Are Apollo Dirt Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Chinese sports vehicle manufacturer Apollo Company Ltd celebrates nearly 20 years in the dirt bike manufacturing sector. But given the brand’s country of origin and its youthfulness, most people wonder, are Apollo dirt bikes good?

Generally, Apollo dirt bikes are good for entry-level dirt racers and intermediates because they are reliable in performance, ride-friendly, uniquely designed, and pretty fast. What’s more, the dirt bikes come at budget prices, are safe to ride, and have good load capacities.

That nonetheless doesn’t mean that Apollo dirt bikes are perfect dirt bikes. As I mentioned, they are good for entry-level dirt racers and intermediates but not for advanced riders, for the reasons I’ll explain later in this post.  

But before I do, let’s talk about Apollo Co. Ltd, the company behind Apollo bikes.

who makes Apollo dirt bikes

In a rush? Check out the fastest Apollo dirt engines on the hotlist below:

3 Fastest Apollo Dirt Bikes

  1. Apollo AGB-36: Fastest Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike
  2. Apollo DB-007: Fastest Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike
  3. RFZ Elite 150: Fastest Apollo 150cc Dirt Bike

About Zhejiang Apollo Company Limited

Zhejiang Apollo company limited, popularly known as Apollo, manufactures dirt bikes, motorcycles, electric bikes, ATVs, and spare parts.

On February 14th, 2003, the Chinese company was founded in Wuyi City. For 18 years, Apollo has developed from a simple factory to a multi-million empire.

Today, Apollo company Ltd covers over 64,000 square meters and features the head office and multiple workshops, software facilities, and testing labs.

Apollo is driven by the desire to supply the best bikes to their global market. So, they invest a lot in innovation, quality materials, and the best talents to ensure they deliver the best sports vehicles.

Although Apollo is famous for dirt bikes and motorcycles, their first-ever sports vehicle was a scooter they unveiled in 2004, and later a pocket bike.

The first dirt bike came later in 2005, inspired by the Honda CRF 50cc. Others include the AGB-21A dirt bike in 2006, AGB-27 in 2007, AGB-29 in 2007, and AGB-30 in 2008.

And in 2009, they came up with the EU-approved RX series and haven’t looked back ever since.

Over the years, Apollo bikes have won dozens of awards to showcase the brand’s reliability and market dominance. Among them is the 2015 France 125cc Dirt Bike Tournament.

The brand also bagged the 2017 innovative Enterprise Award, the 2018 Golden Horse Award, and the 2018 United Nations Distinguished Contribution Award, among many others.

That clearly shows the global community’s trust in Apollo and the dependability of the bikes on the world stage.

7 Reasons Apollo Dirt Bikes Are Good

Generally, Apollo bikes are good, especially for entry-level dirt racers and intermediates because of the following reasons:

1. Bike Reliability 

Apollo has been consistent regarding their dirt bike’s build quality and performance over the years, making them reliable.

They have an expert team of researchers, bike developers, and fabricators who ensure that all dirt bikes meet the manufacturers’ high expectations and industrial standards.

The bikes are hard to bear rough usage, and even when something goes wrong, it’s easy to fix them. So, you don’t have to be an expert to maintain an Apollo dirt bike.

Build wise; the manufacturer employs heavy-duty steel on most dirt bikes, which feel heavy but promise durability.

Generally, Apollo makes bikes with powerful engines, mostly 4-stroke, to promise the best performance. Their engines make these bikes fast and provide adequate torque to allow you to ride them with ease and tackle challenging roads.

The engines are why these dirt bikes can compete at a top-level even though they are not high-end.

Apollo dirt bike 125cc

2. Rider Friendly 

Apollo dirt bikes have all it takes for a beginner to ride them. For one, these bikes are pretty stable to allow you to ride them on challenging terrains safely.

All that’s thanks to their heavy-duty steel frames. They’ve comfortable seat height to allow you to sit and steer them comfortably. Most of these bikes have a 4-stroke engine which is more stable than their 2-stroke siblings and easy to control even though they are heavy.

The dirt bike’s geometry also saves you from straining a lot.

3. Unique Design

Apollo strives to distinguish itself from other dirt bike brands by investing in unique world-class designs.

They employ the most advanced computerized integrated designs to ensure the bikes meet the industrial standards and offer a unique dirt riding experience. 

They have an integrated dirt bike manufacturing Auto CAD and CIM system that ensures every dirt bike is unique in performance and ride quality.

Moreover, their experts promise productivity and outstanding quality.

4. Speed Advantage

While most standard dirt bikes go for a top speed of under 30mph, Apollo bikes promise more, and it is part of why the brand has won so many dirt racing tournaments over the years.

Their 125cc dirt bikes, for example, can reach a top speed of 55mph. Their 250cc dirt bikes, on the other hand, can hit a top speed of 70mph.

So, even though these dirt bikes are not the most high-end, their top speeds allow you to compete with high-end models of similar engine capacities.

5. Budget Bikes

Apollo Ltd Co. is a mid-range company. The dirt bikes are not the cheapest on the market, and neither are they the costliest.

Depending on the budget, you can get a decent quality Apollo dirt bike for $800- $1,900. So, Apollo is worth considering for someone who cannot afford expensive high-end brands.

6. Safe to Ride

Apollo dirt rides are not just easy to ride but also equally safe. For starters, they come with powerful suspensions that smoothly absorb bumps to allow you to ride on aggressive roads.

The manufacturer also includes quality disc brakes that promise smooth stopping in all terrains. You can count on their powerful hydraulic disc brakes for fast stopping. 

Moreover, these dirt bikes have a wider wheelbase for optimum stability. Thus, they won’t topple easily, and neither will you.

What's The Fastest Apollo Dirt Bike

7. Good Load Capacity

Lastly, these dirt bikes are heavy carriers due to their heavy-duty steel build. Some can hold up to 440 pounds, making them fantastic for heavyweight riders.

The Bad

As impressive as Apollo is, the dirt bike brand doesn’t shy off from a few concerns. For one, there are a few mechanical issues. These parts include the exhaust, gas valve, and bike’s carburetors.

The other challenge is that the parts are often interchangeable with other brands. You may have to look for an Apollo brand to replace.

And lastly, these dirt bikes are not the most lightweight. Their use of heavy-duty steel often means having too much weight to push around.

Apollo Dirt Bike Range

Apollo makes a variety of mid-range dirt bikes with different engine capacities. Here’s a table summary of what these dirt bikes offer in engine size and speed:

ModelEngine Capacity (CC)Potential Top Speed (MPH)
Apollo DB-2170cc37mph
Apollo DB-2570cc35mph
RFZ DBX-4110cc45mph
Apollo DB-007125cc55mph
RFZDB X15/RFZDB X16/RFZB X18125cc55mph
Apollo RXF 150140cc55mph
RFZ 150 Elite150cc60mph
Apollo AGB 36250cc70mph
Apollo DB36Rx250cc70mph

What’s The Fastest Apollo Dirt Bike?

Apollo makes fast dirt bikes in different engine capacity categories. Let’s discuss them briefly next:

a) Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike

Apollo 250 cc dirt bikes are just as speedy as other dirt bike brands with the same capacity. You can expect these dirt bikes to hit up to 70 mph under fair conditions.

That is the case with the Apollo AGB 36 (View on Amazon). Thanks to its air-cooled 4-stroke engine with a maximum horsepower of 15.6FHP, you can hit 70mph even on climbs.

The other impressive thing is its load capacity. Its robust build gives it a maximum load-bearing ability of 440 pounds.

b) Apollo Dirt Bike 150cc

Apollo 150cc dirt bikes are equipped for enduro racing. They are not as fast as 250cc dirt bikes, but you can expect them to hit a top speed of 60mph, as is the case of Apollo RFZ Elite 150 (View on Amazon UK).

This dirt bike comes with a manual transmission that makes it ride-friendly, disc brakes for fast stopping, and robust steel wheels for optimal stability.

where are Apollo dirt bikes made

c) Apollo Dirt Bike 125cc

Apollo 125cc dirt bikes are not as fast as 250cc, but they are pretty decent. These dirt bikes can hit a top speed of 55mph under perfect roads, as it’s the case with the Apollo DB007 (View on Amazon).

The 125cc dirt bike has a heavy-duty build and comes in a 4-stroke option, yet it’s pretty fast. It also has better load capacities and features quality brakes.

Other choices include the Apollo RFZ X18 and the Apollo DB-X18. Like their counterparts, these 125cc dirt bikes can hit a top speed of 55mph.

People Also Ask

1. Is Apollo a Good Bike Brand?

Since launching in 2003, Apollo has always produced reliable dirt bikes at affordable prices. The dirt bikes promote top performance and are generally ride-friendly. So, yes, Apollo is a good dirt bike brand.

2. Who Makes Apollo Dirt Bikes?

Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Company makes Apollo dirt bikes. The company has its headquarters in Wuyi city, China.

3. Where Are Apollo Dirt Bikes Made?

Apollo dirt bikes are made at their headquarters in Wuyi city, China.

4. Are Apollo 125cc Dirt Bikes Good?

Apollo 125cc dirt bikes are pretty fast, averaging a top speed of 55mph. As a result, they are best for motocross racing by beginners or intermediates. The only issue is that they don’t have the high-capacity engines to perform at an advanced level.

5. Are Apollo Dirt Bikes Reliable?

Apollo dirt bikes come in strong build, innovative designs, and quality parts that make them reliable in performance. These bikes are also easy to fix and maintain and are suitable for mid-level competitions.

6. Why Are Apollo Dirt Bikes So Cheap?

Apollo dirt bikes are cheap because they are not designed for advanced competition. Their target market is usually beginners and intermediates. But still, the fact that the dirt bike brand is young also makes it cheaper.

Are Apollo dirt bikes good? Closing Thought

Apollo dirt bikes are undoubtedly good. They are robust, reliable, safe, easy to ride, and affordable. So, go for the brand if you are looking for a quality mid-range dirt bike on a budget!