Are Kent Bikes Good Quality Brand?

For over 100 years, Kent International has marketed itself as a budget bike brand. The company stocks everything low-price from kids’ bikes to specialty options like tandem bikes and trikes. But are Kent bikes good?

Kent bikes are good because they are affordable and strongly built, comfortable to ride, easy to fit, rider-friendly, safe, and decent in specs. These bikes are generally best for casual riding, especially entry-level and mid-level cycling.

When speaking of casual biking, I’m talking about commuting, fitness cycling, around-the-block cruising, family rides, and running errands.  

Thus, these bikes are not ideal for professional riding and competitions. Essentially, that’s because their specs are slightly low-end, which is expected of budget bikes.       

This Kent bikes review will explore more about Ken’s pros and cons to help you decide if the American brand is worth considering. But before we do, let’s talk about the brand history.

Are Kent Bikes Good Quality

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About Kent International

Kent International is a U.S manufacturer of bikes, cycling apparel, and biking gear headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey. The company was founded in 1909, making it one of today’s oldest bike companies.

Interestingly, Kent only began as a bike shop when American immigrant Abraham Kamler started restoring bikes around New York City at a tiny store on Lower East. As soon as the demand for the restored bikes improved, Kamler moved the bike shop to Newark, New Jersey.

Kamler would then convert the bike shop into a bike company named Philkam Cycles around 1957 to supply bicycles and bicycle parts all over Eastern U.S.

Philkam Cycle would, however, change its name to Kent around 1958. By 1979, Kent made bikes in Kearny New Kersey and supplied its environs. The company, however, shut down its factory in 1990 and moved overseas.

Nonetheless, they would resume manufacturing in the U.S in 2014 as Kent International and set up their factory in Clarendon County, South Carolina.

Today, Kent International markets not only Kent bicycles and biking products but also Genesis, GMC, Jeep, and Razor bikes.

Who Manufactures Kent Bikes

Why Kent Bikes Are Good

Generally, Kent bicycles are good due to the following reasons:

1. Bike Affordability

Kent International specifically targets customers on the lowest budget end. So, their bikes are cheaper than most, which explains the brand’s growing popularity. You can get most of them under $500 and some even as low as under $300, thus budget-friendly.

2. Strong Build

Kent International prefers to use aluminum on its bike frames because of its strength. Aluminum can bear huge weight, tolerate aggressive riding, and withstand bad weather, which means it’s durable.

Kent bicycles also feature robust rims and tires to boss the outdoors. The rims come double-layered not to snap under stress, while the seat post and stem are as strong as the frames.

3. Comfortable to Ride

The manufacturer prioritizes comfort over everything else, and you can tell that from the bikes’ build.

Starting with the saddles, they are ergonomic in shape and well-padded in the case of Kent cruisers, hybrids, and comfort bikes. That allows you to ride comfortably. These saddles also come with some form of suspension to save you from butt discomfort.

The handlebars are another area where comfort is a priority. They come with rubber grips to protect your hands from hand sores.

Moreover, options like Kent MTBs, comfort bikes, hybrids, and beach cruisers come with upright handlebars to keep you upright and relieve you from back and neck strain.

4. Easy to Fit

Kent bicycles come in various frames and wheel sizes, making it easy for users to find their fit. Most of the bikes’ seat posts feature a quick-release which allows you to adjust them to match your body size.

And when it comes to beach cruisers, comfort bikes, and some e-bikes, they come with step-thru frame options that promote easy rider access.

5. Rider-Friendly

Kent bicycles are not just easy to fit, but they are also easy to ride. For one, most of their adult bikes offer you a wide gear range to allow you to shift and ride seamlessly.

Their geometries also make them ride-friendly. For example, Kent beach cruisers and comfort bikes enjoy an upright geometry to save you from back and neck issues.

On the other hand, Kent BMX bikes and road bikes have a racing geometry that promotes speed and riding efficiency.

Are Kent Bikes Made in USA

6. Safe to Ride

There are many aspects of Kent bicycles that make them safe to ride. For one, the bikes come with highly responsive brakes that promise fast stopping, which is critical for your safety.

Secondly, their suspensions save you from numbness and soreness. And thirdly, Kent MTBs, comfort bikes, and other off-road choices come with high-traction tires to ensure you don’t slip and fall on slippery roads.

7. Decent Specs

Let’s get things straight here – Kent is not a high-end bike brand. So, don’t expect it to compete with Cannondale, Trek, Scott, Specialized, or any other high-end bike in specs quality. However, what they offer is decent enough for casual biking.

Its decent specs include brakes, tires, saddles, rims, and suspension forks. For what you pay for these bikes, it’s hard to complain.

The Bad – Why Kent Bikes May Not Be Good for You

While Kent bikes are affordable and a perfect choice for casual riding, they are not without a few drawbacks. Here are the two key concerns:

· Some Specs Need Upgrading

Even though most Kent specs are decent in performance, they are far from high-end. Features like tires, pedals, and brakes may require you to upgrade them at some point.

Unfortunately, that could mean using much money to make a Kent bike high-end.

· Not Best for Pro Riding

This drawback relates to the first one. Kent uses cheap specs, which means the specs are less reliable for serious cycling. You cannot depend on them professionally unless you upgrade them, which could be costly.

Kent Bikes Review

Kent Bike Range

Currently, Kent makes bicycles under these three categories:

  • Adult bikes – Options include beach cruisers, road bikes, mountain bikes, comfort bikes, BMX, and e-bikes
  • Kids’ bikes – Options include kids’ BMX, mountain bikes, and regular kids bikes with training wheels
  • Specialty Bikes – Options include tandems, folding bikes, and tricycles

Let’s discuss them:

1. Are Kent Mountain Bikes Good?

Kent may not be a high-end mountain bike brand, but it offers you some decent dual-suspension MTBS for your day-to-day trail exploits. The MTBs come with aluminum frames, which feel lighter and have wide-gear Shimano drivetrains for smooth shifting.

Their brakes are not high-end, but they are pretty reliable, specifically on dry land. They also come with robust wheels with high-traction tires to boss the off-road.

That undoubtedly describes Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike.

Are Kent Road Bikes Good?

Like you cannot expect a high-end MTB from Kent, you also cannot expect a high-end road bike from them. But for what you pay for Kent road bikes, they are a bargain.

These road bikes are best for casual road racing, urban commuting, short tours, and fitness cycling. One excellent pick for casual road cyclists on a budget is the Kent GZR700 Road Bike.

This road bike comes with a rigid hi-ten steel frame for aggressive cycling. It enjoys a 21-speed Shimano drivetrain that allows you to shift smoothly and 36-hole rims that give it unparalleled strength and natural toughness.

Are Kent Road Bikes Good

2. Are Kent BMX Bikes Good?

Kent makes some pretty decent BMX bikes that can compete with the best there are. Their BMX bikes are strong in build, thanks to their hi-ten steel frames and compact designs.

They also come with robust high-spoke wheels that can take all terrains.

That’s what you get from Kent Bicycles Madd Gear Freestyle BMX.

This 20-inch freestyle BMX comes ready for freestyle stunts. You can tell that from its hi-ten steel frame, 48-spoke wheels, and pegs.

3. Are Kent Cruiser Bikes Good?

Kent beach cruisers are your go-for bikes when you want to run errands and cruise the neighborhood on a budget. These bikes are not the most robust to take on aggressive terrains. No! They offer you a comfortable choice for flatter and slightly hilly neighborhoods.

An option like the Kent Oakwood Cruiser Bike (View on Amazon) features an aluminum frame and dual suspension to promote riding comfort. It’s accessorized with a lock, chain cover, and bell, making it commuter-friendly.

The best part is that it is 7-speed, thus suitable for slightly challenging terrains.

Are Kent Bikes Made in USA

4. Other Kent Bikes

Other Kent bicycles are good as Kent road bikes, MTBs, beach cruisers, and BMX. Kent electric bikes, for example, are all about speed, comfort, and ease of cycling, making them the perfect commuter choice.

Kent kids’ bikes are built for ease of riding by kids, while tandems are designed for couples’ comfort and bonding. On the other hand, Tricycles enjoy huge load capacities, while folding bikes are all about commuting flexibility.

The most comfortable choices, however, are comfort bikes. An option like the Kent Pomona Comfort Bike (View on Amazon) comes with an aluminum frame and dual suspension to offer you a comfortable ride.

People Also Ask

1. Are Kent Bikes Any Good?

Kent bikes may not be the most high-end bikes, but they feature decent specs that make them suitable for casual biking. The bikes are comfortable, easy to ride, safe, and durable. So, yes, Kent bikes are good.

2. Who Manufactures Kent Bikes?

Kent International, a New Jersey bike manufacturer, makes Kent bikes.

3. Are Kent Bikes Made in USA?

Kent bikes are exclusively made in the United States, even though some parts come from China.

4. Is Kent a Good Bike Brand?

Kent is one of the oldest entry-level bike brands known to make low-budget bicycles for entry-level and mid-level cyclists. The manufacturer promises decent bikes in a variety of designs and price points.

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In Summary; Are Kent Bikes Good?

Generally, go for Kent bicycles if you are looking for a casual bicycle on a budget. These bikes usually are best for recreational biking, fitness cycling, running errands, and commuting. But once it comes to pro riding, Kent bikes don’t have the specs to compete with high-end models.