Are Canyon Bikes Good Quality Brand?

For a long time, Canyon has dominated the European bike market, but it was only until 2017 that American customers could order them. So, are Canyon bikes good?

Canyon bikes are engineered by the best craftsmen and go through rigorous quality tests to guarantee quality. The bikes are also custom-made according to your size, easy to assemble, ride-friendly, and affordable. 

Note, however, that it’s not just the bikes that are impressive but also the brand. All Canyon bicycles have a 30-day return policy and are delivered to your home.

Moreover, Canyon has excellent customer support. Even better, Canyon sells spare parts for all their bikes to make the bike repairs seamless.

This post shall cover everything I’ve mentioned in detail and much more.

Let’s start!

are canyon good bikes

Are Canyon Bikes Good? 6 Good Things Explained!

Let me start by mentioning the things I like about Canyon bicycles.

They include:

1. Canyon Bikes Are High-Quality

Canyon is known to pair its high-quality components with high-end components to guarantee the best performance and durability.

The company only hires highly qualified bike specialists to oversee component sourcing and bike manufacturing.

All components are tested, and the brand employs computer-assisted engineering to develop lightweight but robust frames.

Their drivetrains, tires, and saddles are also high-quality.

A bike like the Canyon Endurance CF SL proves this when you look at its high-end Shimano Ultegra Groupset, Continental GP 5000 tires, and Fizik Aliante R5 super-comfy saddle.

In my view, Canyon bicycles are the closest you can get to high-end bikes on a budget.

2. Canyon Bicycles Are Cheaper than Most Similar Brands

Canyon sells its bikes using the direct-sales or customer-direct method. Meaning, they sell to customers directly and deliver the bikes to their doorsteps.

And since there are no dealers or middlemen, the supply chain is shorter, and as a result, you pay less for the bikes.

Mark you; though the bikes are cheaper than the competition, Canyon doesn’t compromise on quality.

3. Canyon Cycles Are Easy to Build at Home

When I first landed my eyes on Canyon bicycles, I could only ask, ‘are canyon bikes easy to assemble?’

To my surprise, they are!

Canyon cycles come incompletely assembled but with all the necessary tools and parts to complete the assembly at home.

Don’t get intimated as you don’t have to call an expert. The only things to assemble are the handlebar and wheels.

On average, the assembly should take you less than 30 minutes.

4. Canyon Bicycles Are Custom-Made to Your Size

Even though you don’t get the opportunity to try out a Canyon bicycle before buying, you get to customize the size when ordering.

Through their perfect position system (PPS), you can order a bike that matches your body measurements.  So, there is no sizing guesswork, and you can only get it wrong if you feed the inaccurate body measurements.

are canyon road bikes good

5. Canyon Bicyles Are Ride-Friendly

Canyon bicycles come with the most user-friendly geometries to allow you to ride comfortably.

The bikes come in male and female-specific geometries and even unisex options.

A bike like the Canyon Aeroad has a unisex geometry to suit men and women road bikers and racers.

The bikes’ seats are ergonomic and adjustable, and their handlebars allow you to ride more freely.

What to Like About Canyon the Brand

I’ve talked about Canyon bicycles being great. Now, here are things that make the brand more fabulous:

  • Home delivery services

Upon making an order, Canyon delivers the bike to your doorstep. Ordinarily, it takes up to 10 days to deliver most Canyon bicycles.

Mark you; they all come ready to be assembled.

  • Expert inquiry service

Canyon has an excellent specialist support system. You can call, chat or email support to inquire about anything. The experts are always on standby to respond to your inquiries.

  • Financing solutions

Even though Canyon bicycles are generally cheaper than similar models by other brands, the company offers flexible financing solutions through Affirm.

You get to pick a payment plan you are comfortable with without incurring late fees.

  • 30-day return policy

If the bike doesn’t fit you (which is quite unlikely) or doesn’t meet your expectations, you have up to 30 days to return it. You’ll, however, pay for the shipping both ways.

  • Canyon also sells spare parts

Lastly, Canyon sells spare parts to their bikes on their website. That ensures you get high-quality replacements quickly and more affordably.

What I Don’t Like About Canyon Bikes

One of the biggest concerns about Canyon as a brand is that you cannot try the bikes before buying. That’s unless you go to Canyon showroom or demo.

The other issue is the assembly. Though the bikes are easy to assemble, I wish they come 100% assembled.

Lastly, not only are you responsible for the bike shipping but also for the tax. So, there are a few additional costs other than what you pay for the bike price.

where to buy canyon bikes

Now, Are Canyon Bikes Good Bikes? My Verdict

Canyon bicycles have a few concerns like most bikes but sincerely speaking, the setbacks are not that dire.

Canyon makes up for the lack of bike testing by allowing you to customize your bike size. Plus, they ensure the bikes are easy to assemble by only allowing you to fit the handlebar and wheels.

While they cannot do anything about the taxes or the shipping costs, they make their bikes affordable by shortening the supply chain.

Mark you; you pay less without compromising on quality or comfort.

Undoubtedly, Canyon bicycles are good bikes for casual riders and serious cyclists.

What Bikes Does Canyon Make? Canyon Bikes Review

Canyon makes six primary categories as discussed:

a) Canyon Road Bikes – Are Canyon Road Bikes Good?

Canyon road bikes are the standard for fast riding on urban roads.

These bikes are optimized for agility, and you can use them for racing, touring, on-road commuting, among other uses.

A majority of these bikes are used in Grand Bicycle Tours, Triathlons, and Cyclocross competition.

They come with lighter frames and wheels to feel extra agile and speedier. They also have drop bars that offer you aerodynamic advantages when racing against the wind or pedaling uphill.

Currently, Canyon sells the following road bike categories:

  • Aero road bikes – For competing at the highest racing competitions
  • Race road bikes – For fast on-road cycling
  • Cyclocross road bikes – For Cyclocross events
  • Endurance road bikes – For long-distance on-road cycling
  • Triathlon road bikes – For triathlon events

b) Canyon Mountain Bikes – Are Canyon Mountain Bikes Good?

Canyon mountain bikes are your go-for bicycles if you plan to conquer the trails. They are the perfect all-rounders.

The cycles can take on the climbs, descents, and everything flat.

Today, Canyon offers these types of mountain bikes:

  • Cross-country mountain bikes – These ultra-light mountain bikes are all about splinting speed and climbing power. Generally, the MTBs are best for racing on trails, fields, and gravel paths.
  • Enduro mountain bikes – These bikes are best for downhill racing, but they can also take on the most challenging climbs.
  • Downhill mountain bikes – These mountain bikes are for fast-riding on technical descents.
  • Fat mountain bikes – These MTBs have broader tires to take on all terrains – snow, gravel, sand, dirt – name it.
Are Canyon Mountain Bikes Good

c) Canyon Gravel Bikes – Are they Good?

Canyon gravel bikes are designed for trail adventures, off-road racing, and getting around. If you are looking for an off-road road bike equivalent, you should get a Canyon gravel bike.

Canyon offers an array of gravel bikes for different terrains. There are options for light gravels, rough gravel, and even single tracks.

My favorites, however, are all-road gravel bikes.

Amongst the best all-road gravel bikes are the Endurance Gravel Bikes, which are a mixture of speed, high performance, and comfort.

These bikes enjoy an ultra-light design and drop bars to allow you to ride fast and aggressively. They move smoothly on gravel and non-gravel surfaces.

Furthermore, these bikes are as comfortable as they are fast. Their seat posts are adjustable, tires are wider, and the bikes enjoy a relaxed geometry.

Overall, there are three Canyon Endurance Bikes:

  • Endurance Al
  • Canyon Endurance CF SL
  • Endurance CF SLXd) Canyon E-Bikes – Are they Good?

Canyon electric bikes are all about speed, power, comfort, and fun. If you want a two-wheel you can ride fast with minimal pedaling effort, get yourself a Canyon e-bike.

They have proven power to promise the utmost thrill when taking on the outdoors.

Essentially, Canyon sells two types of e-bikes:

  • Electric MTBs – These motorized bikes are best for climbs that are neither too steep nor too long.
  • Electric gravel bikes – These e-bikes take both the trails and urban roads and are best for long stretches.

Overall, Canyon e-bikes are easy to charge, fun to ride, and easy to assemble.

e) Canyon City Bikes – Are Canyon Good Bikes for City Urban Riding?

Riding on city roads is much funnier and more comfortable with a Canyon city bike. These bikes are lightweight and agile to make them the best commuter choice.

Their flat handlebars offer you better control, thus safer when taking on the busy urban streets.

They have simple drivetrains and designs for easy maintenance.

f) Canyon Hybrid Bicycles – Are they Good?

Canyon hybrid bicycles come with wider tires, lightweight frames, lighter suspensions, and easier gears to take on various terrains.

These bikes are a mixture of road bikes and MTBs, and they promise to give you the convenience of both worlds.

You can ride them on the trails and urban roads.

Overall, their lightweight frames and suspensions make them agile and commuter-friendly.

are canyon bikes worth it

Where To Buy Canyon Bikes

Sadly, you cannot buy Canyon bicycles from most bike shops. Canyon doesn’t have retailers but only sells through their website or showrooms.


1. Is Canyon A Good Bike Brand?

Canyon offers some of the most high-end bicycles at a fair price. The bikes are not just high-quality and affordable but also comfortable, easy to ride, and customizable.

And with the brand enjoying a stellar reputation, especially in Europe, the bike’s quality is unquestionable.

2. Where Are Canyon Bikes Made?

Canyon, the manufacturer, ships their bike frames from Asia to Koblenz in German, where the testing and most of the assembly are done.

3. How Are Canyon Bikes So Cheap?

Canyon bicycles are cheap because the company sells directly to consumers. There are no middlemen or retailers, and that reduces the bike’s overall cost.

So, if you want to buy a Canyon bike today, you have to order it from the company.

4. Are Canyon Bikes Worth It?

Canyon cycles come with high-quality components to match most high-end bike brands though at a decent price point. These bikes are also easier to ride, and the company allows you to customize your size.

So, Canyon bicycles are worth what you pay.

5. Is Canyon Better than Giant?

While Canyon makes some of the most high-end bikes on a budget, Giant invests a lot in the bike frames. As a result, Giant frames are more high quality and thus costlier.

But other than the frame, there is little to separate the two brands. Of course, Canyon cycles are more affordable.

6. Do Canyon Bikes Ever Go On Sale?

Sadly, Canyon doesn’t have site-wide bike sales. You can, however, find some cheaper bikes on their website clearance section. And if you visit any of their outlets, you’ll get return bicycles at a discount.

7. What Is The Difference Between Canyon Ultimate and Canyon Endurance?

The Canyon Ultimate and the Canyon Endurance differ in their geometry. Canyon Ultimate has a more aggressive cycling geometry.

However, Canyon Endurance feels much stable, even though it’s slightly slower to turn. The Ultimate, in contrast, is more agile, making it best for racing.

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In Conclusion, Are Canyon Bikes Good?

Canyon bikes may be cheaper than most, but they are high-quality options. The bikes promise the best performance and durability.

What’s more, the bikes are rider-friendly and allow you to customize your size when ordering.