Are Rocky Mountain Bikes Good Quality?

It’s not often that biking enthusiasts modify a road bike and turn it into a racing trail bike. That’s the story behind the Canadian giant bike brand Rocky Mountain. But are Rocky Mountain bikes good?

Rocky Mountain bikes are good because they feature lighter frames, flexible geometries, powerful suspensions, and built-in adjustment to offer more cycling comfort. Additionally, their innovative designs come in a variety of sizes and feature high-end components.

Note, however, that Rocky Mountain is not just a mountain bike brand, as the name hints. The brand also makes gravel bikes, adventure bikes, fat bikes, and kids’ bikes.

Other than discussing all these bikes that Rocky Mountain stocks, I’ll discuss their pros and flaws.

But before that, let me discuss the brand’s journey and success.

rocky mountain bikes are they good

In a rush? Find the hottest Rocky Mountain bikes on the hotlist below:

6 Best Rocky Mountain Bikes

1. Element Carbon 70: Best Rocky Cross Country Mountain Bike

2. Instinct Carbon 90: Best Rocky Trail Mountain Bike

3. Attitude Alloy 30: Best Rocky Enduro Mountain Bike

4. Slayer Alloy 30: Best Rocky Freeride Mountain Bike

5. Instinct Powerplay Alloy 30: Best Rocky Electric Mountain Bike

6. Blizzard Carbon 50: Best Rocky Fat Tire Mountain Bike

About Rocky Mountain – Brand History and Success

Rocky Mountain, originally known as Rocky Mountain Bicycles, is a Canadian bike manufacturer founded in 1981.

Currently, the company has its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.

Rocky Mountain is popularly known for high-end mountain bikes. But apart from the mountain bikes, the brand also stocks gravel bikes, adventure bikes, kids’ bikes, and fat-tire bikes.

Interestingly, Rocky Mountain Bike dates back to 1978, when Grayson Bain and a colleague added straight bars, an internal 5-gear system, and wide tires to a Nishiki road bike.

They aimed to make a bike that could go as fast as a road bike on technical trails, and they succeeded.

Following the success, they launched Rocky Mountain Bicycles in 1981.

The company first produced its first commercial mountain bike line, The Sherpa, during its launch year (1982), and between 1984 and 1989, they were shipping internationally.

In 1987, the company was bought by Procycle Group, and the new owner changed its name from Rocky Mountain Bicycles to just Rocky Mountain.

Since then, the bike brand has enjoyed immense success and recognition.

In 1996, 2000, and 2002, Rocky Mountain was recognized with the Mountain Bike of the Year Award by the Mountain Bike Magazine, and during the 2004 Olympics, Marie-Helene Premont, a sponsored cyclist, won silver.

Overall, the company sponsors freeride, enduro, and cross country bikers who compete at the Olympics and other world championship events.

Today, Rocky Mountain stocks over 30 MTB models, which proves their market dominance.

are rocky mountain bikes made in canada

Are Rocky Mountain Bikes Good? Good Vs Bad

The Good

Here are exceptional qualities of Rocky Mountain bikes:

a) Lighter and Durable Frames

Rocky Mountain bikes have built their foundation on their frames. The manufacturer employs Smoothwall Carbon technology to make their carbon frames stiffer, lighter, and durable.

In addition to being lightweight and durable, the frames are also stiffer for aggressive mountain biking.

b) Flexible Geometry

Rocky Mountain bikes allow you to choose between a longer geometry and compact option.

Longer geometries are for those who want more stability without being too agile. Compact geometries, in contrast, are for those who prioritize agility and better control when taking on steep climbs.

c) Built-In Adjustment Systems

Rocky Mountain bikes are pretty comfortable, and it’s mainly due to their built-in adjustments.

For example, most Rocky MTBs employ the Ride-9 Adjustment for fine-tuning the bike suspension and geometry using Allen keys.

Others utilize the Ride-4 Adjustment which has four configurations instead of nine. Both, however, guarantee a comfortable ride.

d) Powerful Suspensions

Another selling point of Rocky Mountain bikes is their suspension. The manufacturer is known for the Smoothlink Suspension, which allows you to pedal smoothly and shift.

Rocky suspensions generally make it easy to ride over bumps, and more importantly, they improve the bikes’ traction and control.

e) Quality Components

Rocky Mountain has always tried to keep up with the most high-end bike brands. To do that, they employ high-profile wheels, disc brakes, and drivetrains, among other components.

You can count on the components to serve you longer.

f) Impressive Bike Technologies

Rocky Mountain has a state-of-the-art facility in Vancouver where the innovations take place.

Their carbon frames, for example, employ the Smoothwall Carbon technology that guarantees stiffer, lighter, and more durable carbon frames.

Meanwhile, their Two-Position Axle technology lets you pick between a shorter and longer back-center range.

On the other hand, their Modular Shock-Mount technology allows you to update the suspension kinematics in the future.

However, their electric MTBs, popularly known as Powerplay e-bikes, are the height of innovation. They utilize lightweight motors with high torque power to take on just any terrain.

Also, they employ rapid-charging technology on the battery that promises 80% capacity. Moreover, the battery systems promise a more extended range.

g) Size Variety

Rocky Mountain bikes come in various sizes, ranging from small (SM) to extra-large (XL).

And to ensure that the size is perfect, you get to choose between a 27.5-inch and 29-inch wheel size.

Below is a sizing table by Rocky Mountain that you can use to get the right Rocky MTB size.

Mountain Bike Size27.5-Inch Wheel29-Inch Wheel
Small (SM)5’1″-5’6″
Medium (MD) 5’5”-5’9”5’6”-5’10”
Large (L)5’9″-6’2″
Extra Large (XL)6’1″-6’6″
  • The Bad

The biggest issue with Rocky Mountain is its warranty policies. While Rocky Mountain offers warranties for their bikes that provide coverage against material and manufacturing defects, the period is shorter.

Unlike Giant or Specialized, which offers a limited lifetime frame warranty, Rocky only provides five-year coverage.

On the other hand, the hardware has a one-year warranty while the electronics and batteries have three years and two years, respectively.

The other thing is that though Rocky Mountain prides itself in inclusivity, there is no dedicated women’s bike line as there is a kids’ line. So, it may be slightly challenging to find a good women’s MTB.

are rocky mountain bikes good

Rocky Mountain Bike Range

Currently, Rocky Mountain stocks the following mountain bike types:

  • Cross-country mountain bikes
  • Trail mountain bikes
  • Enduro mountain bikes
  • Freeride mountain bikes
  • Electric mountain bikes

Let’s discuss them

Are Rocky Cross Country Mountain Bikes Good?

Speed is the best word for describing Rocky cross-country (XC) bikes. These bikes are pretty speedy and are generally the lightest, thus best for professional cross country racing.

Their only downside is that they are not the best for burly descents. But if you don’t just want to race but to do it fast, these are the bikes to go for.

With a 100-120mm travel range, which is undeniably shorter than what you get from the other bikes, these MTBs offer you just enough bump absorption for fast racing.

Rocky Mountain is known for its Element XC line, where the Element Carbon 70 sets the standard in speed, build quality and component precision.

Are Rocky Trail Mountain Bikes Good?

Think of a Rocky trail bike as the do-it-all type. There is just nothing that you cannot do with a Rocky trail bike.

These jack-of-all-trades mountain bikes can take on the climbs, descents, racing trails, and just about anything you throw at them.

They are the go-for bikes when you want to race but do not have an XC or enduro racing bike. They aren’t as lightweight as cross-country options, but their ability to take on gnarly terrains makes them worth it.

Rocky Mountain is known for its Instinct and Growler bike line. I, however, prefer the Rocky Mountain Instinct for its climbing power and versatility on varying terrains.

One Instinct MTB capable of handling more technical trails and climbs is the Instinct Carbon 90.

Are Rocky Enduro Mountain Bikes Goods?

While a Rocky XC is unequaled in speed upright and on flats, an Enduro bike dominates the downhill. But unlike downhill MTBs, Rocky enduro bikes are versatile enough to take on the uphill, even though not as speedy as XC options.

Overall, if you intend to charge hard downhill and still be able to take on the dirt, Rocky enduro bikes are your go-for rides.

Rocky Mountain is known for its Altitude enduro bike line. As the name suggests, these bikes can take all heights (altitudes), and one option that sets the standard is the Attitude Alloy 30.

This altitude bike promises to demolish steep trails, take on the meanders, and push you beyond your limit. So, it’s the ultimate enduro-racing weapon.

are rocky mountain bikes any good

Are Rocky Freeride Mountain Bikes Good?

Imagine a mountain bike that combines the best features of an Enduro, trail, and downhill bike! Well, that’s what Rocky freeride bikes are all about.

With a 170mm travel range, you can virtually take on all off-road terrains with a Rocky freeride bike.

These bikes are slightly bigger than their Enduro counterparts but considerably lighter than downhill options. So, they are more navigable but, more importantly, dominating.

Rocky Mountain is known for its Slayer Freeride line. A Rocky Mountain Slayer like the Slayer Alloy 30 allows you to smash the trails confidently.

Its slacker geometry makes it comfortable to ride. You can have endless laps in the wilderness with this Slayer mountain bike.

Are Rocky Mountain E Bikes Any Good?

Rocky electric mountain bikes, popularly known as Powerplay bikes, are everything you want from an E-MTB.

These bikes promise speed and fun, and you can tell that from their meticulously crafted dynamite drive and decisive 9-ride adjustment.

The dynamite drive is compact, smoother, and more powerful, and it integrates perfectly with the ride 9-adjustment system to allow you to adjust the suspension and geometry comfortably.

On the other hand, the Powerplay frame is lighter and comes with a built-in suspension to boost your riding comfort.

These electric mountain bikes promise high-torque at every kick, intuitive motor, and high-quality bottom bracket.

One E-MTB that embodies all that and more is the Instinct Powerplay Alloy 30.  Get it if you want the most epic ride on a two-wheel!

Other Bike Types by Rocky Mountain

In addition to the mountain bikes, Rocky Mountain bikes stock the following bikes:

  • Gravel bikes

Rocky Mountain is known for its Solo gravel bike line, the ultimate weapon for rough gravel surfaces. Their hyper-versatile geometries, lighter frames, and rugged tires allow you to ride both on-rough and off-road with speed and confidence.

  • Adventure bikes

Rocky adventure bikes are for those who plan to go for weekly exploits on-road or off-road. They are as versatile as the gravel bikes but have a more comfortable geometry, making them a fantastic casual choice.

  • Fat bikes

Rocky Mountain is known for its Blizzard fat bike line. The bikes have massive tire clearance, making them easier to ride, especially by taller guys.

The bikes are also more straightforward in design, featuring no suspension (rigid) but have massive knobbier tires that boss the outdoors.

One fantastic choice is the Blizzard Carbon 50.

Blizzard Carbon 50
  • Kids’ bikes

Rocky Mountain also has a dedicated kids’ bike line that allows the most adventurous kids to hit the trail and race more confidently. There are trail bike options for junior kids and youths, all promising quality components.


1. Who Makes Rocky Mountain Bikes?

Procycle Group, a subsidiary of Industries RAD Inc., owns Rocky Mountain bikes. The bikes are, however, made in St. Georges, Quebec.

2. Are Rocky Mountain Bikes Made In Canada?

Yes, Rocky Mountain bikes are made in Canada at St. Georges Quebec.

3. Is Rocky Mountain A Good Bike Brand?

Rocky Mountain is one of the most trusted mountain bike brands in the world. Its bikes are quality in build, lightweight, and comfortable to ride, thanks to their advanced suspensions and self-adjusting systems.

4. How Much Does A Rocky Mountain Bike Cost?

Rocky Mountain bikes prices cut across all price points. On a budget, expect to spend about $1,500-$2,000 and about $5,000-$10,000 on a high-end option.

Are Rocky Mountain Bikes Good? Closing Thought:

Rocky Mountain bikes come in a high-quality and durable build. They are generally comfortable to ride and enjoy advanced designs that promise a high-end biking experience. Overall, they are a good choice for pro riders.