Are Foldable Bike Helmets Safe?

Foldable bike helmets are without a doubt a handy choice for frequent cyclist travelers. But the helmets’ collapsibility aside, let’s talk about the thing that matters the most, and that is safety. So, are foldable bike helmets safe?

Foldable bike helmets are only safe if they meet the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) standards or any other recognizable safety standard that I’ll mention later in this post. A CPSC-certified helmet protects your head and against crash-related impact, thus safe.

Subsequently, you should check for the CPSC sticker.

Overall, there is nothing better than knowing that your collapsible helmet has what it takes to protect your head.

Let’s face it;

Nothing is more detrimental during a crash than head trauma. So, if your helmet can absorb impact, then it can prevent a head injury.

Now, let’s talk more about the CPSC certification and your head safety.

are foldable bike helmets safe

Are Foldable Bike Helmets Safe? The ‘CPSC Sticker’ Factor

In general, you’ve to go for the helmet whose safety is assured.

In particular, look for the one with the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) sticker that applies to helmets made and sold in the U.S.

The sticker shows that a given helmet is safe as it complies with CPSC’s high safety standards. Simply put, it shows that the bike helmet meets these standards:

  • It has passed the impact test – one that can reduce impact to the head during a fall
  • Its straps are not too loose
  • It won’t fall off from the rider’s head when the rider falls off the bike
  • It doesn’t obscure the user’s vision
  • It’s tested in all weather conditions

Any Other Foldable Bike Helmet Safety Certification?

While CPSC approves bike helmets in the U.S, you should watch out for the Snell and ASTM stickers for helmets sold in the U.S and Canada or the CSA (Canadian Standard Association) sticker for those sold only in Canada.

In Europe, you should check for the EN certification sticker.

Note, nonetheless, that helmets that meet all these standards do not necessarily meet the CPSC standards.

So, it’s better to prioritize CPSC standards above the rest. If you get the other certification, then that’s a huge plus.

Who Makes the Safest Foldable Bike Helmets?

If you want the best foldable bike helmet that meets the CPSC standards, consider these brands:


Initially, FEND didn’t focus on creating a foldable helmet but a breathable one. So the element of collapsibility came naturally when the company managed to make the most ventilated helmet.

Their helmets look like woven baskets, thus highly breathable and easily foldable.

FEND also has some of the most budget-friendly CPSC-approved helmets, and leading the line is the Fend Foldable Bike Helmet (View on Amazon).

Not only is this helmet CPSC-certified but also EN-certified. Thanks to its ABS outer shell and impact-absorbing EPS core, its head protection capability is unquestionable.

Its design makes it suitable for mountain bikes, cruisers, and road bikes.

Overall, the helmet saves up to 50% of storage space upon collapsing.

fend foldable bike helmet

2. Closca

Recognized as the only brand to have featured at the Museum of Modern Art, Closca helmets are unique in every sense.

They come with a patented design that is generally lightweight but, more importantly, safe and space-saving.

While most foldable helmets fold sideways to save on space, Closca helmets fold from top to bottom to save up to 50% of storage space.

So, obviously, because of that and being able to meet CPSC standards, Closca helmets are slightly costly.

However, you pay for what you get. A helmet like the Closca Foldable Bicycle Helmet (View on Amazon) guarantees impact protection, thus highly safe.

It saves up to 55% of space and is generally lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. Moreover, it’s available in small, medium, and large sizes and comes with a detachable visor for your eye protection.

3. Overade

Overade doesn’t disappoint either when it comes to its foldable helmets. The helmets save up to 30% of storage space, which is not bad for a CPSC-certified head protector.

They are also highly adjustable and super comfortable.

An option like Overade Plixi Fit Foldable Bicycle Helmet comes with an ABS shell and EPS foam lining to reduce heavy impact to the head and prevent bran injury.

It has an adjustable Plixi fit system that makes it comfortable on heads of varying sizes.

What’s more, this helmet is not just practical but elegant too to suit e-bikes, folding bikes, urban bikes, and fixed-gear bikes.

4. 174Hudson

174Hudson promises foldable helmets with modern styling. Their helmets are not just CPSC-tested but also EN-tested.

Overall, 174Hudson helmets save up to 50% of storage space, and they are generally lightweight.

The best part is that the brand has some of the most budget-friendly helmets on the market.

A classic example is the 174Hudson Stack Helmet, which costs under $70.

This helmet only weighs 330g, thus considerably lightweight. Overall, it fits medium and large heads (those with a 56-63cm head circumference).

The helmet is CPSC and EN-approved and enjoys a highly ventilated design. It’s also readily adjustable to guarantee better fit and head comfort.

best foldable bike helmet

5. Brooks England

Brooks England makes most of their helmets in Italy. So, naturally, you expect them to be EN-approved.

But still, they also come with the CPSC sticker, meaning they meet the Consumer Protection Safety Commission’s high safety standards.

The cycling helmets don’t save much space, but you can expect up to 20%. That’s the case with the Brooks England Foldable Helmet.

Not only does it save you 20% of storage space, but it also promises durability, compactness, and lighter weight.

This Italy-made helmet comes with an adjustable strap for easy fitting and carrying. The best part is that its interior padding is removable and washable.

6. Carrera

Carrera is one of the pioneer foldable helmet manufacturers. So, the brand has built a solid reputation over the years.

Though its helmets are not as collapsible as most of its competitors, they allow you to fold them just enough for convenient storage.

Sadly, these helmets are among the costliest, but it’s all for a reason.

A helmet like the Carrera Foldable Crit Cycle Helmet meets both the CPSC and EN safety standards. As a result, it’s safe to use in the United States and Europe.

It comes with an eye-protecting removable visor and enjoys full-surface ventilation to keep your head cool at all times.

Overall, this Carrera foldable helmet compresses by at least 20% to significantly save on storage space.

Other Brands Known to Make Safe Bike Helmets

In addition to the above helmet brands, these brands also make the safest helmets:

· Morpher

Morpher is one of the newest entrants in the cycling helmet manufacturing world. But since launching in 2013, the brand has enjoyed a stellar reputation.

Their helmets fold down in half to save up to 50% of storage space. The prices are also reasonable, making them budget-friendly.

· Park & Diamond

Park & Diamond currently makes highly comfortable CPSC-approved helmets. However, their helmets are slightly costly, but that is hugely due to the effort channeled in their production.

What Is The Safest Bicycle Helmet

FAQs about Safe Foldable Bike Helmets

1. What Is The Safest Bicycle Helmet?

Here are CPSC-certified helmets that are among the safest on the market:

  1. Fend Foldable Bike Helmet
  2. Overade Plixi Fit Foldable Bicycle Helmet
  3. 174Hudson Stack Helmet

2. Are Cheap Bike Helmets Safe?

There is no association between the price and helmet safety. While most cheap helmets are not safe, it doesn’t apply to all.

So, the most important thing to consider is the CPSC sticker. Provided that a helmet has the sticker, then it’s safe, regardless of price.

3. Should I Get A Bike Helmet With MIPS?

Bike helmets with MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) are believed to be 10% safer than those without the technology.

MIPS technology is better at absorbing head rotation impact, and that’s why.

One study by the Swedish Folk Insurance Sam Insurance Group agrees with this argument.

4. Do Bike Helmets Have Expiration Dates?

According to the Snell Memory Foundation, helmets should be replaced after five years. So, yes, helmets have an expiry.

However, a helmet doesn’t have to be older than five years to expire. You should replace it immediately after a fall or crash.

5. Are Bicycle Helmets Useless?

While some people find helmets are uncomfortable on the head for long hours or when it’s too hot, they aren’t useless.

On the contrary, they protect your head from heavy impact resulting from collisions. Some even have detachable visors to protect your eyes from the rain and sun.

6. How Much Should I Prepare to Spend On A Bike Helmet?

Overall, helmets come in different budgets, depending on design, technology, and brand. While most bike helmets cost about $100-$200, it’s possible to get a safe helmet under $50.

What’s important is that the helmet is CPSC-certified, regardless of price.

Closing Thoughts on Safe Foldable Bike Helmets:

So, are foldable bike helmets safe? As discussed, foldable helmets are only safe when they meet the CPSC standards and have a sticker to show for it. So, look for the sticker when choosing a bike helmet.

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