Are Mongoose Bikes Good?

Mongoose specializes in mountain bikes, BMX, among others. The bike brand has been in existence for more than three decades and continues to excite the global buyers’ community. But are mongoose bikes good?

If you are a beginner or a mid-level cyclist, Mongoose bikes are a good choice. They are easy to ride, budget-friendly, reasonably durable, and come in various styles.

And if you don’t mind riding a unisex bike, Mongoose is a good pick.

Sadly, if you are a pro rider, Mongoose bicycles may not be the best choice. You may have to upgrade so many things to match your cycling needs, which will be costly.

You probably wonder if you should get a Mongoose bicycle and, if yes, what type you should order.

Well, I’m going to discuss the good and the bad side of Mongoose bicycles. I’ll also cover the types of Mongoose bikes on the market today.

are mongoose bikes good

In a hurry? Then find your next Mongoose two-wheel in the hotlist below.

5 Best Mongoose Bikes To Buy Today

1. Mongoose Dolomite: Best Mongoose Mountain Bike for Adults

2. Mongoose Legion BMX: Best Mongoose BMX for All Ages

3. Mongoose Switch BMX Bike: Best Mongoose BMX for Kids

4. Mongoose King Kong: Best Mongoose Mountain Bike for Kids

5. Mongoose Selous Road Bike: Best Mongoose Gravel Road Bike

Are Mongoose Bikes Good? The Good vs. the Bad

The Good

Mongoose bikes generally come in beginner-friendly designs. These bikes, in particular, their BMX and mountain models, are among the easiest to ride, making them the ultimate entry-level bikes.

But still, Mongoose cycles suit mid-level cyclists and not just entry-level riders.

Interestingly, most of them are budget-friendly. Depending on size and bike style, you can get a budget Mongoose bike for $100-$500.

And even though Mongoose is popular with BMX and mountain bikes, they also specialize in urban and kids bikes. So, they, like their competitors, offer you a variety of bike types.

In terms of build quality, the frame and wheels, especially for Mongoose MTBs and BMX bikes, are solid and durable. It’s only components like the brakes, gears, and drivetrains that are wanting for pro riders.

Last but not least, Mongoose has a reputation spanning more than three decades, and their bikes come with warranties. So, the brand is quite reliable or, shall I say, has been reliable.

The Bad

I mentioned Mongoose cycles being a decent choice for beginners and mid-level cyclists. Well, that’s just about it. If you are a pro rider (advanced-level cyclists), these bikes are not the best.

Do you know why? That’s because most of the components need upgrading, which can be expensive.

The other issue is that Mongoose doesn’t sell separate bikes for men and women. Instead, their designs are unisex.

That sadly can be a problem for women who are used to low-swopping step-thru frames. If that’s you, you won’t get that on Mongoose, and so you’ve to bear with the traditional long-running top tube.

So, Are Mongoose Bikes Good? My Verdict

Ease of riding and affordability are clearly the best words to describe Mongoose bicycles. If that’s all you’ve ever wanted, then Mongoose bikes are a decent choice.

Note, however, that these bikes are only good for entry-level cyclists and, by extension, mid-level riders.

However, if you are a pro-rider, then no, Mongoose cycles are not good. That’s because you may have to do several upgrades for the cycle to match your cycling needs.

who makes mongoose bikes

What Bikes Does Mongoose Sell?

Generally, Mongoose specializes in the following types of bikes:

  • Mountain bikes
  • BMX bikes
  • Urban bikes
  • Kids’ bikes

Now, let’s discuss the four bike categories by Mongoose.

1. Mongoose Mountain Bikes

Mongoose mountain bikes are not just ideal for the climbs and forest trails but all terrains. Primarily, that’s owing to their large treaded tires, strong wheels, and rugged frames.

These bikes come in hardtail (with front suspension), full-suspension (with front and rear suspension), and fat-tire (with wide tires) options.

I, however, have a soft spot for Mongoose fat tire bikes as they are an all-weather choice. One such bike that I highly recommend is the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike.

This men’s fat tire bike can take head-on just any terrain. From the root-hit forest trails to the smooth snow surfaces, The Mongoose Dolomite doesn’t disappoint.

It comes with a 17-inch heavy-duty steel frame, cruiser pedals, 7-speed drivetrain, and adjustable threadless headset.

This fat tire bike generally suits male cyclists who are 5’6″-6’0″ tall.

2. Mongoose BMX Bikes

Mongoose currently has 24 BMX models to suit riders of all ages and not just kids. Their bikes come in two popular styles: BMX freestyle and BMX racer.

BMX freestyle bikes are best for experienced cyclists. Their design allows them to take head-on just anything you throw at them. One perfect example is the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX.

This freestyle BMX comes in single-speed for easy cycling and freestyling. It can take multiple terrains – including parks, paved streets, and dirt roads.

The Mongoose Legion enjoys powerful brakes, ergonomic handles, adjustable seat posts, and strong wheels.

The bike comes in more than five styles to suit kids, youths, and adults.

mongoose bicycle

3. Mongoose Urban Bikes

While Mongoose mountain bikes are designed for the rough off-road, Mongoose urban bikes are best for paved urban roads.

These bikes are generally a commuter choice, which means you can ride them to and from school or work.

Overall, Mongoose supplies two urban bikes; gravel/adventure bikes and cargo bikes.

Both bikes are best for commuting, but the cargo type offers you extra carriage space for your cargo.

I recommend the Mongoose Selous Comp Gravel Road Bike here for its unique features. This Mongoose road bicycle comes in a double-butted aluminum frame to promise optimal durability and lighter weight.

Its 18-speed Shimano Tiagra drivetrain with STI shifters and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are high-quality and robust. What’s more, its WTB Nano Tires with Kevlar beads are both solid and fast-rolling.

4. Mongoose Kids Bikes

Mongoose doesn’t just sell adult bikes but kids’ cycles too. These bikes come in different wheel sizes, ranging from 16-24 inches, to suit kids of varying ages.

Mongoose kids’ bikes come in a range of styles. We’ve sidewalk, BMX, and mountain bike options.

If your kid is the adventurous type, consider either the Mongoose BMX or the Mongoose mountain bike.

Leading the line for the Mongoose kids’ BMX bike is the Mongoose Switch BMX Bike.

This Mongoose kids bike comes with training wheels and generally suits young cyclists aged 5-7 years. Overall, its components are high-quality, while its comfort is undeniable.

mongoose kids bike

As for kids’ mountain bikes, the Mongoose King Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike is the best for obvious reasons. The fact that it’s a fat tire MTB means it’s an all-weather choice for your adventurous young cyclist.

The fat tire MTB suits kids who are 48-60 inches tall. It only weighs 15Kg, even though it comes with a steel frame and supersized knobby tires.

Its Shimano rear derailleur with 7-speed shifters allows your young cyclist to take on the climbs. Its cruiser pedals, on the other hand,  offer him or her exceptional ride comfort.

Quick Buying Guide for the Best Mongoose Bike

Now that we’ve discussed the bike types that Mongoose sells, how do you find your pick? Well, consider these factors:

  • Terrain – Are you planning to ride off-road or on-road? In the former’s case, consider a Mongoose mountain bike, and in the case of the latter, a mongoose road bike (urban gravel bike) will do. A BMX will work on multiple terrains, nevertheless.
  • Brake Type – Mongoose bicycles come with rim brakes, disc brakes, coaster brakes, or drum brakes. Rim brakes suit road bikes, while coaster brakes suit kids’ bikes and BMX. On the other hand, disc brakes (which are considered the best) fit all bikes, while drum bikes are only best for beach cruisers.
  • Gearing Number – You want a mongoose bike with sufficient gearing power to match your cycling terrain. If you are cycling on flat ground, you can go single-speed. However, if you plan to ride uphill, then go for multi-gears.
  • Good Warranty – Mongoose bicycles come with warranties for the frame, workmanship, and components. It’s essential, however, that you check their coverage term. Consider five years on the bike frame and one year on workmanship and components.
  • Reasonable Price – So, How much is a mongoose bike? You can find a budget Mongoose bike for $100-$500 depending on style and size. Expect, however, to spend a few extra hundreds on a high-end model.


1. What Is The Best Mongoose Bike?

Below are the best Mongoose bikes for different entry-level cyclists:

1. Mongoose Dolomite: Best Mongoose Mountain Bike for Adults

2. Mongoose Legion BMX: Best Mongoose BMX for All Ages

3. Mongoose Switch BMX Bike: Best Mongoose BMX for Kids

4. Mongoose King Kong: Best Mongoose Mountain Bike for Kids

5. Mongoose Selous Road Bike: Best Mongoose Gravel Road Bike

2. Who Makes Mongoose Bikes?

Mongoose cycles are made by Dorel Industries, the Canadian company behind Pacific Cycle, Cannondale, and Schwinn bikes. The company, however, sources most of its spare parts from China and Taiwan.

3. Is Mongoose A Good Bike Brand?

Mongoose enjoys a reputation for producing affordable entry-level bikes that span over 30 years. But still, these bikes suit mid-level cyclists.

It’s only pro riders who will find them unsuitable, given that most parts will need some upgrading for you to ride at an advanced level.

So, if you are either a beginner or mid-level cyclist, then yes, Mongoose is a decent bike brand for you.

4. Is Mongoose Or Huffy Better?

Mongoose bicycles mostly come in MTB, BMX, urban cycle, and kids’ bike options. Huffy bikes, in contrast, come as BMX, beach cruisers, kid’s bikes, and all-terrain bikes.

So, if you are looking for an all-terrain bike, go for Huffy, but if you plan to ride on urban roads, Mongoose has you covered.

While Mongoose sells general-purpose and specialty bikes, Huffy is only known for general-purpose bikes.

And cost-wise, Mongoose cycles are slightly costly than Huffy bikes as their components are somewhat superior in quality.

5. Is Mongoose Or Schwinn Better?

The same company, Dorel Industries, owns both Mongoose and Schwinn. So, their build quality is almost the same.

Mongoose, however, has a slight advantage, given that its components are slightly more high-quality than those of Schwinn bikes.

Schwinn bikes have the advantage of being cheaper and lighter than Mongoose bikes.

Additionally, Schwinn bikes come in more choices than Mongoose. For example, you’ll find Schwinn road bikes and e-bikes, which are rare on Mongoose.

Mongoose, however, has BMX and cargo bikes, options that are absent on Schwinn.

6. How Much Does A Mongoose Bike Cost?

Mongoose bicycles are generally budget bicycles. Their prices, however, vary depending on the bike type or style and the size.

On a budget, you can find a Mongoose bike for $100-$500. High-end models, nonetheless, cost about $1000-$1500.

Closing Thought:

So are mongoose bikes good? Provided you are not an advanced cyclist (pro rider), Mongoose bikes are a decent choice. They are affordable, easy to ride, and strong in build to take on different terrains.

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