Are Haro Bikes Good Quality?

While Haro was initially founded as a BMX brand, the California-based bike brand now stocks MTBs, cruiser bikes, hybrids, and many others. But are Haro bikes good?

Haro bikes are good because they come with stronger and efficient components which are upgradable. Their frames are lightweight and enjoy excellent warranties. Moreover, Haro makes a wide range of affordable bikes.

So, generally, there are so many Haro bike types to suit different cyclists. From pro riders to recreational bikers and from kids to adults, there is a suitable Haro bike out there.

But like every other bike brand, Haro is not flawless. So, I’ll share the brand’s concerns to help you determine if a Haro bike should be your next two-wheel.

But before that, let me briefly share the history of Haro Bikes (the brand).

are Haro bikes good

In a rush? Below are six of the best Haro bicycles for your consideration.

6 Best Haro Bikes On The Market

  1. Haro Downtown 26: Best Haro Adult BMX
  2. Shift R7 29: Best Haro Mountain Bike
  3. Haro Tradewind HD: Best Haro Cruiser Bike
  4. Lxi Flow 3: Best Haro Hybrid Bike
  5. Shift Plus i/0 9: Best Haro Electric Bike
  6. Haro Bikes Prewheelz 10: Best Haro Kids Bike

About Haro Bikes: Brand History

In 1978, American Bob Haro founded Haro Designs as a BMX brand. At the time, Bob Haro was only making the bicycles in his home.

His designs were, however, quickly recognized, and that saw their demand increase. Bob established it as a company in Torrance, California, to match the increasing demand.

Bob was eager to promote his newly established BMX brand, specifically freestyle BMX, and that saw Haro Designs earn the name ‘Father of Freestyle.’

Their most popular BMX lines at the time were Haro Master and Haro Sport. The two BMX freestyle beasts dominated the market in the 80s.

In 1988, Mr. Haro sold the brand but agreed to offer consultancy services to the new buyers for five years before leaving the company.

A group of investors led by Jim Ford bought the brand in 1993, and that saw it renamed Haro Bikes.

Jim saw the need to stick to Bob Haro’s initial designs, which saw the company’s reputation re-established.

2008 is recognized as the year that Haro Bikes went big. They started producing mountain bikes, hybrids, cruisers, and comfort bikes, and now they are among the leading bike brands in the U.S.

Where are Haro bicycles made

Are Haro Bikes Good Brand? (Pros & Cons)

The Good

Here are the best things about Haro Bikes:

1. Stronger and Efficient Components

One admirable thing about Haro Bikes is their choice of bike components.

Haro picks stronger parts to guarantee durability but, more importantly, those that are efficient in performance.

For example, their suspension forks are robust enough to take on the hard hits and effectively smoothening out your ride.

Their brakes are also another reference point when it comes to strength and efficiency.

2. Upgradeable Parts

While some parts are not high-end, especially for budget bikes, they are upgradeable. That allows you to give the bike the necessary lift to perform at an elite level.

That also means the replacement is seamless when it comes to defective or worn-out parts.

You can also upgrade components that are heavier and replace them with lighter ones. What’s important is that the upgrades are compatible with your bike.

3. Lightweight Frames and Pedals

Haro believes in speed and maneuverability, and you can tell that from the material choice. The bike frames, in particular, are lightweight to allow you to ride the bikes more comfortably.

That’s usually an advantage in mountain biking as it allows you to climb much comfortably and speed up where necessary.

The other components that encourage acceleration and ascending power are the pedals. They are mostly plastic to facilitate that.

4. Wide Price Range

Haro prides in inclusivity, and one way they show for it is by stocking bikes are all price points.

Haro bicycles come in a wide range of prices, making them affordable to all.

These bikes’ starting price is just slightly over $350, and they stretch to over $4,000 and a few electric options costing slightly over $6,000.

Overall, you can get a decent beach cruiser, hybrid, BMX, and even a mountain bike for $600-$1,000.

is Haro a good bike brand

5. Bike Variety

I’ve talked about the price as a way that Haro shows inclusivity. The other way they do it is by designing bikes that suit riders of different cycling experiences, ages, and even gender.

Whether you are an advanced cyclist or a beginner, you can get a decent Haro bike.

More importantly, the bikes come in different sizes to suit adults, youths, and kids. And, of course, there are even options for women.

6. Good Warranty

Haro bikes have impressive warranties, which only a few brands can match.

Their frames and suspension forks typically come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers them for life against manufacturing defects.

Of course, the warranty applies to the initial purchaser and doesn’t cover normal wear, improper use, and accidental failure.

Haro also offers you a limited 1-year warranty for the paint, bike finish, and other components attached to the bike.

But again, the policy only applies to the initial bike owner.

The Bad

While plastic pedals are lighter, they are not the strongest, especially for aggressive cycling. So, that’s a downside if you are a serious mountain biker or road racer.

The other issue is that budget Haro bikes have just standard components, often requiring upgrading to guarantee excellent performance, which costs more money.

And when it comes to high-end bikes, they are not just expensive (given that some cost over $4,000) but also require high maintenance.

However, this shouldn’t be a big deal if you are a pro rider, as bike maintenance is routine.

are Haro bikes good quality

What Bikes Does Haro Stock?: Haro Bikes Review

Currently, Haro stocks the following bike types:

  • BMX bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Cruiser bikes
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Electric bikes
  • Kids bikes

Let me discuss them next.

1. Are Haro BMX Bikes Good?

For over 35 years, Haro has been a pace-setter and the brand-to-beat in the BMX sector. So, the BMX DNA is deeply rooted in their bloodline.

Their BMX bikes are a perfect choice for freestyling, owing to their compact frames and robust forks. But other than freestyle BMX, Haro also makes race BMX, which are best for street racing.

One thing that sets Haro BMX apart from others is that they come in adult-friendly frames. So, if you are taller but having a problem finding a BMX, you should check out Haro BMX.

One amazing Haro BMX for a taller guy is the Haro Downtown 26.

This adult BMX comes with molded pedals, a full-sealed headset, high-traction Kenda tires, and a hi-ten fork, qualities that make it great for freestyle.

2. Are Haro Mountain Bikes Good?

While BMX is Haro’s model bikes line, the MTBs are not so far behind. You could argue that they are just as good as the BMX if you judge them on performance.

For starters, Haro mountain bicycles feature sturdier and efficient components to guarantee efficiency and durability.

The frames feel stiffer, which makes climbing much more straightforward. The frames are also lighter, thus maneuverable, and significantly encourage acceleration.

The bikes also have resilient structures to withstand rough usage.

The other thing to like is the suspension. With most high-end Haro bikes employing the 4-bar linkage suspension, they promise optimal bump absorption and ease of control.

That’s the case with the Shift R7 29, an all-mountain full-suspension MTB for serious cyclists.

Overall, Haro makes full-suspension, XC, electric MTBs, sports fitness, urban, and kids MTBs. It’s generally hard to argue with their performance.

are Haro mountain bikes good

3. Are Haro Cruiser Bikes Good?

Popularly known as DCL Sol cruisers, you cannot go wrong with Haro beach cruisers. These casual bikes come with a laidback geometry that lets you ride upright.

They enjoy massive balloon tires that cushion your ride and roll seamlessly on boardwalks, pavements, beach sides, parks, and paved roads.

Some of them are retro-inspired to remind you of the 80s and 90s.

The only issue with these bikes is that they can be heavier, owing to their massive frames and wheels.

The weight aside, they are pretty budget-friendly. Overall, they are the cheapest by Haro, given that most cost under $500.

The other impressive thing is their simplicity, especially the drivetrain. So, the bikes are generally easier to maintain.

That’s the case with the Haro Tradewind HD. This cruiser bike enjoys a pedal-forward design that lets you ride more relaxed.

It’s a decent bike that comes with more robust and efficient parts.

4. Are Haro Hybrid Bikes Good?

Haro makes a particular type of hybrid bike line known as the comfort hybrid. These hybrid bikes have a modern touch and are pretty ergonomic, thus comfortable to ride.

They are, however, better suited to the urban roads.

The bikes feature lighter frames, cushioned saddles, and ergonomic grips to promote optimal riding comfort.

They also come equipped with suspension seat posts and some with suspension forks to promote maximum bump absorption. So, they are a perfect choice for exploring the local streets.

One exceptional comfort hybrid by Haro is Lxi Flow 3.

This comfort hybrid bike comes with high-rise handlebars, an adjustable stem, comfy saddle, slacked head tube, and suspension seat post to promise the most laid-back cruising.

are Haro hybrid bikes good

5. Are Haro Electric Bikes Good?

The electric bike sector is an area where Haro bikes seem to be thriving lately. Their electric bikes are pretty expensive, some costing $4,700-$6,300.

They, however, prove their worth in performance. They come with more improved geometry and feature a more powerful motor and drivetrain.

Their geometry puts you in an attack-ready posture, which is essential for taking on the mountains.

These bikes employ advanced suspension, high-end tire, and high-strength frames.

One reference bike is the Shift Plus i/0 9.

This motorized two-wheel beast has the build quality to take on the roughest terrains.

Its price might be at the highest end, but it makes up for that in performance. This e-bike is what I can call the complete electric bike.

6. Are Haro Kids’ Bikes Good?

Haro stocks some fantastic kids’ bikes that you can get for your youngster. Currently, they make kids’ BMX, MTBs, and balance bikes.

Since I’ve already talked about BMX and MTBs, I’ll now discuss the balance bikes.

Haro balance bikes are perfect for kids to learn to ride in the living room, deck, and park. They are easier to ride even unsupervised but, more importantly, safer for your younger adventurer.

While these balance bikes are pretty cheap, most averaging $100, they come with decent parts.

Haro currently runs the Prewheelz balance bike line, where an option like the Haro Bikes Prewheelz 10 (Amazon Link) sets the standard.

The 10-inch balance bike comes with high-impact Mag wheels, scuff-resistant tubeless tires, adjustable handlebar, and oversized seat, thus built for aggressive riding and optimal comfort.

This balance bike is perfect for 1-3-year-olds.

Haro Bikes Prewheelz 10


1. Where Are Haro Bicycles Made?

Haro bicycles are manufactured in Fullerton, Orange County.

2. Are Haro Bikes Good Quality?

Haro bikes are pretty solid and efficient. They also come with good warranties and enjoy lighter frames that are maneuverable. All of the components are carefully sourced to guarantee optimal performance, thus good quality.

3. How Much Does A Haro Bike Cost?

You can get an adult Haro bike for anything between $350 and $6,300. Most of them average $500-$1,000. Expect kids’ Haro bikes, however, to cost under $350.

4. Are Haro Bikes Any Good?

Most Haro bikes may be cheaper, but that doesn’t make them low quality. Such bikes are decent in performance and often come with upgradeable standard parts.

Besides, their high-end options are as good as any other in durability, comfort, and performance.

5. Which Bike Is Better; Trek Or Haro?

Trek and Haro have so much in common, given that they produce a wide range of quality bikes at different price points. Haro, however, tends to be more budget-friendly, and they use more upgradable parts.

Are Haro Bikes Good? Closing Thought:

Generally, Haro bikes combine affordability and performance. The cycles may come at budget prices, but they are available in more robust and durable options.

The secret is to pick an option that fulfills your cycling needs!