Are Genesis Bikes Good Quality?

U.K giant bike manufacturer Genesis Bicycle may not be a big hitter like Trek, Diamondback, or Giant Bicycles but enjoys a considerable market size in the U.K and beyond. They make everything from touring bikes to mountain bikes. But are genesis bikes good?

Genesis bikes are good because they come with quality frames that last long and enjoy good warranties. Also, these bikes are comfortable to ride and come in a variety of frame sizes and types at affordable prices.

So, whether you are a beginner or an expert, you cannot miss a decent Genesis bike for your cycling exploits. They make both entry-level and high-end cycles to suit all kinds of cyclists.

That, however, doesn’t mean that Genesis bikes are all perfect. There are a few issues, which I’ll air out in this post.   

But first, let’s talk about the history of the U.K bike manufacturer.      

Is Genesis a Good Bike Brand

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5 Best Genesis Bikes

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  2. Tour De Fer 10: Best Genesis Touring Bike
  3. Genesis Longitude: Best Genesis Mountain Bike
  4. Genesis Brixton: Best Genesis Utility Bike

About Genesis Bicycle

Genesis Bicycle, famously known as Genesis, is a U.K bike brand known for designing, building, and selling road bikes, touring bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, adventure bikes, and utility bikes.

Though its first bike, Day One, was made in 2001 under Ridgeback Brand, Genesis was only recognized as a brand in 2006. So, 2006 remains Genesis’ founding year.

Since launching, Genesis has been employing the best bike designers to ensure they only produce quality bikes. Some of them include James Olsen, Albert Steward, and Don Thomas.   

In 2009, the bike maker unveiled its most successful bike, Croix de Fer, a touring bike with steel drop bars. Some notable personalities spotted with this bike include American actor Harrison Ford and montane iceman Paul Cosgrove.

However, Croix de Fer’s highlight was in 2010 when British cyclist Vin Cox used the bike to set a new Guinness World Record of the fastest time to circumnavigate the globe on two-wheel.

The record stands at 163 days, 6 hours, and 58 minutes, improving the previous record by 13 days.

2014 saw Genesis Bicycle produce its first-ever carbon fiber road bike for the Madison Genesis racing team.

After that, especially in 2006, the company came up with the Equilibrium (steel road bike), Equilibrium Disc (steel and aluminum option), Delta (aluminum road bike), and flyer (Chromoly road bike).

2016 also saw them make adventure bikes, mountain bikes, urban commuters, and youth bikes.

They currently stock dozens of bikes and sponsor the Madison Racing Team. That’s how successful they are!

Who Owns Genesis Bicycles

Are Genesis Bikes Good Bikes? Why I Believe They Are!

Generally, Genesis Bikes are good due to these six reasons:

1. Quality Frames

Genesis doesn’t snub any frame material. Their philosophy is that it’s possible to make quality frames from any material.

The company has an in-house fabrication team that makes the frames to meet industrial standards. The team ensures the frames are long-lasting.

Genesis is mainly known for using Chromoly steel, which is stronger than regular steel and rust-resistant. Chromoly steel enjoys high tensile strength, which means the frames don’t give in to fatigue and can take on massive loads.

When it comes to titanium, the manufacturer employs double-butted titanium, which is just as fatigue-resistant and strong as Chromoly steel.

As for aluminum, Genesis employs ALX alloy, which is heavy gauge aluminum that promotes lasting performance.

2. Impressive Warranty

Genesis bikes come with several fantastic warranties that boost the customer’s confidence.

For one, all of its frames (steel, titanium, aluminum, and carbon) come with a limited lifetime warranty. That means the frames are guaranteed to last you a lifetime and are therefore covered against material defects and shoddy craftsmanship.

The forks (steel, carbon, and aluminum) also have lifetime warranties as Genesis-branded components enjoy two years. Third-party components, however, depend on the third parties’ coverage.

3. Comfortable Choices

Genesis designs its bikes with comfort in mind. For starters, the frames are lighter than most, especially titanium, carbon, and aluminum options, for ease of cycling.

Their mountain and adventure bikes, on the other hand, have shock-absorbing properties, while their utility bikes enjoy an upright geometry, thus comfortable.

And when it comes to their road bikes and gravel bikes, they have fast-rolling tires, thus fun to ride.

Where Are Genesis Bikes Manufactured

4. Size Variety

Every Genesis bike comes in multiple frame sizes to match riders of different heights. All you should do is pick a frame size that fits your height.

5. Bike Variety

Genesis currently makes six categories of bikes, which include:

  • Touring bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Adventure bikes
  • Gravel bikes
  • Utility or city bikes

So, there is enough to choose from Genesis, especially if you are a casual rider.

6. Affordable Bikes

While a few high-end Genesis bikes cost over £4,000, most options cost under £1,500. There are even a few decent options under £500. So, Genesis bikes are pretty affordable.

The only issue is that the budget choices don’t offer as much quality as the high-end bikes.

Are Genesis Road Bikes Any Good?

Currently, Genesis only stocks the Equilibrium road bike line, which is a shame for those who want variety.

But for what you pay for, the Equilibrium bike line, especially the Genesis Equilibrium Disc, is everything you need in a mid-range road bike.

Thanks to its quality disc brakes, there is no road that you cannot race with this bike. And owing to its aerodynamic look, you get to ride faster than most bikers.

This Genesis road bike enjoys a sleeker look and offers you massive tire clearance to fit a tire with a diameter of up to 32mm. So, you can easily fit slightly wider tires to ride off-road.

So, if you are looking for a confidence-inspiring speed machine, you cannot go wrong with the Genesis Equilibrium Disc.

Genesis Road Bike

Are Genesis Touring Bikes Good?

Genesis takes pride in its touring bike, the Tour De Fer. Remember, this is the bike that holds the record of circumnavigating the globe in the shortest time. So, if you need speed and endurance in a bike, then a Genesis Tour De Fer is your safe bet.

These bikes are not as costly as most touring bikes as you can get one under £1,500. But despite that, they are pretty solid and durable to allow you to haul lots of loads and pretty comfortable to enable you to ride long distances.

That’s the case with the Genesis Tour de Fer 10. This mid-range two-wheel beauty promises decent specs like powerful disc brakes, puncture-resistant tires, a strong cargo rack, and custom mudguards.

Overall, the bike is best for cross-continental touring and daily commuting.

Are Genesis Mountain Bikes Good?

Before discontinuing its production in 2012, Genesis Bicycle was known for its Genesis Bikes V2100. The budget mountain bike comes in a lightweight aluminum frame and enjoys a strong alloy four-bar suspension, thus highly comfortable.

Its 21-speed Shimano gear set promises swift and smooth shifting while its robust tires dominate the off-road.

Today, the company stocks Genesis Longitude on its website. This bike, which Genesis calls the go-anywhere and do-anything mountain bike, is true to its word.   

It’s strong, comfortable, relatively fast, and comes in a gender-neutral design, making it a bike for everyone and every terrain.

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Are Other Genesis Bikes Good?

Genesis utility bikes (or city bikes), adventure bikes, and gravel bikes are as impressive as road bikes, touring bikes, and MTBs.

For example, its utility bikes are solid enough to carry lots of luggage and take on long stretches. They come with stronger hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping, and massive tires absorb bumps.

So, when it comes to commuting and running errands, you cannot go wrong with a Genesis utility bike.

Overall, there is no better choice than the Genesis Braxton. The bike adapts to different terrains and promises lots of comforts.  

Who Owns Genesis Bicycles

The Bad

Yes, I know I mentioned that Genesis bikes come in several types. But let’s face it; the brand has a limited selection compared with Giant Bicycles, Trek, or Schwinn.

For example, they no longer stock hybrid bikes on their website. They have utility bikes, which are different from the old Genesis hybrid bikes.

Generally, utility or city bikes are best for urban roads and enjoy a more relaxed geometry. In contrast, hybrid bikes can take on all terrains and have a more aggressive geometry.

Genesis also has limited mountain bikes and road bikes. Today, they only stock the Equilibrium road bike and the Longitude mountain bike. So, you have to settle for those when you can get lots of choices on other brands.

The other issue is that while the frames are high-quality and durable, some are pretty heavy.

Furthermore, it’s hard to tell if a given bike is good from the Genesis website as there aren’t any reviews. You can only get the reviews on their leading distributor, Freewheel.

People Also Ask

1. Is Genesis a Good Bike Brand?

It’s undeniable that Genesis is yet to catch up with traditional giant manufacturers like Trek, Schwinn, Giant Bicycles, and Diamondback Bicycles. However, for a bike brand that is barely 15 years, its popularity, quality bikes, and sizeable market size make it a good bike brand.

2. Who Owns Genesis Bicycles?

Currently, H Young Holdings owns Genesis Bicycles.

3. Where Are Genesis Bikes Manufactured?

Genesis makes its bikes in Indonesia and Vietnam, where its main workshops are located. However, the company designs the bikes at their head office in Milton Keynes, U.K.

4. How Good Are Genesis Bikes?

Genesis bikes come with durable frames that enjoy lifetime warranties. The bikes are comfortable to ride and come in all frame sizes. Even better, they are available at all price points. That’s how good they are!

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Are Genesis Bikes Good? Closing Thought

Genesis bikes may not come in many choices, and some may be heavier, but that doesn’t negate the manufacturer’s reputation.

The bikes are good, and you can tell that from their high-quality frames, lifetime warranties, lots of frame sizes, to name a few.

So, the bikes are worth consideration, more so for casual biking.