20 Inch Bike For What Size Person ?

Kids’ bikes come in various wheel sizes, ranging from 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, to 24 inches. What fits your child depends on their age and size, and this post offers a comprehensive guide for “20 inch bike for what size person.”

A 20-inch bike typically fits 5 to 8-year-olds or 4’0” to 4’5” (121-136cm) tall riders. While a size chart gives you an idea of your child’s appropriate bike wheel size, measure your kid’s height and inseam to achieve the perfect fit.

Unlike adult bikes, children’s bicycles are sized according to wheel size rather than the frame. Additionally, the Seatpost heights and standover heights may vary among manufacturers; thus, a 20-inch bike from one brand may look different than the same from a different brand.

Are 20-inch bikes large

What Age Is A 20 Inch Bike For? (Kids’ Bike Size  Chart)

You have likely come across a size chart if you have ever purchased a bicycle. Children’s bikes also have size charts designed to guide you to ensure the bike you get your child is the correct size.

While this chart can be helpful, it is not always accurate, which is why it’s essential to know your child’s height. With this chart, 20 inch bike for what size person becomes easier to tell.

Wheel Size AgeHeightInseam
122-32’10”-3’4” (86-101cm)14-17” (35-42 cm)
143-43’1”-3’7” (93-109cm)16-20” (40-50 cm)
164-53’7”-4’0” (93-121cm)18-22” (45-55 cm)
185-63’9”-4’3” (114-129cm)20-24” (50-60 cm)
205-84’0”-4’5” (93-134cm)22-25” (55-63 cm)
247-114’5”-4’9” (134-144cm)24-28” (60-72 cm)
269-124’6”- 5’0” (137-152cm)24-31” (61-81cm)

The majority of 5 to 8-year-olds can fit on 20-inch bikes, while 10-year-olds and above can use 24 and 26 inches bicycles. However, that shouldn’t restrict you because a smaller 10 years old can still ride a 20-inch bike.

How To Measure Your Kid’s Inseam

Have your kid stand upright against a wall with their shoes on and feet a bit apart. Put a hardbound book between your child’s legs with their spine towards the crotch, then lift the book until the book’s spine hits your kid’s crotch.

Ensure the book is level with the ground, then measure the distance between the floor and the book’s spine to get your child’s inseam.

Are 20 Inch Bikes Good For Adults? (20 Inch Bike BMX)

Riding 20-inch bikes can be uncomfortable and painful for most adults as their frames are smaller for an adult’s body size; therefore, they are better suited for kids. However, the market offers 20 inch BMX bikes that some adults enjoy riding along neighborhood streets and local skateboard parks.

People come in different sizes, short, tall and medium height. For this reason, a 20-inch bike can be good for adults depending on their preferences and riding style.

Are 20 Inch Bikes Good For Adults

A 20 inch BMX can be more comfortable and easier to maneuver than a bigger one, making for an enjoyable ride. However, the smaller wheels need more coordination and balance for you to ride the bike safely.

  • Choosing The Best 20 Inch BMX

Women and men that stand at 5’7” tall and weigh about 220 pounds or below can ride a 20-inch BMX. Choose your bike based on your height, weight, and age, ensuring that it can comfortably support your weight and you can ride it without hurting yourself.

  • Riding a 20-Inch BMX

Before trying your hand on a BMX, make sure you have safety equipment, such as pads, helmets, and gloves. You need to wear appropriate clothing when riding a BMX to avoid clothes getting snagged or twisted on the bike’s frame or handlebars.

Put on long sleeves and pants to avoid cuts, scrapes, and other injuries caused by objects like gravel underfoot, tree branches, or coming in contact with the ground when executing tricks.

In addition, always check your BMX brakes beforehand to ensure you stay safe. Your 20-inch BMX bicycle should also be well-lubricated, especially the chains and drivetrain.

You can buy a 20-inch BMX bike online or from your local store for about $300 to $700. An excellent example of a quality BMX to consider is Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike. (View on Amazon)

This BMX bike has 20-inch wheels, aluminum frame and is ideal for at least 48 inches tall kids.

20 Inch Boy Bikes Vs 20 Inch Girl Bikes

In the past, children’s bikes were differentiated into boy bicycles and girl bicycles with differences in frame designs and unique accents and colors intended to make some bikes feminine and others masculine. However, things are different today as girl and boy bikes are very rare in today’s market.

20-inch bicycles have identical components and frames for different genders, with differences only in the design or color patterns.

Most 20 inch bikes are not marketed specifically to boys or girls, so parents and guardians can choose bikes for their children purely based on size, preferred brand, price, and aesthetics rather than gender.

Most brands offer numerous colors to cater to the tastes of all children, whether boys or girls. For instance, RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle Bicycle (View on Amazon) is available in Blue, Fuschia, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, and White.

What Does A 20 Inch Bike Mean

RoyalBaby bike comes in sizes 12, 14, 16, and 18 inches with training wheels, 16-inch with training wheels and kickstand, 18-inch with kickstand, and 20-inch with a kickstand.

However, if you want a gender-specific bike for your little girl, Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids (View on Amazon) is a worthy choice. This hybrid bike is ideal for 2 years olds and above, and it comes in 12, 14,16, 18, and 20-inch wheels and is available in Teal, Pink, and Purple colors.


1. What Does A 20 Inch Bike Mean?

A 20-inch bike means a bicycle with 20-inch wheels. It is among the standard sizes available, including 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, and so on.

2. How Tall Should You Be For A 20 Inch Bike?

You need to be 4’0” to 4’5” to sit comfortably on a 20-inch bike. Besides the rider’s overall height, the inseam length should also be considered ensuring the inseam length is not shorter than the least Seatpost height and the inseam at least the same as the standover height.

3. Who Should Ride A 20 Inch Bike?

Children aged 5 to 8 years with heights of 4’0”- 4’5” should ride 20-inch bicycles. However, this doesn’t apply to every five to eight year old because children are not the same, so while a 20-inch bike may be a perfect fit for one kid, it might be smaller or bigger for another.

Your kid’s inseam length informs you of their true bicycle size.

4. Is A 20 Inch Bike Good For What Height?

A 20-inch bike is good for 4’0” to 4’5” kids or 121 to 136cm. These kids also need to have about 22-25 inches (55-63 cm) inseam lengths.

5. Can A 10 Year Old Ride A 20 Inch Bike?

A 10-year-old will likely be more comfortable riding a 22-inch bike as 20-inch is more suitable for 5-8-year-olds. However, if your 10-year-old has a smaller body size, they may still feel more comfortable on a 20-inch bicycle.

6. Can An 8 Year Old Ride A 20 Inch Bike?

An eight-year-old can ride a 20-inch bike because bicycles of this size are designed to fit children aged 5 to 8 years.

7. Is A 20-Inch Bike Too Big For A 5 Year Old?

A 20-inch bike is not too big five years olds as the size can accommodate and offer a desirable riding experience to 5-8year olds. However, some 5-year-olds ride 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch wheel bikes.

Final Take

I hope you now have the answer to 20 inch bike for what size person, and you can effortlessly pick the right bicycle size for your child. During your selection, pay attention to how fast your kid is growing because you wouldn’t want them outgrowing their bike too fast.

If they are close to shifting to the next bicycle size, you can buy a size bigger, especially if they already know how to pedal and do it confidently.

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