Are Evil Bikes Good Or Just ”Evil”?

Hardcore trail explorers and passionate shredders want a bike that they can have fun riding and take just about anything on their path. One bike brand that identifies with such riders is Evil Bikes, popularly known as Evil. But are Evil bikes good?

Evil bikes are good because they are high-caliber bikes with innovative DELTA suspension and Flip-Chip adjustments that promise top-level performance. Moreover, they come with high-end carbon frames and enjoy a progressive geometry, thus comfortable to ride.

We also cannot forget to mention their build quality, outlined by their weather-sealed frames, quality brakes, and high-performance wheels.

Overall, their build quality is rewarded by good warranties, including a limited lifetime frame warranty. So, these bikes seem to justify their high price. And even though there’s only a limited selection, they all come in multiple frame sizes to suit a large group of riders. 

Let’s review its pros and cons to help you understand our argument and decide if you should get an Evil bike next. But before we do, let’s share with you the brand’s brief history.

does evil make good bikes

In a rush? Check out Evil’s best bikes on the hotlist below:

4 Best Evil Bikes

  1. The Following: Best Evil trail bike and ‘Mountain Bike of the Decade’ According To Forbes
  2. The Wreckoning: Best Evil enduro bike
  3. Chamois Hagar: Best Evil gravel bike
  4. Evil Faction: Best Evil dirt jumper

About Evil Bicycle Company: Company Overview

Evil is a mountain bike brand based in Seattle, Washington, founded by art and design expert Kevin Walsh in 2009.

Other than the MTBs, Evil stocks gravel bikes. And when it comes to mountain bikes, their line-up includes trail bikes, enduro bikes, and dirt jumpers.

Interestingly, Kevin Walsh first ventured into bike design in 2006 when Iron Horse, an MTB brand, approached him to redesign some of their downhillers. However, the bike brand folded down soon after, forcing Walsh to start his brand, what we now know as Evil.

The first bike they made at their Taiwanese factory was Evil Revolt, a downhill MTB. A few years later, they unveiled Evil Undead, a carbon downhiller.

However, their highlight year was in 2014, when the company produced theEvil Following, a high caliber 29er trail bike. Forbes even names the Evil Following: ¨the Mountain Bike Of The Decade¨.

The company began sponsoring the black Collars riding team in 2019 to earth masked their accomplishment.

Today, they are known for employing Dave Weagle-designed DELTA suspension and Flip-Chip adjustments, making the bikes a level above the rest.

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Why Evil Bikes Are Good

Evil bicycles are good because of the following reasons:

1. Delta Suspension with Flip-Chip Adjustment

Evil bikes employ Dave’s Extra Legitimate Travel Apparatus (DELTA) suspension designed by renowned mechanical engineer Dave Weagle. 

Dave Weagle is also behind DW-link suspension, popular on Pivot bikes.

Overall, DELTA suspension is highly tunable to have a personalized feel of your bike. Plus, it promises maximum suppleness when taking on rough roads.

DELTA suspension, however, does not work alone. It’s dependent on an adjustability feature we call the Flip-Chip. Flip-Chip allows you to alter the bike’s geometry just by a flip of a chip, as the name suggests.

So, Flip-Chip enhances the personal feel that DELTA suspension creates. Overall, the Delta Flip-Chip combo enables you to take on climbs confidently. 

2. High-End Carbon Frames with Weather Protection

Evil bikes feature top-end carbon frames, demonstrating all the qualities you expect from a premium bike frame.

That includes low weight, high-tensile strength, fatigue resistance, stability, and maneuverability. As a result, Evil bikes are best for racing on challenging terrains and long rides.

Their comfort and maneuverability are on another level. And the best bit is that the frame employs weather protection to resist weather damage. Evil gravel bikes, in particular, benefit from weather-sealing frame technology.

3. Progressive Geometry

A progressive geometry is defined by a long top-tube, long reach, shorter chainstays, and steeper seat tubes, and that’s what Evil mountain bikes are all about.

Generally, a progressive geometry guarantees optimal stability, essential when taking on the most rugged, steep, and unpredictable terrains.

Progressive geometry also allows you to relax more when riding and gives you more control when you need to go faster.

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4. Build Quality

Their weather-sealed carbon frames are not the only thing that defines Evil bikes’ build quality. Other specs are also strongly built to withstand rough usage and stand against the test of time.

For instance, their wheelsets feature puncture-resistant tires and tough rims, while their brakes are all high-end.

Their suspension is just as sturdy as the frames, and their drivetrain promises slow wearing. So, overall you are buying a high-caliber bike.

5. Decent Warranty

You expect a high-caliber bike brand to back its high price with good warranties, and that’s what Evil does. Today, all Evil bicycle frames and wheelsets bought beyond December 2019 come with a limited lifetime warranty.

While those bought before December 2019 enjoy a 3-years coverage. The frame bearings and frame paint, on the other hand, have a one-year and two-year warranty, respectively.

Overall, the warranties cover the bikes against manufacturing defects. But unlike other manufacturers, Evil offers a crash replacement advantage for its carbon products, where you get to replace crashed carbon components at a lower cost.

6. Multiple Frame Sizes

All Evil bicycles come in four frame sizes apart from the dirt jumper (Evil Faction). The advantage of the four frame sizes is that anyone above 5 feet can find a bike to ride. You don’t get that from most brands. Here’s a table summary of Evil bike frame sizes:

Bike TypeSmall FrameMedium FrameLarge FrameX-Large Frame
Trail Bike5’3″ ”  -5’8″5’8″ -6’0”6’0”-6’4”6’4”+
Enduro Bike5’3”-5’8”5’10”-6’4”5’10”-6’4”6’4”+
Gravel Bike5’0-5’8”5’10”-6’4”5’10”-6’4”6’3”+
Dirt Jumper5’0”-5’7”6’1”-6’4”6’1”-6’4” 

The Bad

Here are two major drawbacks of Evil bicycles:

  1. High Cost

Evil bikes are not your average bikes. Their prices are at the very top of the spectrum. Here’s what to expect from them in pricing:

  • Chamois Hagar gravel bike: $4,799 – $5,899
  • The Following trail bike frameset: $3,450
  • Evil Offering trail bike: $5,999
  • Evil Calling trail bike: $6,959
  • The Wreckoning enduro bike $ 5,999
  • Evil Insurgent enduro bike frame: $2,499

Limited Choices

While Evil establishes itself as a top-end mountain bike, they don’t make all mountain bikes. Enduro bikes, trail bikes, and dirt jumpers are the only available choices.

So, there are no cross-country bikes, downhill MTBs, and other types. The advantage, however, is that they also stock gravel bikes, which is a big plus.

Evil Bike Range (Different Evil Bikes Reviews)

As shared earlier, Evil makes these four bike types:

  • Gravel bikes
  • Enduro bikes
  • Dirt jumper
  • Gravel bike

The first three are mountain bikes, explaining why Evil identifies itself as a mountain bike brand. Let’s briefly discuss them.

1. Are Evil Trail Bikes Good?

The Evil trail bike line-up features Evil Calling, Evil Offering, and Evil Following. While all these trail bikes are everything you expect from a top-end trail bike, we’ve to go with Evil Following here.

Forbes labels this bike as the ‘Mountain Bike of the Decade’ for a reason. For one, its DELTA suspension and Flip-Chip adjustment guarantee smooth riding, while its 29-inch wheels promise obstacle maneuverability.

Its frame is lightweight, weather protected, and sleeker (owing to internal routing), making it faster.

Its steep seat angle makes it more comfortable uphill, while its slack (progressive geometry) allows you to tackle the steeps confidently.

With The Evil Following Bike in mind, there’s no denying that Evil trail bikes are good.

are evil mountain bikes good

2. Are Evil Enduro Bikes Good?

Evil enduro bikes come with more travel suspension than their trail siblings. Currently, the company stocks the Evil Wreckoning and Evil Insurgent, both top-performing enduro racing bikes.

While the Evil Wreckoning is a 29er (29-inch bike), the Insurgent features 27.5-inch wheels. These two bikes feature lightweight but highly stable and more robust frames that take all the abuse.

Their massive wheels provide an insane level of traction and rolling ability, while their short chainstays offer you a playful feel and better control.  

It enjoys a pedal-forward geometry that’s steep enough to take on the hills and a more extended travel to offer maximum shock absorption.

Plus, it comes with sound-canceling protectors on the chain. So, yes, Evil enduro bikes are good, and Evil Wreckoning and Evil Insurgency are proof of that.

3. Are Evil Dirt Jumpers Good?

Evil dirt jumpers are hardtails designed for long jumps, hard hits, and general stunts. They are not the type to race with or ride long distances as they come with shorter travels and less comfortable geometry.

Their selling point is their strength and build quality. The two properties enable you to use them for dirt jumping exploits.

Currently, Evil stocks the Evil Faction dirt jumper bike line. You, however, have to build your bike depending on your preference. What you’ll get to start with is the frameset. But overall, Evil dirt jumpers are good.

4. Are Evil Gravel Bikes Good?

Evil only produced its first gravel bike, the Chamois Hagar, in 2020. So, they are pretty new in the gravel bike sector.

But even so, the chamois Hagar doesn’t disappoint in any way. This bike is for those planning to go faster and further on rough roads, something that the standard mountain bike or road bike cannot do.

It enjoys the MTB’s progressive geometry that promises maximum riding stability and a road bike’s aerodynamic design to promote full speed.

It also possesses a touring bike’s strength, given that it can hold up to six water bottles. But unlike touring bikes, it comes with a lighter frame that is weather-sealed to withstand the aggressive outdoor weather.

So, yes, Evil gravel bikes are worth it, and the Chamois Hagar is proof of that.

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People Also Ask

1. Does Evil Make Good Bikes?

Evil makes high-end mountain and gravel bikes, which you can count on for top-level performance. The bikes employ Dave Weagle-inspired suspension and Flip-Chip adjustment to allow you to tune the ride according to need.

Moreover, these bikes enjoy a progressive geometry that gives you more leverage when taking challenging terrains.

2. Where Are Evil Bikes Made?

Evil makes most of its bikes in Taiwan and China.

3. Who Owns Evil Bicycles?

Kevin Welsh, the founder of Evil Bikes, owns the company.

4. Are Evil Bikes Made in China?

Evil makes 90% of its bikes in China and Taiwan.

Are Evil Bikes Good? Closing Thought!

Evil is undeniable one of the big hitters in the trail, enduro, dirt jumping, and gravel biking sector. Its bikes have the build quality to tolerate rough usage, and they are backed with good warranties. So, even though you pay more, these bicycles are worth their asking price.