28 Inch Bike for What Size Person?

Adult bikes come in different sizes, and often, the difference between getting the right bike and missing it is the size you opt for. One popular size is the 28 inch, which compels many to ask, ’28 inch bike for what size person?’

Essentially, a 28-inch bike is the best for riders who are 6’0″ – 6’3″ (193cm) tall and with an inseam length of about 28-33 inches. So, it’s not just about matching the bike with your height alone but also your inside leg, what we call inseam.

Once you get the two values correctly, you will find your matching 28-inch bike.

Luckily, most online bike sellers offer you a bike sizing chart you can use to determine if a 28-inch bike matches you. But still, knowing how to size the cycle is vital cycling knowledge that every cyclist should have, and I’ll share more light in a few.

But first, what exactly is a 28-inch bike, and how different is it from others? Let’s answer that question next.

what does a 28 inch bike mean

In a rush? Then check out our most recommendable 28-inch bike on the hotlist below:

3 Best 28 Inch Bikes for adults

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What Does A 28 Inch Bike Mean?

The term 28 inches on a bike refers to the bike’s wheel size. Therefore, a 28-inch bike is a bike with 28-inch wheels.

Some companies use the term 700c and others 29ers to refer to 28-inch bikes as the three cycles have similar rim diameters (24.5 inches or 622mm).

For road bikes, options with a rim diameter of 24.5 inches are 28-inch bikes or simply 700c bikes (the standard size for road bikes), while mountain bikes with the same diameter are also known as 28-inch or 29er.

28 Inch Bike for What Size Person?

Now that you know what a 28-inch bike is, the next question to ask is, who should ride it? To answer that, we’ve to look at the height of the rider and the age too.

28 Inch Bike for What Height?

Since a 28-inch bike is more massive than a 26-inch, you expect it to accommodate taller riders. And while speaking of taller riders, we are not just focusing on the height alone but the inseam too.

So, 28 bike for what height?

Ideally, a 28-inch bike is best for riders who are 183-190cm (6’0″ – 6’3″) tall and have an inseam length of 28-33 inches.

In most cases, these bikes have a frame size of 18-19inches.

Below is a size chart comparing 28-inch bikes with others:

Wheel SizeRider’s Height (inches)Rider’s Height (cm)Inseam (in)Frame Size (in)
26-inch4’10” – 5’7”147 – 170 cm25 –  30”13 – 16”
27.5-inch5’5” – 6’0”175 – 190 cm26 – 32”16 – 18”
28-inch6’0” – 6’3”183 – 190 cm28 – 33”18 – 19”
29-inch6’1” – 6’6”190 – 200 cm29 – 34”19”+

What Age Is A 28 Inch Bike for?

Let’s now talk about the wheel size and the preferred age.

 Ideally, guys who are 6’0″ – 6’3″ usually are 15 years and above. So, it’s fair to say that a 28-inch bike suits riders 15 years and above.

But since the age alone is not definite, it’s a good idea to consider the height and inseam more when picking a 28-inch bike.

28-Inch Bicycles You Can Get

Not all bikes are available in 28-inch options. You are more likely to get 28-inch cycles in these categories:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Hybrid bikes

28-Inch Mountain Bike for What Size Person?

Ideally, a 28-inch mountain bike (sometimes known as a 29er) is best for riders who are 6’0″ – 6’3″ (or 183 – 190cm) tall and with an inseam of 28-33 inches.

These MTBs have a frame size of 18-19 inches in most cases. One 28 inch mountain bike that ticks all these boxes is the Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike.

This MTB comes with a 28-inch frame and an array of wheel sizes ranging from 24-inch to accommodate both youths and adults.

It is available in steel and aluminum (with disc brakes) options and comes with 7-21 speeds, depending on preference. So, it’s a fantastic trail bike for entry-level trail riders and intermediates on a budget.

According to the manufacturer, the Schwinn High Timber can fit riders up to 6’2″ tall. But given that it features a quick-release seat post, you can easily adjust its height to match yours.

what age is a 28 inch bike for

28-Inch Hybrid Bicycle for What Size Person?

Hybrid bikes are probably the easiest to size for the 28-inch category. Essentially, 28-inch hybrid bikes are best for riders who are 183-191 cm (6’0″ – 6’3″) and have an inseam of 28-33″. So, the sizing is similar to mountain bikes.

The difference is the frame size, as 28-inch hybrid bikes mostly come in a 17-18-inch frame, which can be large (17-inch) or X-large (18-inch).

One hybrid bike that comes in two frame choices and two others (15-inch and 16-inch) is the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle.

This 28 inch bicycle by Schwinn suits both men and women up to 6’2″ tall. It comes in an aluminum frame that feels lightweight and enjoys 28-speed SRAM shifters, making on-road and off-road shifting seamless.

Its swept-back handlebars allow you to ride more relaxedly, and its padded seat ensures your maximum control.

The bike has a few vintage touches such as fenders, hand grips, matching the seat, and a rear carrier that gives it a timeless look while remaining functional. The rear carrier will haul a few supplies as the fenders shield you from mud splashes.

28-Inch Road Bike for What Size Person?

28-inch road bikes, sometimes going by 700c road bikes, accommodate various riders.

Their most popular size, which is the extra-large frame size (58-60cm), is best for riders who are 6’0″ – 6’3″ (or 183-191cm) tall. Anything above 60cm will accommodate riders taller than 6’3″. 

One 28-inch road bike in all frame sizes is the Tommaso Imola Road Bike.

Its sizing is, however, different from a typical road bike. For example, its large size fits guys who are 5’11” – 6’2″, while the XL frame is best for those who are 6’2″ – 6’5″.

Tommaso Imola is a performance-oriented endurance road bike despite being cheaper than most performance road bikes. Thus, it’s perfect for intermediates and pros on a budget who want to ride a road bike to train with, go on tours, or cycle for fitness.

The 28 inch mens bike comes with a low-weight aluminum frame, and its groupset is 100% Shimano, thus more reliable. Its 700c wheels are equally lightweight, but more importantly, they roll seamlessly and have endurance in them.

28 bike for what height

28-inch Vs. 26-inch Bike

28-inch and 26-inch bikes differ in several ways. That includes the following:

Wheel Size

From the name, a 28-inch bike has 28-inch wheels while a 26-inch bike has 26-inch wheels. So, a 2-inch wheel diameter difference brings about a difference in performance between the two bikes.

Preferred Riders

While a 28-inch bike is best for riders 6’0″ – 6’3″ tall, a 26-inch is best for 4’10” – 5’7″ and with an inseam length of 13 – 16″. So, a 28-inch bike is bigger to suit taller guys than a 26-inch.

Bike Speed

26-inch wheels roll much slower than 28-inch wheels. Usually, the bigger the wheel diameter, the less the rolling resistance. That explains why 700c wheels are standard on road bikes, and 26-inch wheels are common on mountain bikes.

Mountain bikes are not supposed to go as fast as the road bike other than cross country options which mostly come in 29er options.

Important Note:

Overall, it’s fair to say that a 29er is a 28-inch mountain bike while a 700c is a 28-inch road bike. However, when it comes to hybrid bikes, as the wheel size is typical on hybrid bicycles, we use just 28-inch.

It’s important to clear one thing nonetheless. Not all 28-inches are the same. They may differ in width. For example, 700c wheels, which are standard on road bikes and often present on hybrid bicycles, are slimmer than MTBs 28-inch (29er) wheels.

28 inch bicycle

People Also Ask

1. How Tall Should You Be for A 28 Inch Bike?

A 28-inch bike requires you to be about 6’0″ – 6’3″ tall (or 183 – 191cm). That’s not all; the bike will fit you better if your inseam length is about 28-33 inches or 71-83 cm. So, it’s vital to consider your height and your inseam when picking a 28-inch bike.

2. What Size Is A 28-inch Bike Frame?

Ordinarily, we don’t have 28-inch bike frames but 28-inch wheels. The biggest frame sizes usually are 24-inch (maximum for mountain and hybrid bikes) and 63 cm for road bikes.

As far as 28-inch wheels are concerned, the bikes are best for riders who are 6’0″ – 6’3″ tall with an inseam length of 28 – 33 inches.

3. Is A 28 Inch Bike Too Big?

A 28-inch bike is bigger than a 24-inch and 26-inch but smaller than a 29-inch. So, it’s not very big. Besides, a 28-inch can only accommodate a maximum height of 6’3″ or 191 cm, while a 29-inch bike can fit guys who are more than 6’3″ tall.

4. Can I Use A 28-inch Bike?

You can use a 28-inch bike if you are 6’0″ – 6’3″ tall with an inseam length of 28 – 33 inches. Usually, these bikes are available in road bikes (as 700c), mountain bikes (as 29er), and hybrid bike options. So, you can use a 28-inch bike in different places and for various reasons.

Closing Thought On 28 Inch Bike for What Size Person!

28-inch bikes, which go with the names 29er MTBs and 700c in road bikes, are generally suitable for 6’0″ – 6’3″ tall.

But as shared, you also have to consider your inseam length, which should be 28-33 inches. Once you get the two specs correctly, the 28-inch bike will fit you.

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