Are Nishiki Mountain Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Originally part of Kawamura Cycle Co, Nishiki is now part of Dick’s Sporting Goods, one of the largest sports goods retailers. Dick’s stocks about 50 different Nishiki bikes, of which majorities are mountain bikes. But are Nishiki mountain bikes good?

Nishiki mountain bikes are good because they are trail-ready. They come with wide knobbier tires, good suspension, quality brakes, and user-friendly shifters that allow you to take an array of trails comfortably. Plus, they come in a wide range of frame sizes and enjoy a strong build.  

Overall, Nishiki mountain bikes come in more rider-friendly geometries, making them best for entry-level bikers. And budget-wise, these mountain bikes are more affordable.

That, however, doesn’t make these MTBs flawless. They also have a few setbacks, which I’ll share in this Nishiki mountain bike review.

are Nishiki mountain bikes good

In a rush? Below are the finest Nishiki mountain bikes on the market.

4 Best Nishiki Mountain Bikes

  1. Nishiki Men’s Pueblo 26: Best Nishiki Men’s Mountain Bike
  2. Nishiki Women’s Pueblo 26: Best Nishiki Women’s Mountain Bike
  3. Nishiki Boys’ Pueblo 24: Best Nishiki Boys Mountain Bike
  4. Nishiki Girl’s Pueblo 24: Best Nishiki Girl’s Mountain Bike

Are Nishiki Mountain Bikes Good?

The Good (Nishiki MTB’s Selling Points)

Nishiki mountain bikes have lots of excellent qualities, and here are the ones leading the line:

a) Trail-Ready Build

Nishiki mountain bikes have all the best features to tackle just about any trail. For starters, their MTBs enjoy firm suspensions for soaking in vibrations and large bumps to give you a more cushioned ride.

The other impressive feature is the tire set. For one, the tires are broader and knobbier to allow you to comfortably and safely ride over rough surfaces.

The tires won’t slip easily because of their profile, and since they are thick enough, they also absorb a significant amount of shock.

The brakes are another aspect of the bike that makes them trail-ready. Though most Nishiki mountain bikes come with linear-pull brakes because they are cheaper, they are pretty decent in performance, thanks to their quality build.

Meanwhile, Nishiki mountain bikes employ quality Shimano twist shifters that allow you to shift across different surfaces smoothly. They are part of the reason why the MTBs are fun to ride.

b) Frame Size Variety

Nishiki mountain bikes come in different frame sizes that make them suitable for riders of different heights. The frames start from Extra Small (XS) to Extra Large (XL) to allow everyone to find their fit.

Currently, there are Nishiki MTBs for boys, girls, men, and women, making them perfect choices for families.

Overall, it’s a good idea to consider your inseam and not just your height when buying a Nishiki mountain bike.

Below is a general sizing guide you can use:

Rider’s Height Rider’s Inseam (Inches)Frame Size (Inches)Frame Description
4’11”-5’3”25-27”13-15”Extra Small (XS)
5’3”-5’7”27-29”15-17”Small (S)
5’7”-5’9”29-31”17-19”Medium (M)
5’11”-6’2”31-33”19-21”Large (L)
6’2”-6’4”33-35”21-23”Large (L)/Extra Large (XL)
6’4”+35”+23”+Extra Large (XL)

c) Strong Build

Nishiki MTs might be low-cost options, but that doesn’t make them inferior in build. For one, their frames are pretty strong to take on most abuse and considerable weight.

Whether you go for aluminum or steel, the frame won’t snap or break. And if you go for aluminum, hi-ten steel, or aluminum alloy, the frame won’t rust, which means it’ll serve you longer.

Steel and aluminum also enjoy a high strength-to-weight ratio, and for that reason, they can tolerate large weights without yielding to fatigue. So, Nishiki bikes quality is undeniable.

d) Entry Level Choices

Nishiki bikes generally focus on the entry-level market, and it’s not just their mountain bikes. These bikes first come with a more comfortable geometry that makes them more ride-friendly.

They have an easy-to-handle handlebar and feature more comfortable pedals. Their brakes and shifters are easy to handle, making them beginner-friendly.

These bikes come with more ergonomic saddles for comfortable cycling.

Nishiki mountain bike review

e) Budget Choices

It’s not often that you get a mountain bike for under $300, but that’s the budget for Nishiki MTBs. So, if you are a beginner trail rider on a budget or just a casual trail rider, you won’t have to break the bank for a Nishiki MTB.

The Bad

While Nishiki mountain bikes have a lot of top-selling features, there are a few areas that are concerning.

Even though Nishiki bikes come in a wide variety of frame sizes, only a few models are available.  Currently, the most dominant model on Dick’s and other stores is the Pueblo mountain bike.

And since these MTBs are only entry-level choices, the brand doesn’t favor pro riders. As a pro rider, you want a bike with more advanced specs and customizable preferably, something you won’t get from Nishiki.

If you want a more high-end mountain bike, Trek, Rocky Mountain, Scott, or Specialized may be better choices. You’ll, however, pay more, especially for the customization.

The other issue is the bike weight. While aluminum Nishiki frames are pretty lightweight, their steel siblings are the direct opposite. Steel frames are slightly heavier, and that makes them less convenient for fast riding.

Nishiki Mountain Bikes Types

Nishiki MTBs come in the options discussed below.

1. Nishiki Men’s Mountain Bikes

Nishiki men’s mountain bikes come with a more extended stack height and reach than their women counterparts. But still, these bikes come in a wide range of frames to also accommodate medium-height men.

You’ll get them from frame size 14 (Extra Small), which is best for men who are 4’11”-5’2″ tall, to size 23 (Extra Large), which is best for men who are 6’4″ or taller.

That’s the case with the Nishiki Men’s Pueblo 26” Mountain Bike. As the name hints, this MTB comes with 26-inch wheels, but the frame sizes differ.

It’s overall a strong mountain bike judging by its heat-treated solid hi-ten steel frame, steel seat post, and steel handlebar. Even the spokes, crank arms, and hubs are all steel.

Plus, it comes with a 60mmm travel fork, which is enough for lighter trails.

2. Nishiki Women’s Mountain Bikes

Unlike Nishiki men’s MTBs, Nishiki women’s mountain bikes have shorter reach and stack height. However, the top tube also slants slightly, making it easy for women to ride them.

That’s the case with the Nishiki Women’s Pueblo 26” Mountain Bike, which is the reference point for Nishiki women’s MTBs.

This MTB comes in all sizes, starting from extra small (best for 4’11”-5’3″) to extra-large (best for 6’4″ or taller). So, there is an ideal frame size for almost everyone.

The bike comes in a hi-ten steel frame and handlebars to promise strength and durability like its men’s counterparts.

As the name suggests, this MTB comes with 26-inch wheels. Overall, the bike’s 60mm front fork makes it suitable for casual trail riding, more so by entry-level bikers.

Nishiki women's pueblo 26'' mountain bike

3. Nishiki Boy’s Mountain Bikes

Nishiki boys’ mountain bikes are the smaller versions of Nishiki men’s MTBs. So, the only difference is their wheels and frame sizes.

But when it comes to their sizes, these mountain bikes are sized according to their wheel size. Currently, the most popular sizes are size 20-inch (for boys who are 4’0″-5’0″ tall or seven years and older) and size-24 (for boys who are 4’6″-5’5″ tall or ten years and older).

One amazing 24-inch Nishiki MTB is the Nishiki Boys Pueblo 24″ Mountain Bike.

This 24-inch MTB comes in the same build quality as its 26-inch counterpart. So, expect it to come with a steel frame, handlebar, crank arm, hub, and spokes.

The difference is the fork suspension, whose travel range is only 40mm. So, the MTB is not suitable for serious trail riders.

4. Nishiki Girl’s Mountain Bikes

Nishiki girls’ mountain bikes are the smaller version of the Nishiki women’s mountain bikes. So, expect them to come with smaller frames and wheels.

Like their boy’s counterparts, these bikes mostly come with 20-inch wheels (best for girls who are 4’0″-5’0″) and 24-inch wheels (best for girls who are 4’6″-5’0″ tall).

Overall, these bikes have the same quality build as the others. Thus, expect them to come with hi-ten steel frames to tolerate all the abuse and promote durability.

They also come with steel handlebars, spokes, swing arms, and hubs.

One perfect example for 4’6″-5’5″ tall girls is the Nishiki Girls’ Pueblo 24″ Mountain Bike. You can count on its 40mm travel fork to take on lighter local trails and its steel build for longevity.

Overall, this MTB has a comfortable geometry for easy cycling by beginner women.

Nishiki girls' pueblo 24'' mountain bike

People Also Ask

1. Is Nishiki A Good Mountain Bike?

Nishiki mountain bikes come with more robust frames, decent brakes, user-friendly shifters, and solid tires that make them trail-ready. They, however, suit entry-level mountain bikers more, especially those on a budget. So, a Nishiki is a good mountain bike.

2. Is Nishiki A Good Bike Brand?

Though Nishiki has exchanged ownership over the years, it remains one of the most consistent and reliable bike brands. Nishiki bikes come with quality frames, brakes, tires, drivetrains, and other components that make them such a great choice.

3. How Many Gears Does A Nishiki Mountain Bike Have?

Nishiki pueblo mountain bikes, which are the commonest, come with up to 7 speeds for quick shifting across varying terrains.

4. Are Nishiki Pueblo Bikes Good?

Nishiki pueblo bikes are generally good entry-level mountain bikes for men, women, girls, and boys. They come in quality steel frame constructions, which may be slightly heavier but stronger, rust-resistant, and durable.

5. Where Are Nishiki Bikes Made?

While Nishiki bikes were initially made in Japan by Kawamura Cycle Company, they are currently manufactured in Taiwan by Giant.

6. What Are Nishiki Bikes Made Of?

Most Nishiki bikes come with aluminum frames, but most mountain bikes feature hi-tensile steel frames, handlebars, seat posts, hubs, and swing arms.

Closing Thought

Nishiki mountain bikes are undoubtedly good, more so for budget entry-level mountain bikers who want stronger, more comfortable, and trail-ready bikes. They come in various frame sizes and are available in men’s, women’s girls’, and boys’ versions.

So, find your Nishiki MTB today if you want a decent entry-level trail bike on a budget!