Are Micargi Bikes Good Quality?

Hailing from the streets of New York, Micargi is a bike brand known for its cosmic-cool, retro-style stretch bikes, cruiser bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes, to name a few. What most customers ask, however, is, are Micargi bikes good?

Micargi bikes are good because they are strongly built to guarantee longevity, simple for easy maintenance, and comfortable to encourage all-day fun cycling. Moreover, their designs are timeless to last a lifetime, and they come in unisex choices.

So, if your definition of good quality is strength, ease of maintenance, comfort, timeless design, and universal, then Micargi ticks all the boxes.

These bikes may not be performance-tailored. Therefore, not the best for elite competitions. They are, however, the perfect casual choices.

They may also be slightly heavy, but the reason for that is their strong quality materials. So, in the face of a few drawbacks, there’s an underlying reason, and that’s why I argue that Micargi bikes are good.

It doesn’t necessarily make them perfect, but the good outmuscles the bad, in my view, and that’s what matters.

Let me explain both sides next to enable you to understand my standing. But before I do, let me share the brand’s overview.

is micargi a good bike brand

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Brand Overview

‘Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.’ That’s the slogan that Micargi goes by, and the bike brand has always claimed to produce simple bikes that customers find pleasurable to ride.

Micargi is a bicycle manufacturer headquartered in Los Angeles, California, founded in 1998. The company is popularly known for its retro-style cruiser, stretch, city, and fat-tire bikes.

But other than that, they make BMX kid’s bikes, road and gravel bikes, tandem bikes, folding bikes, mountain bikes, and electric bikes.

So, they make a bit of everything, even though their lineup is not that extensive. While the company has its head offices in LA, its leading factory is in China, where the actual bike manufacturing occurs.

They, however, have distributors across the globe and employ online retail stores like Amazon to promote and sell off its products. 

While speaking of its products, Micargi makes bicycles and a few bike accessories, such as bike seats and wheels.

Are Micargi Bikes Good or Bad?

Let me help you answer this question by looking at the reasons I think the brand is good and those that may concern you as a buyer:

5 Reasons Micargi Bikes Are Good

In general, Micargi bikes are good because:

1. The Bikes Are Strongly Built

How do you define a strong bike? Some people look at the frame, and if it’s hi-ten steel, it’s strong enough. 

For others, the wheel forks have to be equally strong. Others go deeper into checking the brakes to ensure they can take on aggressive riding.

Well, Micargi bikes tick all these boxes. The manufacturer over relies on hi-ten steel for bike frames and sometimes the fork to promote maximum strength.

Their wheels and brakes are equally strong to endure aggressive conditions. Thus, the bikes promise longevity.

2. They Are Simple in Design

Micargi bikes are naturally low-profile. They have a low-key frame design, drivetrain, and brakes system for ease of maintenance.

For example, most of these bikes come with coaster brakes that are easy to service and replace. Others come in single-speed, especially city bikes, cruisers, and fat bikes, to promote the ease of cycling and maintenance.

Micargi Bikes Reviews

3. They Are Comfortable

This is probably Micargi’s best-selling point. Its bikes are all about comfort, and there’s a lot to argue about.

For one, Micargi bikes enjoy an upright geometry that protects you from bending a lot when riding. So, the riding is gentler on your spine.

Most of them have a stretched geometry, which allows you to stretch your legs while staying upright. That relieves your knees from excessive strain and pain.

The saddle also helps a lot as they are not just well-cushioned but also have shock-absorbing suspension.

As for the handlebar, they come with foam or rubber grips to guarantee optimum comfort. And if you go for Micargi fat bikes, their fat tires promise the most stable and smoothest riding experience.

4. They Come in Timeless Design

What is timeless to you? In my view, timeless is when something vintage looks trendy now. If it does, it means it’ll likely be so in 50 or 100 years to come.

Overall, that describes Micargi Bikes. These bikes combine simplicity and vintage touch to promise the most timeless bikes.

Just look at their stretch bikes or beach cruisers to understand what timeless means. They are the kind of bikes you’ll want to own for the next 50 years and pass them to your grandkids.

Micargi bikes are fancy. They are the type to suggest “I’ve arrived.”

5. They Are Unisex

Ordinarily, most bike brands have dedicated bike lines for men and women. That, however, is not Micargi. They only have a dedicated kids’ bike line while making their adult bikes unisex.

That ensures both men and women can ride their adult bikes, making them family-friendly.

The Bad

Despite the mentioned good thing that comes with Micargi bicycles, here are a few concerns:

a) Extra Weight

Because of hi-ten steel and the bike’s stretched geometry, most Micargi bikes weigh more than standard.

For example, while standard beach cruisers weigh about 30-35 pounds, some Micargi cruisers weigh up to 50 pounds.

b) Not Speedy Enough

Micargi bikes are more comfort-tailored than performance-tailored. So, they sacrifice speed/performance for comfort. Essentially, that’s because of their bulky designs.

Even a Micargi road bike is not speedy enough as it doesn’t have the design of a traditional road bike.

Are Micargi Beach Cruisers Good

Micargi Bikes Reviews (Micargi Bike Range)

Micargi generally makes these bike categories:

  • Beach cruisers
  • Road/gravel bikes
  • Stretch bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • City bikes
  • Tandems 
  • Fat tire bikes
  • Folding bikes
  • Kids bikes

Let’s review its most popular bike lines: cruisers, stretch bikes, city bikes, fat bikes, and kids bikes.

Are Micargi Beach Cruisers Good?

Micargi is arguably one of the best beach cruiser brands, and it’s easy to agree. Their beach cruisers are good because they come with trendy, laid-back designs.

These bikes are also fun to ride, owing to their low gear drivetrains and upright geometries. Plus, they are equally strong and come in colorful trendy choices. Overall, you are likely to find Micargi electric bikes in cruiser designs.

One cruiser bike that redefines beach cruising is the Micargi Pantera Beach Cruiser Bike.This beach cruiser features wide handlebars with grips, smooth-rolling tires, and a dual spring saddle, thus comfortable to ride.

Are Micargi City and Hybrid Bikes Good?

Micargi city and hybrid bikes are the perfect commuter choice. These bikes come in hi-ten steel frames and feature luggage carriers to make commuting easier.

Their tires are fast-rolling to allow you to ride on urban roads easily. Their comfort is top-notch, given that they feature cushy saddles with spring suspensions and rubberized grips.

That is the case with the Micargi ROASCA V7. This Micargi hybrid bike has the simplicity and comfort of a city bike and the natural toughness of a hybrid bicycle. So, it blends the two worlds perfectly.

But still, it’s the closest you can get to a Micargi mountain bike as the manufacturer doesn’t make traditional MTBs.

Are Micargi Stretch Bikes Good?

If the wood chopper-style is something you fancy, you have to see a Micargi stretch bike. This is where you can get a Micargi tandem bike or a stretched chopper-style beach cruiser.

These bikes, which are mostly cruiser style, come in low bar and high rise bar options and enjoy a stretched geometry to allow you to sit most comfortably.  

Their oversized frames make them safer to ride, and they have a plush saddle to boost your all-day comfort.

Nothing defines a Micargi stretch bike better than Micargi 26 Vancouver & Royal Dutch. This stretch bike oozes royalty, confidence, and style.

Are Micargi Stretch Bikes Good

Are Micargi Fat Bikes Good?

Micargi fat bikes are good for everyone who likes cruising in unpredictable neighborhoods. From sandy beaches to the rough gravel surfaces to the snowy roads, there’s nowhere you cannot go with a Micargi fat tire bike.

As illustrated by the Micargi 26″ Retro Cruiser Bike, these bikes are richly comfortable and fun to ride.

They are also strong in build, owing to their robust steel frames. Plus, they enjoy a cosmic-cool feel, owing to their elegant, laid-back cruiser style.

Are Micargi Kids Bikes Good?

Micargi stocks different kids’ bikes such as BMX bikes, regular kids’ bikes, and balance bikes. So, there’s something for your youngsters at Micargi.

One thing that stands out on kid’s bikes options is their fancy features. These bikes are bright and bold, featuring charming details such as colorful saddles and chain guards, stylish handlebars, and themed wheelsets. 

But looks aside, their build quality is impressive, as illustrated by the Micargi Dragon 20 BMX. This colorful kids BMX is perfect for freestyling and adventurous kids.

People Also Ask

1. Where Are Micargi Bicycles Made?

Micargi bikes are made at the company’s main facility in Guangzhou, China.

2. Is Micargi a Good BMX Brand?

Micargi BMX bikes are strongly built for easy and safe freestyling. They aren’t so heavy and are generally easy to ride and maneuver. Moreover, they are versatile to allow your kid to ride them as regular kid’s bikes.

3. Who Makes Micargi Bikes?

Micargi bikes are made by Micargi Bicycles, an LA-based bike company with its manufacturing facility in China.

4. Is Micargi a Good Bike Brand?

Micargi bikes are good-quality bikes with solid and durable frames, comfortable designs, and attractive finishes.

These bikes are also fun to ride and cheaper to maintain. So, yes, Micargi is a good bike brand.

Are Micargi Bikes Good? Closing Thought:

Micargi is undoubtedly a good bike brand, and its bikes are of good quality. They prove that in strength, cool timeless designs, comfort, and ability to accommodate both genders. So, these bikes are worth it, more so if you want a casual bike that promises value for money.  

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