Are Electra Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Electra is Trek’s undisputed fun bike line. So, for those Trek fans looking for a recreational bike, especially on a budget, Electra is the brand to go for. But are Electra bikes good?

Electra bikes are primarily good because of their crank-forward geometry, popularly known as Flat Foot Technology, which promises a more upright posture, better leg extension, solid footing, and better road view. Simply put, Flat Foot Technology makes Electra bikes easy to ride.

Other elements that make these bicycles easy to ride and even comfortable include lightweight frames, upright handlebars, internal gearing, and the availability of step-thru and step-over frame designs.

The best bit is that Electra is not just Trek’s fun bike line but also its budget option. They are cheaper to buy and maintain. Even better, the bikes are among the stylish on the market.

Their downside is that they aren’t meant for long rides, rough usage, or high performance and sometimes may need a few upgrades. Plus, some good models have been discontinued in the recent past. 

Let’s review Electra bikes in detail to have a better understanding. But before that, let’s look at Electra’s young history in the bike world.

is electra a good bike brand

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About Electra Bikes 

Electra was started in 1993 by Swiss National Benno Banziger and German Jeano Erforth to cater to the needs of fun cyclists. After growing up in the Berlin Swiss Embassy and being passionate about action sports, Banziger started making snowboards.

After earning a graphic design degree, Banziger took his passion to another level by founding Projekt Design, a design company that would later work for sportswear giant Adidas.

But after realizing that the snowboard market was flooded and competitive, he quickly shifted his focus to bicycles. He met Erforth in 1993, who initiated the idea of working together, and the two pooled about $ 30,000 of their savings to establish Electra.

Banziger and Erforth were the company’s principal shareholders until 2004. 2002 saw the company diversify its bike line and produce Stream Ride, a chopper-style cruiser bike line.

A year later, they came up with a patented crank-forward geometry, otherwise known as Flat Foot Technology, which defines the bicycles to date. Flat Foot Technology makes Electra bikes super comfortable and ride-friendly.

2014 saw Trek come on board as Electra’s new owner but decided to retain its name and run it separately. Today, Electra specifically produces cruiser bikes, comfort bikes, urban commuter bikes, electric bikes, and kids bikes and has its headquarters in Encinitas, California.

where is electra bikes made

5 Reasons Electra Bikes Are Good

Generally, Electra bikes are good because they are easy to ride, and that’s primarily because of these reasons:

1. Flat Foot Technology

Not many bikes allow the riders to sit upright and put their feet on the ground. So, it’s either the feet are swinging mid-air or that the back is bending a little. That’s, however, not the case with Electra bikes.

Due to their innovative Flat Foot Technology, otherwise known as crank-forward geometry, the bikes allow you to sit upright as your feet rest flat on the surface.

Usually, Flat Foot Technology combines a cruiser’s traditional upright geometry with a recumbent bike’s pedal-forward geometry to ensure you can sit upright but still have enough legroom.

Here are the general benefits of Flat Foot Technology:

  • Upright seating and body comfort– Flat Foot Technology allows you to relax your arms and back, and as a result, you maintain an upright posture, which is more comfortable.  
  • Leg extension and pedaling efficiency – The crank-forward geometry that the technology enjoys offer you more room to extend your legs. And when you do, it becomes easier to pedal, and you can even do it efficiently.
  • Solid footing – This technology is called Flat Foot Technology because it allows you to plant your feet on the ground. That offers you better control of the bike.
  • Better road view – Since you sit upright, you enjoy a better and broader view of the road, unlike someone riding an aerodynamic bike like a road bike that requires excess bending.

2. Comfort Features

While Flat Foot Technology is the primary reason behind Electra’s unmatched comfort and ease of cycling, other non-geometry factors play a part too. They include:

a) Lightweight Frame

The manufacturer mainly employs aluminum on most bike frames, which promise a low weight. As a result, the bikes are comfortable riding and pushing around, especially on urban roads.

b) Upright Handlebar 

Electra bikes come with upright handlebars, some with a sweptback design to encourage upright seating like the frame geometry. The upright handlebars offer you more control since you relax your arms and back.

c) Internal or Derailleur Gearing

Electra bikes feature an internal or derailleur gear set that makes them easy to start, brake, or even switch gears. In simplicity, their gear system makes them ride-friendly and comfortable.

d) Step-Thru and Step Over Options

Most Electra bikes come in step-thru and step-over frames to suit different riders. Step-thru frames suit women better, while the step-over frames suit men better.

discontinued electra bikes

3. Affordable Bikes

Electra bikes are cheaper than Trek bikes. On a budget, you can get an Electra comfort or cruiser bike for $300 – $500 and an electric option for about $1,500. Only a few high-end Electra electric bikes cost up to $4,500, while most kids’ options average less than $500.

4. Cheap to Maintain

Electra bikes are not just affordable but are also easy to maintain. Cost-wise, it doesn’t cost much to service an Electra bike. Besides, you can do it yourself or in most local bike shops, which is a huge plus.

5. Stylish Models 

Electra bikes come either in a modern or a modern-classic design which is super stylish and unique. So, if you want a stylish and trendy recreational bicycle, you cannot go wrong with Electra. They come in gorgeous colors and feature attractive elements.

The Bad

You might be wondering if Electra bikes are that good and affordable, why doesn’t everyone buy them? Well, that’s because of these drawbacks:

a) A Few Low-End Parts

You cannot expect to pay cheap and get the most high-end specs. That does not work in the biking world, and it indeed does not work for Electra bikes. Components like pedals, tires, and brakes are often low quality, which means you may have to upgrade them at some point.

b) Not Ideal for Long Rides, Rough Usage, or High-Performance

Electra bikes are casual bikes, best for urban roads and short rides. So, they are not the best for long and rough exploits such as touring and trail riding. They are also not the best for high-performance (competitions) because of the low-end parts.

c) Discounted Electra Models

Sadly, some good models are no longer being produced. Below are the discontinued Electra bikes as of 2020:

  • Steel 7D
  • Silver Fat Tire 7D
  • Ghost Rider
  • Townie 7D Rose Gold

Electra Bike Range

Currently, Electra stocks the following bike types:

  • Comfort bikes (Electra Townie)
  • Cruiser bikes
  • Urban commuters
  • Electric bikes
  • Kids bikes

Let’s discuss these bikes next:

1. Are Electra Townie Bikes Good?

Electra’s dedicated comfort bike line, the Electra Townie, has been an excellent revelation since 2003. This bike was the first to employ Flat Foot Technology, and it is currently among the most popular urban bikes in America.

Overall, the Electra Townie lives up to the name comfort, owing to Flat Foot Technology. Its geometry is easy going on the body, and it’s generally affordable and easy to maintain.

Electra Townie comes with decent brakes and allows you to take on less steep hills. It is currently available in two models; Townie Original and Townie Path. Townie Original comes in 24-inch and 26-inch options, while Townie Path comes with 27.5-inch wheels.

are electra townie bikes good

2. Are Electra Cruiser Bikes Good?

Electra makes the Cruiser Lux (the vintage edition), Fashion Cruiser (the standout option), Altitude Cruiser (the most budget-friendly), and Tandem Cruiser (the couples’ choice).

Electra Cruiser bikes come with a classic cruiser-style frame to allow you to sit upright. They also employ Flat Foot Technology to offer you more control and are available in single-speed and geared choices.

Overall, this bike line is for those who want an affordable modern casual bike with a vintage look. They come in the most colorful choices, and the reference point for casual biking is the Cruiser Lux.

3. Are Electra Urban Commuter Bikes Good?

Currently, Electra makes the Electra Loft, its only dedicated urban commuter bike line. This bike is sleeker than most and quite stylish.

It enjoys an internal gear hub that makes it easy to ride, and Flat Foot Technology guarantees riders’ comfort, control, and pedaling efficiency.

The bike is commuter-ready, and you can tell that from its accessories such as chain guard, fenders, and grip handlebars. Overall, the Electra loft is perfect for short commutes on urban roads.

are electra bikes worth the price

4. Are Electra Electric Bikes Good?

Electra makes the Townie Go, Attitude Go, Townie Path Go, and Vale Go. These electric bikes promise more speed and comfort than non-electric options.

Options like the Electra Townie Go come with a powerful power assist motor and enjoy a sleeker lightweight design for fast and seamless riding.

It enjoys Flat Foot Technology as expected of all Electra bikes, thus super comfortable, easy to pedal, and stable.

Overall, if you want a comfortable bike that can take on slightly hilly roads, you cannot go wrong with Townie Go.

5. Are Electra Kids’ Bikes Good?

Electra kids’ bikes promise the same comfort and ease of riding as their adult counterparts. Electra is known for the Sprocket line, where the bike comes in boys’ and girls’ options, steel and aluminum frames, and 16-inch and 20-inch options. 

So, variety is the term to describe Electra kids bikes. These bikes also employ Flat Foot Technology to promise optimal comfort, easy handling, and pedaling efficiency.

Plus, they come in stunning colors to inspire your youngsters. So, Electra Kids’ bikes are good for the price you pay.

are electra electric bikes good

People Also Ask

1. Is Electra a Good Bike Brand?

Electra is known for making the coolest and most budget-friendly recreational cycling bikes. Trek owns the company, which makes it reputable, and it backs its association with Trek with Decent casual bikes.

2. Where Is Electra Bikes Made?

Electra bikes are made in Taiwan, just like most bicycles. The brand’s head offices are, however, in Encinitas, California.

3. Are Electra Bikes Made by Trek?

Though Trek owns Electra bikes, it doesn’t make the bikes. What the two bike lines share is logistic and financial help.

Are Electra Bikes Good? Concluding Thought:

Electra bikes are generally good because they are comfortable and ride friendly, chiefly owing to their patented Flat Foot Technology. These bikes are also attractive, affordable, and have fewer maintenance costs. So, they are the perfect choice for fun riding.

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