Are Genesis Mountain Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Notable for its adventure Croix de Fer bike, which broke the world record of the fastest time to circumnavigate the world, Genesis also makes MTBs among other bikes. But are Genesis mountain bikes good?   

Genesis mountain bikes are good because they come with durable frames with lifetime warranties to withstand the test of time. Plus, the bikes are adaptive in different terrains, feature decent specs, come in multiple gender-neutral frames, and enjoy a stiffer geometry.

So, even though these bikes come in a narrow range and are slightly costly, they are pretty worth it for their remarkable advantages.    

We’ll talk more about the good and even the bad of Genesis MTBs to help you decide if you should get one.   

Let’s get started!

Are Genesis Mountain Bikes Any Good

7 Reasons Why Genesis Mountain Bikes Are Good

I genuinely believe that Genesis MTBs are good because of these seven reasons:

1. Durable Frames

Genesis bicycles are good, mainly due to the manufacturer’s philosophy of not snubbing any material. Instead, they believe in converting every material into brilliant bike frames.

That has seen them employ aluminum, titanium, carbon, and steel on their various mountain bikes.

In-house, the manufacturer employs Chromoly steel (Reynold), which is stronger than regular steel; double-butted titanium, stronger than standard titanium; and ALX alloy, which is stronger than traditional aluminum alloy.

So, overall, their material choices promise strength, which translates to fatigue-resistance and endurance and eventually equals durability.    

Mark you, Genesis employs these quality materials on its MTB frames, chainstays, seat tubes, top tubes, and pedals.

And while the materials’ main benefit is durability, they also promise comfort, stiffness, and flexibility, things you want from your MTB.

2. Good Warranty

Genesis doesn’t just claim to make durable MTBs but provides good warranties to back their claim. For example, all their bike frames, including MTBs’ come with limited lifetime warranties.

That means you can count on the bicycle frames to last you a lifetime without worrying about them snapping or breaking apart during usage.

The bikes’ forks also have lifetime warranties to serve you as long as the frames. And as for the Genesis branded parts, they all come with a 2-year warranty, which is not bad.

3. Versatility

Whether you want to hit the mountain peaks, dash to work, or run an errand, nothing beats a Genesis mountain bike. 

These bikes are not the most high-end, nor are they the most low-end, but they are mid-range options with decent specs (explained below) to allow you to go just about anywhere.

For example, their Genesis Longitude model is known as the go-anywhere/do-anything bike due to its versatility. You can hit the most challenging trails and reach the steepest peaks with this mid-range bike. As a result, you get value from the bikes.

Is Genesis a Good Mountain Bike

4. Decent Specs

Specs are everything when it comes to MTBs, and that’s an area where Genesis doesn’t disappoint. Starting with the brakes, the manufacturer employs hydraulic disc brakes on most MTBs, which promise fast and crisp stopping on all terrains and weather.

Genesis mainly employs Shimano Deore, a mid-range groupset with impressive performance when it comes to the hub, derailleur, and shifters.

To ensure that you can easily fit tubeless tires, Genesis offers you tubeless-ready rims. And to enable you to ride aggressively outdoors, the wheels feature puncture-resistant tires.

Speed-wise, you can count on their multi-speed mid-range drivetrain for fast speed and quick shifting.

Genesis also has an in-house production team that makes its branded components as good as those by reputable third parties. That includes the handlebars, saddles, stems, seat posts, and forks.

You can count on these parts for optimal performance and durability.

5. Multiple Frame Sizes

Genesis MTBs come in four primary frame sizes to accommodate 152cm – 193cm tall riders. The frames generally ensure that all adults can ride a Genesis MTB.

Below is a general sizing chart for the four frames that Genesis uses on its mountain bikes:

Frame SizeRider’s Height

6. Gender-Neutral Frames

Genesis doesn’t make separate bicycles for men and women. Instead, they make gender-neutral frames that are friendly to both the man’s and woman’s anatomy.

In that case, their MTBs are not too tall to feel uncomfortably big to women, and they are not too short not to fit taller guys.

So, Genesis tries to balance what women want and what suits men.

Genesis Mountain Bike 26 Inch

7. Stiffer Geometry

Genesis’s current MTB line, Genesis Longitude, comes with a rigid frame and enjoys a stiffer XC geometry to ride fast.

The geometry, characterized by a larger wheelbase for extra stability, narrow ridge, shorter stems, and shorter frame stack for easy handling, allows you to ride aggressively.

Overall, their cockpit area remains narrower to offer you stability and concentrate your weight at the center.

While the Genesis Longitude enjoys an aggressive XC geometry, the various parameters (reach, stack, wheelbase, etcetera.) differ between the frame sizes to suit riders of different heights.

Below is a table comparing the geometries of Longitude’s four frame sizes.

Geometry ParameterSmall FrameMedium FrameLarge FrameExtra-Large Frame
Seat Tube Length406mm445mm480mm520mm
Top Tube Length582mm610mm638mm663mm
Frame Reach395mm420mm445mm465mm
Frame Stack614mm626mm637mm643mm
Stand-Over Height766mm787mm806mm837mm

How about the Bad? What Concerns Most Genesis MTB Customers?

Though Genesis has made several MTB lines over the years, such as Genesis Cariban, Genesis Core, Genesis Latitude, Genesis High-Latitude, and Genesis Tan, they currently only stock the Genesis Longitude.

With the Longitude being a cross-country mountain bike, Genesis leaves out fans of trail bikes, fat bikes, downhill bikes, and e-MTBs.

So, unless you are looking for a cross-country bike, a Genesis Longitude may not be ideal. Your other option will be to contact Genesis and ask about the MTBs that they have on their archives.

So, when it comes to comparing Genesis vs. Mongoose or any other leading MTB brand, Genesis falls behind for having a limited range.

The other issue, probably not so serious, is the price. The Genesis Longitude, for example, goes for £1,199.99 online.

While that’s not too expensive compared to what you pay for a Trek mountain bike or Giant mountain bike, it’s slightly priced, given that it’s a rigid cross country bike.

Additionally, Genesis concentrates on larger wheel sizes, 27.5-inch plus. So, it might be hard getting a Genesis Mountain Bike 24 Inch, even if it’s a Longitude.

Who Makes Genesis Mountain Bikes

What Mountain Bikes Does Genesis Make?

As mentioned, Genesis currently makes the Genesis Longitude, a rigid cross country (XC). However, you can get the mountain bikes below on their archives:

  • Genesis Core
  • Genesis Latitude
  • High Latitude
  • Genesis Tan

Is the Genesis Longitude Good?

The Genesis longitude is a cross-country rigid mountain bike that Genesis labels the ‘do-anything/go-anywhere bike.’

In my honest opinion, there is nothing that this XC bike cannot do, and there is no place that you cannot go.

While its primary job is cross country racing, this bike can be your commuter bike, fitness bike, recreational bike; you name it. That’s how versatile the Genesis Mountain Bike 29 Inch is.

It comes with decent specs such as a Shimano Deore drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, tubeless-ready rims, and a KMC chain. So, you can count on the bike for high performance, strength, and durability.

The MTB features several high-quality Genesis-branded components that promote a better riding experience. The components come with a 2-year warranty when the frame and the fork enjoy limited lifetime coverage.   

Moreover, the MTB comes in a gender-neutral frame to suit both genders. So, yes, a Genesis Longitude is good.

People Also Ask

1. Who Makes Genesis Mountain Bikes?

Genesis bikes are made by Genesis Bicycle, a part of H Young Holdings. While the bike designing takes place at their Milton Keynes headquarters, the manufacturing takes place in Indonesia and some parts of Vietnam.

2. Is Genesis a Good Mountain Bike?

Genesis may not be a household name in the mountain bike sector but makes decent mountain bikes. Their frames come with lifetime warranties, and so do their forks. Plus, they feature durable components and lots of comfort specs.

3. Is Genesis V2100 a Good Bike?

Genesis V2100 comes with some fantastic specs that make it worth it. For one, this Genesis Mountain Bike 26 Inch features dual suspension to absorb bumps and promise twice the comfort.

It comes in an aluminum frame that’s super lightweight and 21-speed drivetrain for smooth shifting. Moreover, its linear-pull disc brakes are reliable, even though they are not the most high-end.   

4. Where Are Genesis Bikes Made?

Genesis Bicycle, the bike manufacturer behind Genesis bikes, has its headquarters in Milton Keynes in the U.K.

Are Genesis Mountain Bikes Good? Closing Thought

Given their durable frames, goof warranties, decent specs, gender-neutral frames, and size variety, it’s undeniable that Genesis bikes are good. While the major issue is the brand occupying a narrow niche, the existing MTBs promise better value for money.