning approval from the team that Mr. Yiwu had assembled in 2005. 

2012 saw Mr. Yiwu moved by the rough treatment of several Chinese cyclists at the London Olympics. So, he decided to take Savadeck (originally SAVA) back to China to create more awareness about professional cycling.

The move stirred an earth-moving revolution heightened by massive sales and recognition of SAVA as a brand. 2014 saw the manufacturer build a carbon frame factory, and they are now on the verge of completing a titanium-alloy bike frame plant.

Today, Savadeck makes carbon mountain, road, folding, and gravel bikes, targeting pros and casual bikers.

Savadeck road bike

Why Are Savadeck Bikes Good?

Savadeck might be a young brand with a brief history, but it has achieved much success that most bike brands dream of relishing. Essentially, that’s because of these factors which make these bikes good:

1. Advanced Carbon Fiber Frames

You are most likely to notice the name carbon fiber in every Savadeck bike name. So, the obvious question is, why carbon fiber? Well, that is because carbon demonstrates these qualities:

  • Low weight – Savadeck bicycles are very light, and it’s generally because of the lightweight nature of carbon fiber. Most of these bikes weigh 26 – 28 pounds, which is impressive.
  • Strength – Carbon fiber might be lightweight, but that doesn’t make it vulnerable to breakage. Yes, carbon fiber frames can snap, but that’s when abused. Overall, carbon fiber is strong, making Savadeck bikes durable.
  • Shock resistance – Carbon fiber possesses a shock dampening effect which eliminates the need for shock absorbers. So, overall, carbon fiber makes Savadeck bicycles very comfortable to ride.
  • Safety – Carbon fiber frames feature several small independent fiber materials. So, when one breaks, it doesn’t affect the structural integrity of others, and that makes the frame safer to use.
  • Aerodynamics – Carbon fiber frames are more aerodynamic, enabling you to ride against the wind comfortably. That clarifies why Savadeck bicycles are popular among racers.

2. Advanced Bike Technologies

Savadeck employs several technologies on their bikes, but we are going to pinpoint these two:

Lockable Air Suspension Fork

Lockable Air Suspension Fork is a fine-tuning suspension technology that Savadeck uses on its mountain bike to save on the rider’s energy.

The technology allows you to lock the front suspension when changing terrains. It hardens the suspension fork making it easy to continue riding without putting so much pedaling effort. As a result, it promotes comfort and safety when taking on challenging terrains.

Integrated Chainring

The Integrated Chainring is a Savadeck road bike technology that makes the bike chain lighter and stress-resistant and saves you from pedaling hard.

So, it protects the chain and boosts your riding comfort, making Savadeck bikes a good choice for competitive racing.

3. Good Quality Bikes

Though Savadeck has a long way to catch up with the likes of Cannondale, Pinarello, and Trek, its bikes, especially MTBs, road bikes, and gravel bikes, are as high-end as they can be.

The bikes have so many good quality specs that make them worth it. Here are the notable ones:

  • Sturdy frames – The carbon fiber frames are not just lightweight but also sturdier to bear brutal riding.
  • Firm suspension – The bikes also come with carbon fiber suspension forks that effectively dampen vibrations.
  • Quality disc brakes – Savadeck bicycles come with disc brakes which are not just stronger but more reliable in all weather.
  • Shimano drivetrain – Savadeck partners with Shimano, who supplies them with the most top-tier groupset, thus quality
  • Stab-resistant tires – This applies to Sava MTBs. The bikes feature wider stab-resistant tires that resist puncturing when riding on unkind/rugged terrains.
  • PROPALM rubber handgrips – SAVA road bikes feature PROPALM rubber hand grips that absorb shock and protect your wrist.
Are Savadeck Mountain Bikes Good

4. Easy Assembly 

Savadeck bicycles usually come 90% assembled, and you only need to complete the remaining 10%, which you can do with ease.

Overall, it will take you 20-30 minutes to complete the assembly, and you don’t have to worry about the assembly tools as they come packaged.

5. Size Variety

Savadeck bikes come in various frame sizes, making them suitable for various riders. You’ll at least get the MTBs, road bikes, and gravel bikes in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes, as shown in the table below:

Frame SizeRoad BikeGravel BikeMountain Bike
X-Small4’9″ -5’1”
X-Large5’10” -6’0”6’0”-6’4”6’1”-6’5”
XX-Large6’0″ -6’2”+

The Drawbacks

While the advantages of the bike are refutable, they suffer a few setbacks that are as follows:

  • Not ideal for huge weights – Though carbon fiber makes the bikes stronger, they are not strong enough to hold 300 plus pounds.
  • Shorter warranty – SAVA bicycles only come with a 2-year warranty, and the bike parts enjoy only a 6-month coverage, which is small.
  • Reliability issues – Though Savadeck bicycles are quality choices, their replacement parts are not the easiest to find, making the bikes less durable. You may have to import some of them, which can be costly.
Who Makes Savadeck Bikes

Different Types of Savadeck Bikes Reviewed

Savadeck generally makes mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, and folding bikes discussed below:

1. Are Savadeck Mountain Bikes Good?

Savadeck mountain bikes are the epitome of carbon fiber frame innovation and suspension technology. These bikes come with ultralight carbon frames that are comfortable, shock resistant, sturdy, and pretty aerodynamic.

They employ lockable air suspension to save you from pedaling too hard and enjoy high-end Shimano drivetrains and hydraulic disc brakes. Their tires are stab-resistant to take on all rugged surfaces, and they come with ample travel suspension to soak up bumps.

That is just what you get from Savadeck Deck 6.1 Mountain Bike. The Savadeck mountain bike is available in all frame sizes and is generally perfect for intensive cross-country riding, trail riding, and commuting.

2. Are Savadeck Road Bikes Good?

Savadeck doesn’t disappoint in the road bike seats either, delivering the most lightweight, aerodynamic, and comfortable bikes.

These bikes come in full carbon frames and are even lightweight and comfortable. The frames have an aerodynamic look that makes them faster, and they employ Integrated Chainring innovation, which protects the chain and saves you from over laboring.

One Savadeck carbon road Bike that demonstrates that is the Savadeck Phantom 2.0. This carbon road bike comes with a Shimano Ultegra 8000 groupset that is reliable at a high level. 

It enjoys 22.5 speed for quick shifting and is designed using Wind Tunnel technology, thus aerodynamic. It explains why the Savadeck phantom 2.0 review is impressive online.

SAVADECK Carbon Road Bike

3. Are Savadeck Gravel Bikes Good?

It’s hard to split Savadeck gravel bikes from the road bikes based on bike quality and specs other than the fact that the former are hardy, thus an all-terrain choice.

These bikes come with stiffer and lightweight frames to allow you to ride fast and enjoy high grip tires with a wider clearance to dominate gravel surfaces. 

As the Savadeck Carbon Gravel Bike demonstrates, they enjoy high gear top-tier Shimano groupset for smooth and efficient shifting.

Its Shimano R8000 22-speed groupset allows you to compete at the very top. It also enjoys powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes for fast braking and a 45c tire clearance to allow you to fit the most massive tires.

4. Are Savadeck Folding Bikes Good?

While Savadeck MTBs, road bikes, and gravel bikes are performance bikes, Savadeck folding bikes are casual urban bicycles. These bikes are the perfect commuter choice, owing to their collapsible frames, compact size, and low weight.

They are generally easy to maintain, thanks to their single-speed drivetrain. You can easily fold and carry them into the bus or stack them in the car boot for convenient commuting.

One folding bike that illustrates that is the Savadeck 14-Inch Folding Bike.

This Savadeck folding bike only weighs 14.77 pounds, excluding the pedal weight. It’s easy to collapse and carry and fits both kids and adults. Even better, it comes with headlights to allow you to continue riding at night.

Savadeck road bike

People Also Ask

1. Who Makes Savadeck Bikes?

The identity of the manufacturer of Savadeck bikes is not clear as the company only mentions Savadeck.

2. Is SAVA from China?

Yes, Sava is a China-based bicycle company. The company was, however, founded in Germany.

3. Where Are Savadeck Bikes Made?

Savadeck bikes are made in China, where the company has its carbon fiber factory and is currently completing a titanium factory.

Are Savadeck Bikes Good? Closing Thought

Savadeck bikes are good quality because they feature carbon fiber frames, forks, seat posts, and handlebars, making them lighter, comfortable, stronger, and shock-resistant. These bikes also enjoy advanced technologies, significantly improving their comfort and safety. So, yes, Savadeck bikes are good.