Are BMX Bikes Good for Exercise?

BMX riding is fun; there is no doubt about that! The thrill of aerial stunts and high jumps on two-wheel and fast grinding is unequaled. But is it good for workouts? Are BMX bikes good for exercise?

All bicycles are good for exercise, and that includes BMX. Since you must pedal and steer it, you engage your core and upper body. Consequently, it promotes weight loss, heart health, brain health, immunity boost, better sleep, stress reduction, coordination, and improved productivity.      

So, if you were not sure why you should get a BMX, then the above health benefits should convince you. I’ll explain them further to help you understand what you are getting precisely from Bicycle Motocross (BMX).

We’ll also look at the specific muscles that BMX-riding targets and how many calories you can expect to shed from the cycling adventure. Let’s dive into it!

Health Benefits of BMX biking

In a rush? Below are two BMX bikes you can ride for exercise.

Best BMX Bikes for Exercise

  1. Schwinn Sting Pro BMX Bike (View on Amazon): Best for Exercising by Adults
  2. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike (View on Amazon): Best for Teenagers/Youths

How Are BMX Bikes Good for Exercise?

Essentially, BMX bikes are good for exercise because of this reason:

Riding BMX bikes involves constant pedaling and steering, which engages your upper body and core area. In the long run, you can work on your muscles, drop a few pounds, and get into shape, among other health benefits.

To help you understand that, let’s look at these two crucial questions below:

What Muscles Does BMX Work?

BMX biking tones your core and leg muscles. Remember, you need to keep pedaling for the bike to move, which will require the great force that comes from your leg muscles.

When speaking of the leg muscles, they also get a push from the calf and thigh muscles to maximize the pushing action.

On the other hand, the core muscles work by controlling the balance of your entire body when riding.

BMX biking also helps you ride in a more upright posture because you do not slouch, which benefits the back muscles and the spine. As a result, it tones your lower back muscles, and when you do it more often, it will result in no or minimal back pain.

However, choose a BMX bike that suits your size to ride in great posture and achieve great results.

Mongoose Legion 500

How Many Calories Do You Burn Riding A BMX Bike?

Riding a BMX bike will help you burn some calories. However, the amount you burn depends on your weight, speed and riding intensity, gender, the time you spend working out, and the terrain you choose to ride in.

But if you ride for 30 – 45 minutes daily at a minimum, you will likely start shedding off some noticeable amount of calories. For example, if you ride 10 miles per hour for 30 minutes, you burn at least 60 – 70 calories. 

But if you add the workout time and the miles per hour, you are likely to burn more, and the opposite is true.

9 Health Benefits of BMX Biking

Good health is necessary to a happy life, and BMX riding promises that. Below are eight health benefits that come with exercising with a BMX bike:

1. Muscle Build-up

BMXing helps greatly in muscle development and growth. It usually focuses more on the core and leg muscles. Cycling will also tone your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quads, making them grow stronger and bigger.

If you ride your BMX bike more often, you will likely have fat-free toned muscles. However, the secret is to combine the riding routine with proper dieting. You will likely have an excellent muscular appearance that will wow everyone if you do so.

Along with that, you get a chance to straighten your abs and back muscles. And since you need to have a good grip of your handlebar, you also work on your shoulders, triceps, biceps, and chest, and thus, you will have a well-toned body.

2. Weight Loss

Let’s face it, in this 21st century, there are many out there struggling with obesity. Fortunately for them, there is a fun way to shed the excess fat, and that is through cycling.

Since BMX biking is an aerobic workout, it is one of the most remarkable ways to lose extra body fat.

Depending on your weight and riding intensity, you can burn at least 50-70 calories a day, cycling intensely for at least 30 minutes.  

So, if you want to fight obesity in a fun way, you should forget to go to the gym and embrace everyday cycling.

All it takes is willpower to do it more regularly and intensely, and in the end, you will be happy with yourself when you look in the mirror.

The good news is that you can set your pace. You can start fast or even slowly, and you also have the advantage of choosing the terrain or cycling path.

And if you are having an issue with your weight, and you are wondering which BMX bike to choose to kick start your exercising journey, you can go for Schwinn Sting Pro BMX Bike.

It is an excellent choice for riders who are 5’4¨ tall but have an adjustable seat post to fit a 6-feet person. It comes with a hi-ten steel frame to bear colossal weight. That makes it perfect for adults and even taller teenagers.

Schwinn Sting Pro And Predator Cruiser BMX Bike

3. Good Heart Health

BMX riding is one of the most effective and safest cardio workouts. You get to enjoy sufficient blood supply to your body tissues and cells. That means that all parts receive enough oxygen and thus will function optimally.  

Cardio exercising helps eliminate excess fat that may block your circulatory system. That will, in turn, help in minimizing the risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart failure, stroke, and heart attack.

4. Better Brain Health

Do you know that you can cycle for sanity? Well, cycling torches the extra fats and brings that good feeling.

Since it’s an aerobic exercise, it boosts the release of nitric oxide (a chemical that improves blood flow) and neurotrophins (proteins that induce neuron development and survival).

So, no matter your age or gender, if you are experiencing cognitive problems like lack of concentration, memory loss, or inability to make decisions, the solution is right in front of you – getting a BMX bike.

5. Immunity Boost

You will agree that those who work out at least 30 minutes a day are unlikely to get sick. Then you ask why?

Well. When you cycle regularly, you make your immune cells very active, preparing them to fight infections.

BMX riding also enables healthy blood circulation to all the body cells. That means that the cells will have an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients. The nourishment boosts your immunity by enabling the immune cells to work effectively.

6. Improves Sleep

Are you facing sleepless nights or experiencing irregular sleeping patterns or midnight wakefulness? Perhaps you should try BMXing.  

Wondering how? Well, BMX riding helps in reducing cortisol levels in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that affects sleep, and that’s why you won’t have a good sleep.

Furthermore, if you take riding as your workout routine, you will likely get exhausted, and the chances are that you will have a great long sleep.

7. Stress Reduction

I mentioned the anti-stress hormone cortisol earlier on. Well, its job is stress reduction, and that doesn’t just benefit your sleep, but it also boosts your general mood.

In addition to cortisol, cycling necessitates the release of the happy hormone Dopamine. So, it doesn’t just relieve you from stress but also gives you a happy mood.

That makes it effective in beating stress-related complications like anxiety and depression.

One good BMX you can cycle within your neighborhood is the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike.

This bike is sturdily built and comfortable for riders who are 48 inches tall. That makes it perfect for teenagers and some adults.  

Mongoose Legion Mag BMX Bike

8. Good Coordination and Balance

BMX bikes have a smaller geometry than the usual bikes. For this reason, they require more coordination and balance to ride them. But again, because these bikes are meant to perform tricks, stunts, and jumps, you will require impeccable concentration to achieve great results.

You will also need to keep your body upright and attain good posture as you mostly ride them with an upright back. This is a great help, especially to people with back issues or seniors.

9. Boosts Productivity

This is where the dopamine effect is fully felt. Since BMXing boosts the secretion of the feel-good hormone dopamine, it’s easy to adopt a positive mind and become productive either at school, home, or work.   

As the song goes, ‘you look so much better when you smile,’ BMX riding brings happiness, and the excitement makes you smile, and the smile turns into productivity. It makes it easy to complete your seemingly unsurmountable school or work project.  

People Also Ask (About BMX Bikes and Exercises)

1. Is BMX Riding a Good Exercise?

BMX riding is an excellent way to exercise your mind and body. It works on both your physical and mental well-being.

Generally, it will help you lose the extra body fat, improve your brain and heart health, give you stronger muscles, boost your immunity, among many other health benefits.

2. What Are BMX Bikes Good for?

BMX bikes are good for stunts, tricks, and jumping. But that aside, you can use them for exercise, burn stubborn body fat, build stronger muscles, bring yourself a positive feeling, and many other benefits.

3. Is BMX A Good Workout?

With all certainty, BMX biking is a good workout for burning the extra fat and muscle build-up. However, you need to make it a routine and check your diet to achieve great results.

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Are BMX Bikes Good for Exercise? Closing Remarks!

Without a doubt, BMX bikes are suitable for working out. They will help you get in great shape while still improving your overall mood.

So, if you are having weight issues, weak muscles, heart-related diseases, stress, weak immunity, or poor body posture, the solution is right in front of you – go BMXing, and it starts with a good bike.